Ministers' Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia


Miscellaneous Marriage Records, Isle of Wight County, Virginia (transcribed
from "Marriage Register, Ministers' Returns," pages 450 and 451): Marriages by ----- -----
1801 Sept 17   William Brown and Lucy Barlow
     Oct. 21   Henry Tynes and Hannah Copher
     Nov  12   Charles Roberts and Winey Bailey
1802 Jan  13   Isaac Cornwell and Cherry Bailey
     April 3   Aaron Bailey and Catharine Newby
           4   John Womble and Lucy Stallings

                        Marriage by Nathl. Berriman
1802 Nov. 28   James Barlow and Frances Peirce

                         Marriage by William Blunt
1803 April 28  Tristram Godwin and Sarah Crocker

                      Marriages by Willis Wills from
                          July 1799 to Oct. 1801
1799 July      John Briggs and Elizabeth Heath
     July      Samuel McCoy and Anne Godwin
     July      Arthur Benn and Patsey Tate
1800 April     Jonathan Godwin and Patsey Holladay
     Oct       Randolph Reynolds and Rhoda (?) Baines
     Jan       Joseph Norsworthy and Lydia Chapman
     Aug       William Addison and Nancy Gray
     Aug       William Goodwin and Patsey Bunkley
1801 Feb       Jonathan Godwin and Catharine Hawkins
     July      John Morrison and Jenny Driver
     Oct       Samuel Hunt and Sally Williams

                     Marriages by Isaac Vellines from
                       Oct 14, 1803 to Jan 14, 1805
1803 Oct  14   Robert Jordan and Esther Reynolds
1804 Jan  13   John Pike and Nancy Jordan
          25   Elias Edwards and Anne Wheeler
     Feb  18   Josiah L--- and Sally Herring
          25   Mills Roberts and Eliza. Johnson
     Mar  5    Willis Long and Rebecca Shearman
          14   John Hall and Patsey Turner
     May  7    Kinchen Owens and Nancy Woodward
     June 8    Meredith Holland and Patsey Bracey
     July 27   James Hall and Nancy Davis
     Aug  6    William Moody and Willey Stagg
     Dec  26   Burwell Edwards and Nancy Tynes
     Dec  26   Beverly Moody and Charlot Gray
1805 Jan  5    Peter Turner and Nancy Edwards
          7    Micajah Low and Sophia Westray

                      Marrriages by Willis Wills from
                               1799 to 1805
1799 Aug  17   Arthur Benn and Patsey Tate
     July 2    Samuel McCoy and Anne Godwin
          3    John Briggs and Elizabeth Heath
1800 Aug  10   William Goodwin and Patsey Bunckley
          12   William Addison and Nancy Gray
     Jan  15   Joseph Norsworthy and Lydia Chapman
     April 30  Jonathan Godwin and Patsey Holladay
     Oct  28   Randall Reynolds and Rhoda Weston

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 452]:

1801 Feb  27   Josiah Winston and Rachel Beal
     July 18   John Morrison and Lydia Driver
     Feb  27   Jonathan Godwin and Catharine Hawkins
     Nov  29   Joacob Saunders and Polly Beal
     Oct  23   Samuel Hunt and Sally Williams
1802 Jan  27   William Waller and Peggy Godwin
     Feb  6    Robert Gibbs and Nancy Casey
     Jan  2    John Cunningham and Rachel Reade
     Apr  25   Samuel Haile and Sally Hedgepeth
     Jan  13   Nathaniel Cutchin and Sally Davis
     Jan  21   Richard Bidgood and Hannah West
     June 15   Riddick Pitt and Mary Morgan
     Apr  1    William Dashield and Nancy Everitt
     Dec  22   Willis Pope and Polly Brown
1803 Aug  23   Josiah Cutchin and Polly Davis
     Feb  16   Samuel McCoy and Elizabeth Waile
     June 9    James Morrison and Mary Broadfield
     May  9    Thomas Hardy and Julia Holladay
     Sept 21   James Ames and Anne Jordan
     Dec  3    Jeremiah Pedin and Polly Young
     Sept 14   Francis Foster and Charity Mitchell
1805 May  14   Horatio Butt and Sally Wills
     June 3    George Darby and Nancy Smelly
          5    Joseph Godwin and Polly Holladay

                     Marriages by Isaac Vellines from
                        Jan. 14, 1805 to Jan. 1806
1805 Jan  4    Samuel Gale and Sally Turner
     Feb  25   Hezekiah Dunston and Susanna Eley
     Mar  4    Zachariah Edwards and [illegible] Gale
          12   Thomas Joyner and Patsey Daniel
     Mar  16   Daniel Joyner and Eliza. Wrenn

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 453]:

1805 Apr  25   Thos. W. Gale and Rebecca Hancock
     Oct  6    Williams Stephens and Cealy Phillips
          12   Jordan Parr and Patsey Moody
     Nov  7    John G. Bracey and Polly S. Darden
     Dec  26   Elias Daniel and Elizabeth Mountfort
1806 Jan  7    John Uzzell and Nancy Gale

