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Garthright House Cemetery



Located to the right of the house on Cold Harbor Road
across from Cold Harbor National Cemetery

Condition & Description

The cemetery is enclosed by a brick wall with
an iron gate for the entrance. There are no
tombstones in this cemetery. The cemetery is
being maintained by the National Park Service.


The Garthright House was the home of Miles
Garthright and his wife Margaret E., who were
living here at the time of the Civil War. In the
settlement of Miles Garthright's estate, a 120
acres tract included the enclosed cemetery and
a "strip of 20-ft. on every side of the enclosure
is reserved as a family burying ground for all
parties to this deed and their families."



Unmarked Graves

More research is needed to
determine the number of graves


Old Homes of Hanover County Virginia

Information Provided By
Robert L. Wood, Jr.
Field Visit To Cemetery
September 19, 1999

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