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You can search the names already uploaded or upload your own

Rootsweb has recently offered free gedcom storage and access.  This is an incredibly painless way of sharing your information.  I will give detailed information on how to accomplish this so even newbies can do this easily.  This is a way for all of our members to post their information.  I would like to invite all members to partake of this offer. Full directions on how to do this follow.  Print this page and follow step by step.

To make and upload a GEDCOM:

First you must generate a gedcom.  I will discuss the way to do this with Family Tree Maker.  I am sure other programs are the same or similar.

1.  Creating a GEDCOM from your family file.
     Open your family file
     Go to file, copy/export Family File
     In the save in window click the down arrow and choose desktop
     In the save as type window at bottom expand and click GEDCOM (*.GED)
     Export window, just click Okay
     This will generate the ged and put it on the desktop.  It will have a tree icon.

2.  To open a free account at Rootsweb:
     Click and go to the link below. 
     Pick a user name and password you will remember. Write it down somewhere safe.
     Fill out next window and click setup
     Scroll down until you get to Location of GEDCOM
        Click browse
        Look in desktop.  If the tree icon is not seen, go to files of type and click all files.
        Find the tree icon and click once
        Click open.
     Make your own decision on living individuals. (I choose ignore but you may wish to omit them)
     Leave next three alone.
     Remove notes, choose NO
     Remove sources, choose NONE
     Leave the rest alone.  Click Upload/update.  This will take some time so go have a cup of coffee.
     NOTE: Recently, download times have increased greatly.
     You now can go back to desktop and drag that tree to the trash.  You are done with it.

3.  You are done.  Send me the URL, address, and a short note of what information and families will be found there and I will get it linked.

You have full control over your GEDCOM at RootsWeb. You can change or remove it completely at any time and RootsWeb will never burn it onto a CD-ROM or charge others to access it.

Submitter Decscendents of Surnames
L. Roane Hunt Alexander Roane Bowden, Anderson, Fary, Lively, White, Gray, Selden, Meredith, Sinclair
L. Roane Hunt Hammond Robins Thomas, Ashe, Nuttall, Hogg, Smith, Quillin, Rowe, Ransone, Figg, Collier
L. Roane Hunt Robert Roane Corr, Bland, Bowden, Fary
James M. Jones James Lee Kemp Kemp,  Leigh, Clarke, Wyatt, Drisgall, Hudgins,  Booker, Day, Dutton, Chapman, Ware,  Bland,  Davies,  Cary,  Lewis
James M. Jones Harriet Pauline Kemp
Cheryl G. Maxwell Alexander Roane Bowden, Anderson, Fary, Lively, White, Gray, Selden, Meredith, Sinclair
Cheryl G. Maxwell Thomas Corr Roane
L. Roane Hunt Richard B.K. Lawson Bland
L. Roane Hunt Allen & Eliz. Horsley Coats, Carlton, Walker, Rilee, Roane, Crump, Williamson
Mildred Y. Miller Anthony Smith, Sr. Smith, West, Belvin in Gloucester; Dew, Johnson in King Wm.; Carter, Thurston, Dixon, Bew in K&Q; Thurston in Middlesex
John F. Hartman Hartman Family Purcell, Stubbs
Joan Stubbs Stubbs
Panetier/Pankey, Moody, Stubbs, Allen, Owen, Cooper, Lankford, Kelshaw, Banks, Owen, Latane, Batchelder, Montague. Berkeley, Burwell, Fontaine, Lister, Ring, Kempe, Mann, Page, Nelson, Robinson, St Ledger, Wormeley, (German.)    Moltz, Herbert, Keller, Deutsch,Tausert.( British.)   Bousher, Tucker, Stangroome, Wilkes, Breckin, Hix
Robert W. Plummer Plummer Family Plummer, Sears, Lamberth, Wellborn, Clements, Casler
Hartley West William West West in Gloucester County, Grinnell, Hudgins, Jarvis, and
Tomlinson in Mathews County
Eve Savage Rev. William Byrd Lee Lee

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