                        Marriages by William Blunt
1803 Aug  12   John Forrest and Elizabeth Davis
     Dec  31   John Goodson and Martha Fulgham
     Nov  14   Henry Goodson and Sally Parkinson
1804 June 4    Samuel Pittman and Ann James
1805 July 24   Josiah Wrenn and Ann Derring
     Aug  12   Martin Phillips and Fanny Whitfield
          1    Ro. T. Fulgham and Winifred Wilson
1806 Jan  9    Benja. Barlow and Mary G. Whitfield
     Apr  10   Willis Brantley and Sarah Holladay
     May  7    William Jinkins and Patience Godfrey
          19   John Howard and Woody W. Winston
          29   Mills Edwards and Chloe Wombwell

                      Marriages by Jesse Holleman Sr.
1807 June 11   Nelson Hatchel and Ann Savage
     Aug  8    Thomas Jones and Sarah Davinson
          31   John Jones and Ann Stringfield
     Oct  25   James Pitman and Frances Ward
     Dec  17   James Gwatney Jr and Nancy Stallings
1808 Jan  28   Wilea Turner and Matilda Betts

                      Marriages by Nathaniel Berriman
1807 Aug. 29   Alexander Moore and Jane Goorich
1808 Feb. 15   Thomas Edwards and Lucy Edwards
     Mar. 21   Joseph Jones and Elizabeth Mallicote

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 454]:

                        Marriages by Isaac Vellines
1807 Jan. 10   Robert Turner and Polly Butler
     Mar. 2    Thomas Peirce and Polly Gay
          30   Eley Crumpler and Rebeccah Spivey
     May  8    John Parkerson and Lydia Edwards
     Sept 22   Jesse Bracey and Chloe Turner
     Dec. 17   Hezekiah Morris and Amelia Battin
          30   Elisha Whitley and Kesiah Whitley
1808 Feb. 1    Matthew Edwards and Charlotte Turner
          20   Joseph Turner and Hester Womble
          26   Willis Fulgham and Mitchel Westray
     Mar. 4    Harrison Barlow and Elizabeth Hall
          24   John Vellines and Peggy Pole
     Apr. 16   James Fletcher and Elizabeth Johnson
          20   John Foster and Nancy Chapman
     July 23   Thomas Bowden and Nancy Daniel
     Aug. 5    John Turner and Patsey Bracey
          13   Jacob Darden and Sally Cotrell
          19   William Cole and Polly Clary
     Oct. 7    Thomas Hail and Charity Midcalf
     Nov. 8    Allen Little and Milly Barrott
     Dec. 5    Edwin Gray and Lavinia Turner
          5    Robert Pope and Elizabeth Vellines
          22   David Ponsonby and Elizabeth Thomas
1809 Jan. 15   James Bowden and Permelia Crumpler

                     Marriage by Nathl. Berriman M. M.
1809 May  25   Lee Edwards and Polly Bennett

            Marriages by John Gwaltney, returned Nov. 27 1809.
No date        Joseph Fiveash and Dianna Flake

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 455]:

No date        Richard Gray and Nancy Gwaltney
given          William Turner and Eliza. Gray
               William Moring and Lucy Mahone
               Ludwell Gwaltney and Rebecca Holleman
               William Cornwell and Pegg Gwaltney (F. Ns)

                    Marriages by Mills Barrott in 1812
1811 Dec. 5    Drewry Driver and Patsey Norsworthy
1812 Jan. 26   Thomas Gray and Charlotte Driver
     Feb. 22   Josiah Reynolds and Nancy Pike
     May  28   Darden Davis and Elizabeth Atkinson
     June 6    Robert Brown and Elizabeth Broadfield
          20   Cartright Price and Polly H. McCoy
     July 30   Josiah Waile and Polly Jordan
     Oct. 10   John Fitchew and Rhody Lawrence

                      Marriages by William Blunt from
                       Dec. 2, 1808 to Dec. 27, 1810
1808 Dec. 2    Scarsbrook Jolliff and Milly Davis
          28   Thomas Carroll and Nancy Chapman
     Sep. 3    John Nelson and Frances Scott
1810 Dec. 15   Jesse Atkinson and Rebecca Clarke
          26   George Applewhaite and Nancy Ashby
          25   Willis Warren and Catharine Carroll
          27   William Wilson and Polly Jones (F. Ns.)

