Presidents Message 2

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President's Message
by Joan C. Kanter


The Gloucester Genealogical Society

can be proud of its role in bringing

together those residents interested in


     The community is aware of our

 programs and the volunteer hours given

 to the county. 




  For example:


1.  Exhibit at county fair 1996-1998


2.  Exhibit at Guinea Heritage Jubilee 1997


3.  Docent program at Gloucester library


4.  Copying records for publication:


      Deaths In Gloucester 1865-1900


5.  Computer-user group meeting


6.  Publishing the “Family Tree Searcher”

Joan Kanter’s Traveling Show


It has been an exciting time to serve as


your president.  I pledge my continued


support to the Society and the new


board members.

           Joan C. Kanter


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