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The cemetery web pages is a work in progress. It is not complete and will be updated as information becomes available. If you have information you would like to share, pertaining to a cemetery of Hanover County, please send your information to the Webmaster. I am looking for where they are located in the county, tombstone inscriptions, the cemetery history, family information and the name for the property owner. With your help we can build a better web site for Hanover County, Virginia Genealogy.
Abraham Cemetery
Airwell Cemetery
Aldingham Cemetery
Alexander Family Cemetery
Amos - Powers Family Cemetery
Anderson Family Cemetery
Aspen Grove Cemetery
Avondale Cemetery
Bandana Farm Cemetery
Baskett Cemetery
Bates Cemetery
Baughn Cemetery
Baughn Family Cemetery
Baughan Family Cemetery
Bazile Family Cemetery
Bear Island Cemetery
Beaver Dam Cemetery
Berea Baptist Church Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery
Beulah Cemetery
Bienvenue Cemetery
Bird Family Cemetery
Bird Farm Cemetery
Blenheim Cemetery
Bloomfield Cemetery
Bowles Family Cemetery
Brock Spring Cemetery
Brown Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Bruington Hills Cemetery
Buckeye Cemetery
Burnette Family Cemetery
Calvary Christian Church Cemetery
Carter Family Cemetery
Cedar Creek Road Cemetery
Cedar Hill Cemetery
Clarke Family Cemetery
Chantilly Cemetery
Chilton Cemetery
Cherrydale Cemetery
Cherry Hill Cemetery
Cherry Hill Cemetery
Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Church of Our Saviour Cemetery
Clopton Family Cemetery
Cold Harbor Cemetery
Cold Harbor National Cemetery
A - F
G - R
S - Z
Coleman Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Cool Springs Cemetery
Cool Well Cemetery
The Cottage Cemetery
Courtland Cemetery
Cresthaven Cemetery
Cross - Bazile Cemetery
Cypress Cemetery
Dabney Farm Cemetery
Dandridge Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Dandridge Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Davis Family Cemetery
Davis Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Day Family Cemetery
Dunham Cemetery
Dunham Cemetery
Dunns Chapel Church Cemetery
Eagle Point Farm Cemetery
Edgewood Cemetery
Edgewood Cemetery
Ellett - McMinn Cemetery
Enon Cemetery
Eureka Cemetery
Fairfield Cemetery
Fairfield Cemetery
Forest Lake Hills Cemetery
Fork Episcopal Church Cemetery
Foxanna Cemetery
Garthright House Cemetery
Gatewood Family Cemetery
Gaulding Family Cemetery
Gethsemane Church Of Christ Cemetery
Gold Mine Farm Cemetery
Gold Mine Farm Cemetery
Goodman Family Cemetery
Goodall's Tavern Cemetery
Greenlands Cemetery
Green Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Greenwood Church Cemetery
Griffin Family Cemetery
The Grove Cemetery
Hall - Harris Cemetery
Hall Family Cemetery
Hargrove Family Cemetery
Harris Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Harris Family Cemetery
Harris Family Cemetery
Hazelgrove Family Cemetery
Heath Family Cemetery
Hard Bargain Cemetery
Hickory Hill Cemetery
Hollering Creek Church Cemetery
Hopeful Baptist Church Cemetery
Horse Shoe Cemetery
Ingleside Cemetery
Iron Hill Cemetery
Ivy Banks Cemetery
Jencik Family Cemetery
Jenkins Family Cemetery
John Calvin Smith's Farm Cemetery
Johnson Family Cemetery
Jones Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Jones Family Cemetery
Kenwood United Methodist Church Cemetery
Kimbrough Family Cemetery
Kineff Cemetery
King Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Laurel Meadow Cemetery
Lebanon Church Cemetery
Lewiston Cemetery
Little Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Little Garden Cemetery