                        Marriages by William Blunt
1811 Feb. 14   Thomas Stott and Rebecca Gale
          12   America Sparrow and Peggy Tynes

                       Marriages by Nathl. Berriman
1810 July 10   William Shelly and Anna Malicote

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 456]:

                Marriages by Michael Murphrey M. of M.E.C.
1810 May  1    John Barrott and Elizabeth Cowling
     Sept 4    George Hall and Catharine Elsberry
          13   Allen Jenkins and Cherry Stephens
*see bottom of page for one omitted.
1811 Jan  20   James Little and Patsey Benn
     Apr  11   James Cook and Elizabeth Murphy
     May  18   William Little and Sally Pinhorn
     June 1    Stephen Whitley and Nancy Davis
     Dec  13   Ro. J. Stephenson and Betsey Parkerson
          26   Charles Tynes and Jenny Joyner (F. N.s)
          27   James Casey and Eliza. Whitley

                  Marriages by Michael Murphrey M. of the
                 M.E.C. from Jan. 1, 1812 to Jan. 1, 1813
1812 Jan. 1    Pleasant Murphrey and Holland Powell
          "    John Murphrey and Melia Powell
          2    Francis Hampton and Sally Powell
          4    Joseph Parkerson and Patsey Edwards
          9    John Jolly Jr. and Martha Fowler
          23   Thomas Stephens and Lucy W. Clements
          25   James Judkins and Catharine Price
     Feb. 5    Bookcager Bullock and Mary Pitt
          27   Wilson Peirce and Emily Turner
     Mar. 27   Joseph Gale and Fanny Peirce
     Apr. 27   Thomas Bowls and Nancy Jolly
     July 4    John Matthews and Polly Davis
     Dec  12   John Shivers and Jane Mitchell

               Marriages by Isaac Vellines M. of the M.E.C.
1809 Jan. 25   John Sikes and Tabitha Womble
     Feb. 10   Exum Eley and Polly B. Moody
          11   William Mints and Olive Vellines

*1810 Nov. 26  Hardy Pope & Martha Pope

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 457]:

1809 Mar. 6    Allen Spivey and Peggy Spivey
     Apr. 21   Joel Whitley and Polly Smith
     May  1    Francis Vellines and Nancy Clarke
          27   William Seeds and Melia Morris
     June 5    Barrister Meador and Polly B. Pedin
          28   Ralph Gibbs and Nancy Wrenn
     July 19   Valentine Jenkins and Sally Chapman
     Sept 4    Joshua Turner and Patsey Parkerson
     Nov. 1    James Stallings and Frances Pitman
          16   William Hicks and Susannah Copher
          29   James Holland and Polly McIntosh
     Dec. 4    Benja. Crumpler and Anna Lawrence
          22   Thomas Davis and Sally Atkins
          27   Robert Edwards and Polly Parkerson
1810 Jan. 10   James Johnson Jr. and Creasey Crumpler
          15   Wilea Turner and Nancy Pope
     Feb. 28   Eley Turner and Nancy Butler
     Mar. 28   Barden Roberts and Betsey Everitt
     June 1    Lemuel Fulgham and Polly Fulgham
          18   Joseph Fulgham and Milly Norsworthy
     Aug. 9    Emileus Dering and Catharine Wrenn
     Sept 13   Jesse Bailey and Nancy Fulgham
     Nov. 29   Benja. Clarke and Keziah Copher
     Dec. 19   Edmond Outland and Polly Duck
          25   Pleasants Casey and Ann (?) Gay
1811 Jan. 7    John Herring and Nancy Hatchell
     Apr. 11   Nathaniel Vellines and Sally Thomas
     Sept 2    William Bagnall and Mary C. Cunningham
     Oct. 18   Jacob Hollowell and Elley Tynes
          30   Alexander McDougall and Patsey Bidgood
     Nov. 16   Joshua Whitney and Sweeting Joyner
          28   John G. Wills and Louisa Cunningham

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 458]:

1811 Dec. 2    Benjamin Westray and Sally Johnson
          9    Ishmael Moody and Elizabeth Eley
          20   Newsom Turner and Lucy Tomlin
          26   Campion Bracy and Patsey Tomlin
1812 Jan. 1    James Edwards and Polly Turner
          17   Thomas Smith and Sally Edwards

                     Marriages by Nathl. Berriman N.G.
1812 Sept 7    Josiah Williams and Charlotte Jones
1813 Dec. 28   Joseph Shelly and Polly Carrol

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgood
1814 June 9    Thomas Ellis and Frances Gwaltney
     Oct. 27   Sampson Banks and Elizabeth Jones
1815 Jan. 22   Benjamin Braswell and Sally Goodson
     Apr. 20   Joseph Shelly and Talbitha Melmand

                        Marriages by Mills Barrott
                    from Dec. 29, 1813 to Jan. 1, 1814
1813 Dec. 29   Jacob Waterfield and Peggy Footet
1812 Dec. 31   Lemuel Ripley and Rhoda Godfrey
1813 Feb. 11   Samuel Denby and Polly H. Lawrence
          13   Joseph Chapman and Lois Holladay
1814 Mar  4    Edward Pittman and Sally Garner
1813      7    Joseph Norsworthy and Nancy Channell
          18   Lewis Wilson and Fanny Nelson
          21   John R. Jones and Margaret Harrison
     July 15   William Bransby and Ann Fosdick
1814 Feb  14   Joseph Goodwin and Margaret Jordan
1813 Aug  2    Richard Bowden and Martha Nevill
          22   Josiah Lawrence and Polly Ames
     Oct. 9    William King and Esther Shivers
     Dec. 2    Willis Williams and Sally Pruden
1814 Jan  1    Joseph Hall and Catharine Fitchew

