King and Queen County Research Facilities

King and Queen County

Research Facilities

Circuit Court Clerk's Office

The Circuit Court Clerk's Office houses all extant records for King and Queen County. Due to the destruction of the Clerk's Office and its records during the Civil War, available records date from 1864. However, some pre-1864 records were re-recorded after the "late unpleasantness", especially if an estate had not been completely settled at the time of the Court House destruction. The Clerk's Office is located in the King and Queen County Court House at King and Queen, Virginia.

Due to the limited number of staff members in the office, mail requests can only be answered if the request is specific, such as a request for a copy of a certain page in a certain book. The records can be examined in person during the hours of 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except for state holidays. (Note: In Virginia, Columbus Day is a state holiday.) The cost of copies, in person or by mail, is $.50 per page. Copies by fax are $1.00 per page. Persons wishing to do research in person are strongly urged to call the Clerk's office first in order to avoid coming on a very busy Court day. (Clerk's Office telephone number: 804-785-5984) Address correspondence to: Ms. Deborah Longest, County Clerk, Circuit Court Clerk's Office, King and Queen, VA 23085.

My thanks to Ms. Deborah Longest, King and Queen County Clerk, for furnishing the information for this section.

Historical Society Archives

The King and Queen County Historical Society Archives houses a collection of published sources for the area as well as original records such as maps, Bible records, etc. donated by its members. Of particular interest is the card index of tombstone inscriptions from family and Church cemeteries in the county compiled over a number of years by members of the society. The Archives is located at King and Queen in a building near the Court House.

Research in the Archives is by appointment only.

Family History Center Library

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has opened a Family History Center Library at their Church in Tappahannock. In the library is one computer designated specifically for use with the LDS database CDs and several other computers which patrons can use to enter their family data into the PAF genealogy program and download disks. Also, there are several microfilm readers and a microfiche catalog of the LDS Library holdings in Salt Lake City which can be rented for viewing at the library.

Hours of operation for the library are:

The library is located on Cold Cheer Road in Tappahannock, on the street adjacent to the Race Track gas station. Telephone: (804) 443-3165.

My thanks to Chuck Johnson for furnishing the information for this section.

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