King and Queen County, Virginia Records

King and Queen County, Virginia Records

Listed in the table below are transcripts or abstracts of records relating to King and Queen County, Virginia residents that have been shared by researchers in the hope of helping others with their research on King and Queen County families.

Submissions of King and Queen County records are welcome but the following guidelines must be met for inclusion on this page:

To submit records, contact Sue Wright.

Bible Records
Birth Records
Alexander, Elijah - 1874Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Alexander, Lucy C. - 1872Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Alexander, Luther W. - 1876Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Alexander, Mollie L. - 1883Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Carter, Manly - 1878Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, Boyd - 1894Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, Edgar - ?Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, Joseph - 1872Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, Oscar - 1880Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, Thomas - 1870Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, Unnamed - 1892Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, Ann - 1877Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, Charles - 1872Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, Charles G. - 1875Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, George H. - 1876Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, No Name - 1877Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Cemetery Records
Upper King and Queen Baptist ChurchSubmitter: Debra Miller2/10/2003
Oscar Gresham, S. S. Gresham and John Gresham, Benjamin F. and Alice Gresham to John Dew and M. Hudgens, trustees - 1870Submitter: Debra Miller1/20/2003
Benjamin F. and Mary Alice Gresham to C. H. and Calvin D. Martin - 1871Submitter: Debra Miller1/20/2003
Mrs. Virginia C. Martin, C. H. and Maud M. Martin, and J. B. and Lizzie C. Martin to J. L. Rouzie - 1909Submitter: Debra Miller1/20/2003
Alexander, Richard F. to Maria Schools - 1869Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, George F. to Logan Loven - 1887Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, Major to Fannie Martin - 1935Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Martin, William to Mary S. Cooper - 1887Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Mitchell, William F. to Mary Rosa Alexander - 1902Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Owen, Benjamin H. to Mary Susan Longest - 1866Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, George B. to Fannie B. Southworth - 1927Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, Peachie Temple to Grace Ann Moore - 1935Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, Temple A. to Miss Mary Minor - 1866Submitter: Jeanette Nelson3/6/2004
Summons for Solomon G. Schools et als - 1857Submitter: Jeanette Nelson3/6/2004
Gordon, Jessee (Revolutionary War)Submitter: Carolyn Grace1999
Jordan, Henry (Revolutionary War)Submitter: Stuart M. Jordan2/28/2004
Jordan, Henry (Revolutionary War - additional information)Submitter: Stuart M. Jordan2/28/2004
Lumpkin, Dickeson (Revolutionary War)Submitter: Julie Chitwood1999
Pollard, Joseph (Revolutionary War)Submitter: Sue Wright1998
Broocke, Lewis - 1832Submitter: Jocelynn Knight7/30/2005
Hill, Thomas - 1799Submitter: Vickie Lawrence7/30/2005
Martin, W. H. - 1941Submitter: Jeanette Nelson7/31/2005
Schools, George - 1836Submitter: Jeanette Nelson3/6/2004
Schools, Rebecca - 1857Submitter: Jeanette Nelson3/6/2004
Schools, Waller - 1844Submitter: Jeanette Nelson3/6/2004

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