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 459]:

                        Marriage by Isaac Vellines
1812 Feb. 3    Phillips Edwards and Chloe Bracey
     Mar. 2    Polly Edwards and Thomas Turner
          19   Jesse R. Bounds and Rhoda Edwards
          25   Dailey Roberson and Sally Tate
          27   Lee Sykes and Melia Edwards
     May  16   Zachariah Turner and Mason Hatfield
     June 4    David Dick and Roseanna A. F. Dashield
          22   Thomas Minton and Martha Crocker
     July 14   Thomas Bounds and Chloe Gay
     Oct. 15   James Roberts and Catharine Westray
     Nov. 14   Alexander Haywood and Amey Parnell
          25   Thomas S. Copher and Mary H. Tynes
     Dec. 7    Elijah Holland and Polly Daughtrey
          14   Charles D. Broadfield and Martha Joyner
          31   Matthew Westray and Peggy Chapman
1813 Jan. 1    Henry Turner and Polly Moody
          15   Daniel Tynes and Lucy Wilson (F. N.s)
     Feb. 24   John Bevan and Ann Edwards
     May  29   John Harris and Nancy Bowden
     June 19   Meritt D. Stringfield and Mary Clark
     Sept 29   Armstrong Edwards and Cherry Edwards
     Dec. 6    George Hall and Polly Darden
          14   David Roberts and Priscilla Johnson
          22   Thomas Harrison and Tempy H. Tynes
          24   David Tynes and Sally Copher
          28   John M. Eley and Nancy Holland
          30   John Burton and Sally Davis
1814 Jan. 1    James Busby and Louis Bounds

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgood
1813 June 11   John Green and Chasey Baines
1814 FEb. 19   Harry Tynes and Tresey Holloway
     Mar. 8    James White and Elizabeth Willis

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 460]:

                        Marriages by Mills Barrott
1815 Mar. 28   John Bagnall and Mary Ann Smith
     Apr. 30   Joseph Gray and Elizabeth Green
     July 13   William Davis and Hannah Goodwin
     Aug. 13   Samuel Shepard and Polly Ward
     Sept 23   Belson Wright and Patsey Bowden
     Nov. 4    Levin Dicks and Rachel Bunckley
     Dec. 7    James Moody and Holland Copeland

                   Marriages by Michael Murphy Minister
                  of M.E.C. from Jan. 1813 to Dec 3, 1815
1813 Jan. 2    Samuel Murphrey and Nancy Powell
          21   Robert Gay and Sally Brown
          25   Thomas Underwood and Dicey McClenny
     Feb. 6    George Dixon and Sally Hall
     Mar  13   James Denby and Esther Holladay
     Apr. 24   Joshua Duggan and Nancy Hall
     May  9    Isaac Whitley and Celia Phillips
     Oct. 21   Littleton A. Coan and Rebecca Turner
     Nov. 25   Thomas Bevan and Nancy Driver
1814 Jan. 31   John Whitley and Nancy Whitley
     July 16   William Dixon and Jane Johnson
     Nov. 12   Cary Eley and Nancy Powell
     Dec. 22   Willis Garner and Rachel Norsworthy
1815 Jan. 23   Elijah Richards and Nancy Murphrey
          26   Charles Rountree and Patsey Green
     Mar. 5    Samuel Everitt and Jane Smelly
          25   Thomas Harriss and Sarah Allmond
     June 14   James Gwaltney and Sally Parnell
     Dec. 3    Samuel Battin and Sally Revell

                         Marriage by John Gwaltney
1816 ---  ---  Jesse Holleman and Frances Stringfield

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 461]:

                       Marriages by Nathl. Berriman
1815 July 13   Samuel Wilkinson and Ann Wrenn
          13   William Goodson and Ann Powell
1816 Apr. 13   William Shelly and Sally White

1816 Sept 25   Married in Hertford County North
               Carolina, Josiah Blunt and
               Matilda Wilson.  Proved in Isle
               of Wight County Court Oct. 1816 by
               the oath of John C. Crump

                      Marriages by John Gwaltney Sr.
                         Returns dated Jan. 6 1817
no date        Henry Doyle and Polly Chapman
given          Henry Callcote and Elizabeth Wombwell

                        Marriages by William Blunt
1816 July 28   James Braswell and Nancy Branch
     Nov. 25   Josiah Bidgood and Martha Goodson
     Oct. 7    John Blunt and Frances M. Barlow

