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Marriages of Gloucester County



The best records for Gloucester genealogists are the marriage records kept in the county clerk's office that covers the period from about 1853 until the present.  These records, when complete, give a researcher bridges to connect families and generations.  Often the groom's father and his mother with her maiden name is listed.  Also, the same is given for the bride.  While connecting two generations, it is possible to find a connection of four surnames.  However, it is a great disappointment when the mother's maiden name is not included.

Presently, there are five marriage books kept that are available to the public as listed below:

Book 1 1853 - 1895
Book 2 1895 - 1930
Book 3 1931 - 1972
Book 4 1973 - Aug.. 1994
Computer Records Sept. 1994 - Present




The publication of Book 1 in 1992 literally reproduced those records housed in the courthouse and placed them in the hands of each interested researcher.  This was accomplished by Mrs. Frances Haywood, and her book was entitled:  Marriages of Gloucester County, Virginia, Book 1: 1853-1895.  All Gloucester family historians appreciate her work on their behalf. 



Marriage Book Project

By 1998, Mrs. Haywood's book was out of print and could only be obtained by inheritance or by chance in "yard sale" marketing.  In 2001, the Gloucester Genealogical Society of Virginia published a new version also entitled: Marriages of Gloucester County, Virginia, Book 1: 1853-1895

Roane Hunt

The records were verified line-by-line and referenced by page and line numbers by Roane Hunt.  Additional information was given with respect to the minister that preformed the marriage ceremonies.  Also, some photographs of marriage couple included in the book were present, donated by Society members.

 This book, 184 full pages with perfect binding including index, is available in Gloucester at the Gloucester Museum and the local book stores.  Also, copies can be obtained by mail-order using our convenient form.  The Society is pleased to share these marriage records in digital form for the convenience of computer users. 

Blondell Whiting
Edwin Washington


Freedmen's Bureau Marriage Certificates

The Marriage Record Project described above was extended to include records of marriage certificates issued to local married slave during the Civil War period.  These records had been published on the internet, and society-member Blondell Whiting introduced the idea that these records were relevant to the marriage records of Book 1, and she suggested their inclusion as an appendix.  Life-member Edwin Washington volunteered to provide this appendix, and subsequently produced a thorough assessment of the record collection stored in the National Archives in Washington DC.

Mr. Washington was able to clarify some of the entries and discover a few additional entries.  As stated above, this contribution is included in the Society marriage record book, and the book is available through mail-order.  For the convenience of computer users, we present this work in two files: the first containing the description of the work and the second is the actual records.

Mr. Washington is also webmaster for the AAHGS.


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