Guidelines for Lookup Volunteers

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Guidelines for Lookup Volunteers

So you'd like to help.....

Great! I could really use a helping hand or more. Probably no other single topic has caused as many discussions, debates, arguments and fears in our little genealogy community in cyberspace as the topic of COPYRIGHTS, and especially COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. If the topic is new to you (or you could use a little refresher) please visit The USGenWeb's Copyright Page. When you're finished reading, use your browser's [BACK] button to come back here.

Have you ever seen so much legal mumbo-jumbo? Did you notice there are still just LOTS of OPINIONS? I guess it's going to be that way until someone gets sued. I don't know about you, but I DON'T WANT TO BE THE FIRST. In order to protect you, me, the VAGenWeb Project, the USGenWeb Project and the WorldGenWeb Project, let's agree to the following:

Well, how's that for basic, easy to follow, guidelines? Hopefully, they will keep us out of trouble and allow us to continue enjoying our hobby in cyberspace. Once again...........

.....Thanks for lending that helping hand!

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