                         Marriage by W. M. Kindree
1817 Jan. 30   William Crocker and Mary W. Blunt

                       Marriages by Nathl. Berriman
1814 Apr. 14   Phillip Mallicote and Nancy Shelly
1815 Apr. 8    Archibald Atkinson and Frances W. Day

                      Marriages by Mills Barrott from
                       Jan. 6, 1816 to Jan. 15, 1817
1816 Jan. 6    Charles Waile and Evelina H. Barlow
          18   Henry Deford and Jane Mitchell

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 462]:

1816 Feb. 1    Ralph Gibbs and Rachel Norsworthy
          8    Henry W. Harrison and Fanny Godwin
          16   Elias Bullock and Lilly Shivers
          27   Gray Briggs and Martha Stucky
     Mar. 13   Benj. B. Smith and Peggy Goodwin
          14   William Jones and Sally Broadfield
          16   William Harvey and Sally Shivers
          30   Samuel Garrison and Ann Woodley
          30   Josiah Parker and Frances Shelly
     Apr. 18   John F. Wills and Nancy Jordan
     May  30   Wm. Murphrey and Jane Shivers
     June 28   William Goodwin and Martha Murray
     Dec. 1    John Clark and Peggy Goodwin
1817 Jan. 15   Branch W. Bevelle and Eliza. W. Jordan

                        Marriages by Chs. Rountree
1814 Mar. 13   Gideon Powell and Jane Godwin
     Dec. 15   Elisha Godwin and Fanny Godwin

                         Marriage by Chs. Rountree
1815 Dec. 7    James F. Hall and Polly Goodrich

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgood
1816 Sept 21   Mills Eley and Elizabeth Wood
     July 8    Ann Harden and Cary Morriss
          7    Sampson Hollowell and Lucy Blair
1817 Jan. 21   Isaac Ricks and Hetty Jones
1817 Jan. 7    Benjamin Goodrich and Elizabeth Baccor [Barker]
     Dec. 26   Richard Madry and Lucy Ward
     Feb. 9    John Lalord [Laylor] and Patience Braswell

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 463]:

                        Marriages by isaac Velines
                     from Jan. 8, 1814 to Dec 26, 1817
1814 Dec. 8    Levy Addison and Mary Atkins
          14   Josiah Goodson and Nancy B. Stringfield
          19   James B. Harriss and Catharine Clark
     Feb. 14   Holland Darden and Elizabeth Powell
     Mar. 7    Richard Pope and Jenet Hancock
          30   Joseph Fulgham and Amelia Mercer
     Apr. 3    George Bowen and Nancy Parkerson
     Aug. 20   Zachariah Atkins and Sally Hall
     Sept 14   Jeremiah Atkins and Elizabeth Pinhorn
          24   Peter Jones and Mary Ann Carroll
     Dec. 5    Peter Pursell and Martha Westray
          17   Morriss Hatchell and Sally Stott
          29   Willis Turner and Winifred Whitley
          18   Herbert Jones and Sally Taylor
          20   Nelson Harris and Charlotte Davis
          29   Samuel Harris and Margaret Whitley
1815 Jan. 14   Joseph Turner and Rebecca Haile
          14   Bailey Davis and Mary Darden
          18   Daniel Batton and Celia Hatchell
          28   Josiah Edwards and Batsy Clayton
     Feb. 6    Gilliam Hatchell and Margaret Betts
     Mar. 6    Gale Eley and Catharine Lankford
     Jan. 30   Robert Johnson and Sally Roberts
     Mar. 21   James Flake and Margaret Crocker
     Apr. 15   Thomas Pierce and Nancy Owen
     May  4    Mills Eley and Eliza Ann Hancock
          29   David Edwards and Keziah Pinhorn
     Aug. 7    Benjamin Coggin and Mealy Fulgham
     Sept 26   Davis Chapman and Catharine Chapman
     Oct. 2    Ziza Darden and Charlotte Powell
          21   James Pinner and Nancy Pope

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 464]:

     Nov. 15   James Atkinson and Ann Stott
     Dec. 9    William Busby and Nancy Almond
          11   Benjamin Eley and Patsey Lankford
          18   Joseph Vellines and Polly Gwaltney
          11   Joseph B. Whitehead and Lellier Smith
1816 Jan. 18   James Edwards and Winey Edwards
          29   David Roberts and Catharine Eley
     Feb. 14   John Marshall and Patsey Darden
     Sept 3    Exum Roberts and Lebana Butler
          20   Thomas Marshall and Martha Darden
          30   Lewis Powell and Peggy Clayton
     Oct. 17   Silas Summerall and Sally Stubbs
     Nov. 4    James Fulgham and Patsey Everitt
     Dec. 19   Pleasant Stagg and Alice Holland
          20   Allen B. Bounds and Elizabeth Gay
          27   Lewis Turner and Patience Edwards
1817 Jan. 4    Jordan Turner and Susannah Edwards
          9    John Underhill and Elizabeth Pope
     Feb. 3    Lemuel Eley and Mary Pope
     Mar. 7    John Sikes and Patsey M. Preston
     June 14   Joseph Parkinson and Polly Gay
     July 30   David Clark and Easther Denby
     Aug. 14   Benjamin Drew and Wilmouth Vellines
          21   Thomas Smith and Martha Whitley
     Sept 26   William Bland and Elizabeth Moody
     Oct. 24   David Coggin and Catharine Mercer
     Dec. 1    Henry Whitley and Elizabeth Gay
          23   William Thomas and Cherry Moody
          20   George Norsworthy and Ann Carrell

