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I am looking for any information about a Cherokee Cheif Donohoo who married Mary Wentworth around 1767 (?). They were from Louisa or Hanover County, VA. They later moved to the East Bend of the Yadkin River in NC Any info would be helpful. ttharpe@netunlimited.net Terry Tharpe 3/30/97

Looking for extant copy of the HANOVER HERALD of Jan 1903. No luck at Library of Va or at Randolph-Macon College. Also, is anyone aware of surviving records of "Poor House" residents of late 19th Century Hanover? When a poor house resident died who usually handled the burial? GLester500@aol.com Gary Lester 3/28/97

Looking for genealogy, family history, cousins of my Earnest family. Beginning with the first generation I am aware of I have: (1) William Earnest b: 1610, d: 1677 in Isle of Wight Co., VA, m: Katherine Collier. (2) William Lewis Earnest b: 1654, d: 1719, spouse unknown. (3) William Lewis Earnest b: 1684, d: 1744, spouse unknown. (4) George Earnest b: 1720, d: 1786 in Hanover Co., m: Rose Vines. George and Rose had 4 children all born in Hanover: Jane; Samuel (1749-1804) m: Dolley White; William (1753-?) m: Elizabeth Beasley; George (1762-1840) m: Catherine White. George and Rose built a home in Hanover in 1750 which is presently occupied today but I do not know the exact location. If you have any information on my family I would really like to hear from you. I have more information to share if you are related. towner@lightspeed.netCarroll Towner 3/21/97

Can someone tell me the best way to go about finding when someone died and where they are buried? Would I request a death certificate from HanoverCo. or the state? I'm looking specifically for info on John Davis of Hanover Co., VA (B.? D.1890-1896). He was married to Alice A._____, and they had 3 daughters: Jessie (1885), Edna Mary (1887) and Addie (1889). Is that enough info for a death cert. request? And is there a listing somewhere of old Hanover cemeteries? mpmk@ziplink.net Can anyone help me?Monica Murray 3/21/97

Looking for info on Susannah Williams Brooks & William Hickerson Rice b.3/12/1761? Susannah was one of his 3 wives. Dorijoe999@aol.com 3/18/97

Looking for any record of marriage(1754?)between Elisabeth Harrison b.1741 and Wyatt Tinsley b.1737 in Hanover County. Sabrina Holmes 3/18/97

Looking for the mother and father of a Thomas Jefferson Harris (b.10-3-1833 d. 7-13-1913). He is buried not more than a mile from Walnut Well where Solomon Harris is buried in Hanover County. Thomas Jefferson Harris is father of Andrew Jackson Harris. Al Harris 3/13/97

Seeking info on parents and siblings of William N. Hendrick (d 1873 in Richmond) and wife Elvira Gilman, dau of Dickey Gilman. Gary Lester 3/10/97

Seeking info on parents and siblings of Peter L. Butler (d 6 Jan 1889 at Hanover poorhouse) and wife Mandena Hutchinson, daughter of Elizabeth Hutchinson. Gary Lester 3/10/97

Margaret McGeorge b. c. 1763 Hanover Co., died oct. 1851 Becford Co.,VA. Married 6 Sept. 1787 in Bedford Co., VA to John Wigginton 1758-1843). Her father was John W. McGeorge.Who was her mother? John Wigginton enlisted for Rev. War in Prince William Co. Their children( all born Bedford Co., VA) were Peyton, Sallie, John, Jr, Nancy, Margaret, George Washington, Martha (Patsy) m. William Foster (mine), Robert Isaac, Elizabeth and Celia. Tacie B. Smith 3/9/97

I'm trying to identify the parents (and further back, if I'm lucky) of Henry, Howard, Cora, Flossie & Melvin Stanley who were from the Montpelier area of Hanover Co., VA. Their mother's name was Elvira Elizabeth but I don't know her maiden name. Henry and Howard married sisters - Daisy Mae and Bonnie whose last name was either Luck or Edwards. Cora married Jesse Stanley. Flossie married Benjamin Hall. Melvin Lewis Stanley (b. 6/15/1896 d.2/28/1954) married Maggie May Seay (b. 8/22/1899 d.3/13/1971). Melvin and Maggie were my grandparents. Any help with roots or branches of this tree are greatly appreciated! Deborah Stanley 3/9/97