Linney's Corner Cemetery
(People of Color)
Lockwood Cemetery
Locust Hill Cemetery
Lombardy Cemetery
Long Row Cemetery
Lowry Family Cemetery
Lumpkin - Tyler Cemetery
Mantlo Family Cemetery
Marlbourne Cemetery
Marl Ridge Cemetery
Massie Family Cemetery
Maynard Family Cemetery
Meadowbridge Cemetery
Meadowbridge Road Cemetery
The Meadows Cemetery
Meredith Family Cemetery
Meredith Family Cemetery
Mill Creek Cemetery
Mills - Walton Cemetery
Montevideo Cemetery
Moody Family Cemetery
Moody - Nuckols Cemetery
Moreland Cemetery
Morris - Lewis Cemetery
Mosby Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Mountain View Cemetery
Mont Air Cemetery
Mount Brilliant Cemetery
Mount Hermon Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Nazarene Church Cemetery
New Bethesda Cemetery
New Chestnut Grove Church Cemetery
Newcastle Cemetery
Newfound River Cemetery
Newmarket Cemetery
Nuckols Family Cemetery
Nuckols Family Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Oak Hill Estates Cemetery
Oak Hill Estates Cemetery
Oak Level Cemetery
Old Church Tavern Cemetery
Plain Dealing Cemetery
Perrin Family Cemetery
Perrin Family Cemetery
Pine Slash & Prospect Hill Cemetery
Pleasant Level Cemetery
Powhite Cemetery
Providence Cemetery
Puller Place Cemetery
Pulliam Family Cemetery
Quarles Family Cemetery
Randolph Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Red Hills Cemetery
Retirement Cemetery
Retreat Farm Cemetery
Ridgemont Cemetery
Ring Farm Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery
Rock Castle Cemetery
Rock Hill Cemetery
Rocky Mills Cemetery
Rocky Mills Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery
Roselawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Rustin Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Rutland Cemetery
St. Judes Cemetery
St. Peter's Methodist Church Cemetery
St. Paul's Church Cemetery
Salem Church Cemetery
Scotchtown Cemetery
Second Union Cemetery
Shady Acre Farm Cemetery
Shady Grove Church Cemetery
Sharp Family Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery
Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery
Shrubbery Hill Cemetery
Signal Hill Cemetery
Slash Christian Church Cemetery
Smith Family Cemetery
Smith Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Snead Family Cemetery
Solitude Cemetery
South Wales Cemetery
Springfield Baptist Church Cemetery
Springfield Christian Church Cemetery
Spring Branch Cemetery
Spring Grove Cemetery
Spring Grove Farm Cemetery
Stanley Family Cemetery
Stanley Family Cemetery
Stanley - Priddy Cemetery
Still House Spring Cemetery
Stone Family Cemetery
Studley Cemetery
Summer Hill Cemetery
Tangle Oaks Cemetery
Tate Family Cemetery
Taylor Family Cemetery
Taylor Family Cemetery
Taylor Family Cemetery
(People of Color)
Teaman Cemetery
Terrell Family Cemetery
Terrell Family Cemetery
Terrell Family Cemetery
Thilman Family Cemetery
Thomas Family Cemetery
Thompson Family Cemetery
Thompson Farm Cemetery
Tignor Family Cemetery
Totomoi Cemetery
Trainum Cemetery
Trinity Episcopal Church Cemetery
Turner Family Cemetery
Underwood Place Cemetery
Valley Way Cemetery
Vontay Cemetery
Walnut Grove Cemetery
Walnut Hill Cemetery
Walnut Lane Cemetery
Walnut Well Cemetery
Walton's Tavern Cemetery
Warren Family Cemetery
Wash Family Cemetery
Watt House Cemetery
West Family Cemetery
Westerham Cemetery
White House Cemetery
Williamsville Cemetery
Wingfield Cemetery
Winns Cemetery
Wolf Swamp Cemetery
Wood Family Cemetery
Woodgrove Cemetery
Woodland Cemetery
Woodstock Farm Cemetery
Zion Cemetery

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