                         Marriage by Benja. Devany
1817 Apr. 24   Hardy Rawls and Elizabeth Daughtrey

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 465]:

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgood
1818 Aug. 9    John Womble and Alice Mitchell
     Nov. 13   Titus Hollowell and Martha Wood
     Jan. 1    Richard Brantley and Peggy Hubbert
     Apr. 10   Robert Brown and Frances Barlow
     Feb. 19   Ellis Bailey and Martha Holloway

                      Marriages by Mills Barrett from
                      Jan. 22, 1817 to April 19, 1818
1817 Jan. 22   John Reynolds and Sarah Anthony
     Feb. 26   Mills Godwin and Sally Godwin
     Mar. 2    Ismiah Pitts and Mary Hardy
     June 12   Joseph McAllister and Ann Applewhaite
     Aug. 9    Henry Bagnal and Savory Reynolds
     Nov. 13   Samuel Carroll and Mary W. Cofield
     Dec. 24   Joseph Bunkley and Sally Groce
          25   Nathl. Pruden and Polly Cowling
1818 Jan. 14   Joseph Cutchens and Hilda Matthews
     Apr. 19   Henry Johnson and Jennett Reynolds

                      Marriages by Mills Barrett from
                      July 14, 1818 to Jan. 28, 1819
1818 July 14   Aaron Williams and Charlotte Driver
     Nov. 26   William Holland and Nancy Tynes
     Dec. 15   Benja. B. Smith and Frances Louisa Gibbs
          22   William Goodrich and Betsey Fitchew [Fitzhugh]
1819 Jan. 6    Davis Bullock and Patsey Shivers
          27   James Goodson and Patsey Johnson

                        Marriage by Burwell Barrett
1819 Oct. 3    Joseph Goodwin and Elizabeth Smith

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 466]:

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgood
1818 May  21   John Carrell and Ann Pitmond [Pitman]
1819 Jan. 19   Richd. Stringfield and Mary Powel
          23   Willis Jones and Nancy Wood
     Mar. 7    Harry Hill and Martha Roberts

                       Marriages by Charles Rountree
1816 Jan. 2    William Goorich and Eliza. Hall
     June 6    Samuel Stott and Martha Butt
1818 Apr. 7    John Jordan and Sally D. Morrison
     May  9    Wm. Corbell and Rachel Gibbs
          26   Wm. Goodwin and Rachel Wail
     June 27   John Pollard and Mary W. Barbee
     Nov. 14   Giles Daniel and Jinny Brown
     Dec. 13   Mills Askew and Mary Pope

                      Marriages by Mills Barrett from
                       Feb. 1, 1819 to Jan. 1, 1821
1819 Feb. 4    Josiah Corbell and Meriah Smith
          7    Thomas Pope and Polly Toller
          10   Jesse Goodson and Polly Newman
     Aug  28   Henry Evans and Lilly Brown
     Nov. 6    Mills Godwin and Hannah Shivers
          30   James Pitt and Ann Bowden
     Dec. 19   Barnaba Matthews and Louisa Pope
          22   Benjamin Phillips and Patsey Davis
          23   George Kelly and Averilla V. Murry

                       Marriages by John Clark from
                      July 30, 1818 to July 30, 1819
1818 July 30   Harrod Doles and Angelina Hancock
     Sept 26   John Walker and Elizabeth Joyner

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 467]:

     Oct. 3    James Jones and Catharine Coggin
1819 Jan. 9    Samuel Gay and Lucy Matthews
          21   Jordan Johnson and Jemima Johnson
          27   Jesse Hutchins and Rody Ross
     Feb. 12   Archibald Hutchins and mary Underwood
          18   Robert Watson and Mary Parnel
     Mar. 11   Solomon Archer and Martha Daniel
     Apr. 15   Mills Darden and Permelia Powell
     May  29   Zachariah Everitt and Polly Parnell
     July 24   William Shelton and Sally Norsworthy

                       Marriages by Charles Rountree
1819 Mar. 7    Major Heath and Margaret Tate
     Sept 26   Willis Driver and Mary Groce
     Dec. 11   Seagle Heath and Jane Clayton