Need information on John Melton b. b/4 1697 Hanover Co, Va; d.c. 1753 Hanover Co, Va. Father Richard Melton b. ca 1670
Mother Mary
Siblings. Robert, William III, Mary, and Thomas.
Marge Ruge 3/6/97

Looking for information on the Mills family: When did Nicholas Mills die? The family lived in New Kent/Hanover from about 1670 to the early part of the 1800's. A son Robert married a Mary Hopkins about 1770. Robert's son Robert married a Mary or Barbara Sharp about 1793. I would like to learn more about the HOPKINS & the Sharp lines. If anyone out there has any info I would really appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. pacshc@ce.net Sandy Carneiro 3/6/97

Seeking info on William N. Barker b 20 Sept 1826 Hanover Co Va m Virginia Haxall Gibson b ca 1851. Would like to hear from anyone who may have info on John Sims and Richard Sims, if connected to Micah and John Sims of Lousia Co Va. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Bev Thomas 2/27/97

Hanover, VA was the earliest residence I have for the Elmore family line. William Elmore (born abt 1752) was residing in Hanover Co in 1788. Married a Susan (?Winston) b. before 1774. They had a child William Elmore b. 03/29/1788 in Hanover, Co. Am intested in further history on family as well as William's father, Peter Elmore born 10/09/1726 (don't know where) Please advise if you have any info. Thanks, Lauva. P.S. more info and questions if I have contacted someone who can help me. Lauva Currier 2/25/97

Looking for information on family of Nancy ELMORE, daughter of William Elmore and Frances Jones. Nancy was born in Hanover County, VA in 1816. She was married to Thomas A. Griffitts [?Griffith, ?Griffiths] in 1832 in Milton, Cabell County, WV. Judith Knight 2/25/97

I would like to exchange information with anyone on the James Cason family who resided in Hanover Co. James Cason was born July 23, 1758 in Orange Co., Virginia and he married Rebecca Smith in Hanover Co. Feb. 17, 1785 all of their children were born in Hanover Co. My line is through Edward Meriweather Cason who married 1)Levicia Gipson and 2) Mary Ann Hall. Beverly Short 2/23/97

McClary Family: I'm searching for any information on the McClary (McCleary) family of Albemarle, Louisa, or Hanover county. Genealogies,History ect...William McClary, born abt. 1785 and raised a large family in Cambell Co. Tn. Tracey McCleary 2/21/97

I recieved info. that a Samuel Thompson petitioned for a large land grant on April 25, 1772 in Hanover, VA. He arrived from Ireland with two sons: Captain John Thompson and General William Thompson, and a grandson: Richard Thompson. I am seeking any and all info. pertaining the year of their passage from Ireland or any of their present day kin. Amy Thompson 2/5/97

Austin Corley moved to TN in 1811. He was from St. Martin's Parish and also a Revolutionary War Vet. His first wife (and mother of his children) is unknown. He m. his second wife, a widow, late in life. (DAR line from Austin Corley) Austin had a brother, William Corley. There was also an older William Corley there signing deeds c. 1803, after the brother William had left the area. I think the older William may be the father. I have a copy of both Austin's and William's Rev. War Pension applications, plus lots of info to share, including family letters and wills. Morgan Hetrick 2/2/97

My ancestor is Richard Johnson, Revolutionary War Veteran, b. c. 1760 St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co. He moved to TN about 1807. Had a pension, but no wife named and none found. His son, Austin, m. d/o Austin Corley, (see query above) also from Hanover, but living in Wilson Co., TN. (Austin Johnson was living in Sumner Co., TN). I can't connect my Richard Johnson to any family. He was not wealthy, nor dirt poor either, but the Johnsons that were memebers of hte est. church were very wealthy and intermarried with Merriweathers and others. The other Johnson lines were Quakers and I don't think my Richard was a Quaker since his birth was recorded in vestry and he fought in the Rev. War. Have copies of his pension. I have lots of info to share, including family letters and wills. Morgan Hetrick 2/2/97

