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One Hundred Years Ago

The Old Meeting House, 1794-1894

Author: Mrs. Lucy Randolph Fleming

The blue hills rise in stately strength,
Streams ripple soft below,
As on those long-gone Sabbath days,
One hundred years ago,

When in these crumbling, roofless walls,
Where birds flit to and fro,
The Quaker fathers worshiped God
One hundred years ago.

And word of truth, or praise, or prayer,
In measured tone, and slow,
Was spoken as the Spirit moved
One hundred years ago.

Here many a calm and saintly brow
Seemed lit by Heaven's glow,
And caught the promised peace of God
One hundred years ago.

Perhaps just her the sunshine fell
On golden heads below,
Where children lifted patient eyes
One hundred years ago.

Here youth and maidens primly sat
In silent decorous row,
But, as to-day, Love stole his glance
One hundred years ago.

In ancient graves, where trailing vines
And tender wild flowers grow,
Sleep those whose footsteps thither turned
One hundred years ago.

Long have these altar fires been cold,
And only ruins show
The temple holy to the Lord
One hundred year ago.

But true and simple faith abides,
Through centuries onward flow-
The fathers did not build in vain
Who reared this modest forest fane
One hundred years ago.

Cedar Creek Quaker Meeting House

Description & History

From The Old Record Book Of
Cedar Creek Meeting Of Hanover County

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