                     Marriages by Josiah Bidgood from
                       June 1, 1819 to Mar. 16, 1820
1819 June 1    Champion Stallings and Martha Goodson
          26   Harrison Glover and Polly Webb
     July 31   Solomon Hambling and Lydia Tynes
     Dec. 11   Buxton Gale and Emily Gardner
          16   James Meadow and Penelope C. Holladay
     Oct. 16   Willis Tynes and Cherry Tynes
          14   James Flake and Mary Barlow
1820 Jan. 1    Edmond Joyner and Elizabeth Kimbol
     Mar. 16   Elisha Whitley and Susan Atkins

                       Marriages by John Clark from
                      Aug. 26, 1819 to Aug. 26, 1820
1819 Aug. 26   Jinkins Pinhorn and Eliza. Smith
          "    Richard Edwards and Polly Pinhorn

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 468]:

1819 Sept 21   Allen Parkerson and Amelia Edwards
          10   Francis Hampton and Polly Murphrey
     Dec. 25   Thomas Powel and Sarah Murphrey
          30   Samuel Stamp and Chloe Jordan
1820 Jan. 1    Exum Gale and Holland Dixon
          4    Exum Watkins and Charlotte Carr
     Feb. 26   Miles Butler and Ellender Roberts
     Mar. 9    Rolleigh Barrott and Chottey Coggin
     Apr. 5    Daniel Sumner and Amelia
          20   John Tombling and Margaret Westray
     May  11   Simmons Edwards and Kitty Moody

                      Marriages by Jonathan Lankford
                              in 1819 & 1820
no dates       Josiah C. Bradshaw and Nancy Owen
given          Josiah J. Watkins and Polly Eley
               Elias Beal and Edith Powell
               Parker Beal and Elizabeth Gardner
               Edmond Fowler and Elizabeth Parker
               Lemuel Lowe and Lucy Mountfort
               Robert Butler and Elizabeth Johnson
               Dencey Carr and Mary Hedgpeth
               William Coggin and Pacey Griffin
               Robert Babb and Rebeccah Watkins
               Henry Vaughan and Polly Holland
               Lott W. Corbett and Peggy C. Bradshaw
               Jacob Daughtrey and Betsey Butler
               Hardy Darden and Nancey Carr
               Jacob Howell and Hildy Butler
               Amos Bradshaw and Mary Corbett
               Nathan Carr and Polly Carr

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 469]:

               John Westray and Elizabeth Crumpler
               Mills Watkins and Betsey M. Westray
               Abram Carr and Nancy Corbett
               Leml. Turner and Nancy Robertson
               David Corbett and Peggy Gowler
               Samuel Corbett and Caty Bridger
               John Bracey and Polly Corbett
               Arnold Ricks and Lucy Bracshaw (F. Ns)
               Charles Watkins and Milly Johnson (F. Ns)

                       Marriages by John W. Anderson
                           during the year 1818
no dates       Watson P. Jordan and Ann M. Boykin
given          Henry Reynolds and Sally Jordan
               John Irby and Nancy Hall
               John Askey and Betsey Cook
               Samuel Bagnall and Polly Gray
1819           Harrison Lightfoot and Permelia Powell
               Sampson Crocker and Polly Blunt

                        Marriages by Daniel Whitley
1820 Aug  --   Benjamin Westray and Catherine Pope
     Oct  --   Hardy D. Holland and Jincy Clements
     Nov  --   Joseph Holland and Eliza Warrel
     Dec  --   Robert Chapman and Charlotte Westray
1821 Feb  --   John Phillips and Elizabeth Underwood

                         Marriage by John Harrell
1820 June 22   Jordan Johnson and Mrs. Mary Carr

                       Marriage by Wmson. H. Pittman
1819 Dec. 2    James L. Gwaltney and Mary Holleman

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 470]:

                      Marriages by Mills Barrett from
                       Mar. 2, 1820 to Dec. 22, 1820
1820 Mar. 2    Matthew Wills and Lydia Holladay
          25   Zachariah Matthews and Sarah Bowen
     Apr  27   Pleasant Parnell and Jane Pitt
     May  7    Richard West and Nancy Stacy
     Dec  13   William D. Pruden and Jane Driver
          22   Nicholas Smith and Nancy Moody

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgood
                         from May 1820 to May 1821
1821 Jan. 1    John Taylor and Margaret Cofer
     Dec. 19   John Murray and Susanna Ward
     Oct. 13   Abednego Goodrich and Mary Gibbs
     Dec. 21   Frederick Jones and Catherine Carrell
          23   Edwin Tomson and Elizabeth Roberts
          7    Richard B. Stringfield and Sally Hickman
     May  25   John Ellis and Sally Holt

                       Marriages by Jonathan Lankfor
1821 June 2    Isaac Elliot and Vicy Bowser
          30   James Carr and Patsey Hines
1822 Jan. 5    Allen Duck and July Darden
                           Returned June 7, 1822

                       Marriages by Benjamin Devany
1821 July 5    John Andrson and Mary W. Davis
1822 Jan. 31   James Crocker and Frances H. Woodley
     Feb. 2    James F. Young and Lucy Ann Butler