I am looking for info on John and Elizabeth Blunt. John was born around 1802. Trying to find his parents' names. In 1850 census he was 48 and living in Henrico County, but some of his children were born in Hanover County ( Ex: Montgomery) Other children's names include: John W. , Thomas G., Hardina, and Lucy. Richard Blount 2/1/97

The Timberlakes are listed in the Hanover Co. Census from 1810 on. I am seeking information on Chapman Timberlake d:1853 m: Leticia Browning.
Mary Timberlake m: John P. Tyler
John Timberlake m: Mary E. Tyler
Henry Timberlake
Polly Chapman Timberlake m: Josiah Hazelgrove as his first wife
Nancy Austin Timberlake m: Josiah Hazelgrove as his second wife
Benjamin F. Timberlake
Ruben Timberlake m: Betsy Clark
Chapman Timberlake Jr. m: 1)Mary Tyler 2) Ziporrah Jones
Elizabeth Timberlake m. James N. Whitlock
Benjamin Arthur Timberlake m: Polly Clark Easter
Thanks for any info. you could help me with.
Floyd Sadler 1/30/97

I have recently discovered that we are descended from the Fox family of St. Paul's, Hanover Co., VA. I have the following transcribed information on this family. Can anyone supply more information on them. Thank-You. Judith Weeks Ancell, jancell@micron.net Unidentified source book.
"Samuel Fox, father of William, came to Kentucky, from Hanover Co., VA about 1790. He inherited a large body of land under the Virginia law of primogenture, and owned many slaves. He settled in Madison county, KY where Foxtown is now located. He m. Rhoda Pickering, daughter of Richard and Lucy Pickering. The ancestor of Samuel Fox came to Virginia from England with his kinsman, Sir John Ratcliffe. Fontain Talbot Fox, son of William FOX and Sophie (Irvine) Fox, m. Eliza Hunton of VA.. The Huntons were an English family of ancient lineage".
Samuel Fox's mother was also married to _____ Bridges. The following estate identifies other members of the Bridges family:
Madison County Estates
BRIDGES, GEORGE "Of Fayette Co.," To Nellie (?) Betsy Fox, dau.; to my half-bro., Samuel Fox, late immigrant from Hanover Co., (Va.); niece, Rebeccah Farthing, dau. To half-sister, Ann Farthing of James City Co., (Va.); niece Betsey Piggott, dau. To sister, Mary Piggot of Williamsburg; bro., Isham Bridges and he apptd. Extr. Written Sept. 7, 1790. Probated March 6, 1794." Judith Weeks Ancell 1/29/97

Judith Shackleford receive a Public Service Claim(s) for Hanover Co. VA. My wifes gggg gf Edmund Shackelford of Orange Co. (Capt in Rev.) married Judith Eastin, Jan 1779. Trying to determine if this is the same person or were there two Judith Shackelfords.
Henry BROOKS, assignee
Court Booklet I, p.3; III. p.7
2 Certificates
Lists: I, p. 18, 24
Commissioner's Book: III, p. 166, 199, 201
Appreciate any help. Ralph McConigly 1/29/97

Seeking info on Peter Field b. ca 1805 and wife Mary b. ca 1810. They are listed in 1850 Henrico Co. census and probably in 1840 Hanover Co. census. tim@connectup.net Tim Ramsey 1/24/97

Searching for family of Stephen Davis (wife, parents and siblings). He appears in St. Martin's Parish Hanover Co. in 1771 and died in Prince Edward County (his will probated there) in 1789. Wife Elizabeth, children William, Nicholas, Samuel Henry, and Sarah Gilcrist. Stephen Davis was deeded land in Charlotte Co. in 1779 by John Davis Sr. and Mary his wife of Hanover Co. Stephen is named as being of Prince Edward Co. in the deed. It is possible Stephen's wife or mother was a Crenshaw as two grandaughers were named Elizabeth Crenshaw Davis. patte@ccrma.stanford.edu Patte Wood 1/18/97

Hello---trying to find Mary (Polly) Hicks b. 20 Nov. 1751, a source has said probably Hanover County. She married Josiah Stovall of Granville, NC., moved to Georgia and eventually Alabama, then died in Hinds County, MS, on 12 Dec 1845 at the age of 94. She was living with her daughter Mrs Rebecca Tatum. She is my GGGrandmother and I would love to know about her parents and siblings..etc..any and all information would be appreciated..Thanks. email: okiegirl24@aol.com E. 1/16/97

The lineage information I have is as follows: John Roberts, born in England, came to America in 1635 and settled in Elizabeth City, Virginia; married Dorothie Davies in 1635. He was 46, she was 16. They had a son, John Davis Roberts, born 1636 in Virginia. He married Gainor Hugh and had a son, John J. Roberts in 1658. Mormon records show his place of birth as Sptslv, Virginia. I do not know his wife's name, but he had a son, John Roberts, Sr. between 1719 - 1725 in Virginia. This is where Hanover County, Virginia somes into the picture. I am looking for information and/or relatives of Drury (Drewry or Drewery) Roberts. He was born 1753-54 in Hanover County, Virginia, the son of John Roberts, Sr. and Elizabeth Walker. He married Rachel Douglas in 1778 in Laurens County, Virginia, and died in Jefferson County, Georgia in 1820. The only child I have any record of is William Mack Roberts, born in Burke County, Georgia. ANY information on this Roberts lineage would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Edna R. Reschke 1/16/97

I am seeking info on Bartholomew Durrett and his son William Durrett. I need wife's name of both Bartholomew and William Durrett. William was s/o Bartholomew b. 1742/45 in Caroline Co. and d. in Pittsylvania Co.,VA in 1792. Bartholomew d. 1760/62 in Caroline Co., VA. Pat Cummings 1/16/97

Am searching for info. on David Gentry, son of Samuel Gentry and Ann Allen (?). David was born in Hanover Co., Va. around 1718-20 and died abt 1764 in Va., possibly Hanover Co. He was married to Sarah Brooks, date and place unknown. She was the daughter of Richard Brooks Sr. and Ellizabeth, last name unknown. She was born about 1720 in Louisa Co, Va. She died after 1765, possibly in S.C. David and Sarah had one child Hezekiah Gentry. Any info. on any of these would be most appreciated. Katheryn Horner 1/15/97

Looking for information on the family of William Talley. He purchased land in Hanover and Louisa Counties in 1785. Sue Sullivan 1/10/97

Looking for information on John Henry and Samuel Houston Henry. John Henry was the son of Patrick Henry (1736-1799) and Sarah Shelton. Patrick Henry was governor of Virginia in late 1700s and was born/resided in Hanover Co. John Henry, we believe, married Susan Walker and had at least one child: Samuel Houston Henry. Thanks. B. Thomas 1/7/97

I need some information about the parents and siblings of THE Patrick Henry. We have a Patrick Henry in our tree born in 1736. I do not have a birthplace on him, but his mother was born and married in "Hanover, VA," according to the CD at the LDS Family History Center that I got this section of our family tree from. If you can provide this info. re THE Patrick Henry, I would be very grateful. Annie Utick 1/7/97

Henry Gambill b. ca 1700, married Mary Davenport Oct 1735 in Hanover County. Is he the son of Thomas and Ann Gambill who owned land in Spotsylvania Co. on the north side of the of the North Anna River. Land records indicate that they lived just about across the river from Martin Davenport's holdings in Hanover Co. Carol Kirk 1/7/97

Does anyone know of Ann Waller Reddy who was Historical and Genealogical Researcher in Richmond, VA 1949, who did considerable WALLER research? I am in possession of a copy of a letter from her regarding the (New Kent/King William/Hanover Co.) family of Col. John Waller who married Dorothy King, and in particular their two sons of their youngest son, Benjamin - John (married Judith Page) and Benjamin (married Catherine Page). Anyone knowing about these two families, or the research of Mrs. Reddy, please contact me. My Wallers came to GA ca 1786, probably from VA via Maryland. Also looking for the book, "The Chesapeakers: Waller descendants from the Chesapeake Bay, Old Somerset Co., Md 1654 - 1985," by Charles S. Waller, pub. Gateway Press, Lagrange, GA (now defunct). Ann Davis 1/3/97

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