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 471]:

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgood
                         from May 1821 to May 1822
1821 Sept 14   Charles Rountree and Rebecca Reynolds
     Oct  6    Partrick Wilkinson and Olive Holoway
          27   Alfred Dews and Ridley Taylor
          21   Abraham Brown and Cherry Tynes
     Feb  9    William Marno and Susan Carter
     Oct  25   John Jordan and Coroinda Butts
1822 Feb  21   William Parr and Nancy Carrell
     May  26   John Blizzard and Harriet Wilson
     Dec  18   William Busby and Mary Powell

                        Marriages by Daniel Whitley
1821 Dec  12   Armstrong Edwards and Nancy Busby
     Sept 13   Scotland Johnson and Betty Holloway
     Aug  23   Scarsbook Casey and Keziah Pinhorn
     Apr  24   Miles Holliford and Sally Gay
1822 Jan  19   James Tomlin and Avy Hall
          26   Phillip Moody and Eliz. Johnson
     Feb  9    Wm. Chapman and Holly Pittman
     Jan  22   Wm. C. Edwards and Polly S. Cofer
1821 May  31   Merit Britt and Eliz. Stephens
1822 Apr  30   Henry Lawrence and Avy Branch
     July 20   Miles Edwards and Willy Edwards
     Jan  19   Benj. Gwaltney and Peggy Johnson
     Dec  21   James Tomlin and Eliz. Cornwell

                          Marriages by John Clark
                     from Dec 6, 1821 to Dec. 6, 1822
1821 Dec  7    John Bullock and Mourning Gay
     Jan  12   Daniel Whitley and Nancy Gale
     Dec  5    John Whitley and Catharine Roberts

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 472]:

                   Marriages by A. R. Bernard Min M.E.C
1822 Oct  3    Willis Woodley and Averella V. Day
1823 Jan  16   Edwin Gray and Jane D. Godwin
          18   William Lightfoot and Mary W. Hickman
     Feb  13   John Provan and Martha Webb
     Mar  4    Josiah C. Parker and Elizabeth M. Pinner
     July 15   Charles Newell and Nancy Drew
     Apr  17   Archibald Carroll and Francis G. Casey
          "    James Chalmers and Margaret S. Purdie
     Nov  20   William Davis and Sarah D. Wills

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgoo
                         from May 1822 to May 1823
1822 Dec  23   John Calvert and Sarah Edwards
          22   Robert Tynes and Selah Davis (F. Ns)
1823 Jan  11   Peter Ruffin Jones and Sally Thomas
     Mar  6    John E. Sampson and Peggy Wood

                      Marriages by Jonathan Lankford
                             returned --- 1823
1822 June 5    Little B. Carr and Pleasant Ellot
     July 20   Hardy Carr and Elizabeth Carr
1823 Jan  20   Meredith Turner and Mary Carr
     Feb  15   Tempsey Carr and Tempy Fowler
          8    Willis Butler and Lilly Johnson
     May 22    Everitt Turner and Elizabeth Rhodes
     July 27   John P. Johnson and Nancy Andrews

                   Marriages by Charles Rountree in 1820
no dates       Wm. Jordan and Milly _ears ____ble
given          William Bryant and Mary Stuckey
               Dolphin Driver and Lydia Joyner

[Minister's Returns, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, page 473]:

               Josiah Underwood and Charlotte Clark
               Adon Curtis and Holland Stuckey
               Willis Pruden and Sally Little
1821 ---  ---  William Darby and Louisa Murphrey
     ---  ---  James Gray and Ann Cutchins
1822 ---  ---  John Newman and Nancy Goodwin
     ---  ---  Joseph Jordan and Sarah Pinner
1823 ---  ---  Gideon Powell and Margaret Clark
     ---  ---  John R. Jones and Polly Morrison
     ---  ---  Thos. K. Purdie and Patsey Gibbs

                       Marriages by Charles Rountree
1819 ---  ---  Major Heath and Margaret Tate
     ---  ---  Willis Driver and Mary Groce
     ---  ---  Seagle Heath and Jane Clayton
1823 Dec  23   John Driver and Barshaba Joyner
          25   William Hall and Louisa Darby

                        Marriages by Josiah Bidgood
1823 Oct  10   Exum Chapman and Eliza Chapman
1824 Jan  8    Gray Carroll and Nancy Goodrich
          10   Richard Tynes and Willey Hollaway
     Mar  4    David Tynes and Hannah Holloway

                      Marriages by Jonathan Lankford
1823 Oct 14    Jesse Carr and Abbey Carr
     Dec  3    Nathan Carr and ____oe Bradshaw
1824 Feb 15    Johnson Duck and Keziah Duck
     Mar  25   Samuel Turner and Polly Carr

[These records were transcribed and compiled by Carol A. Morrison
of 3217 Friendly Road, Fayetteville, NC  28304]