Barbara Maxine Moore Stanley

30 Jan 1934 - 05 Oct 2006
Barbara Stanley, 72, of Roanoke, died Thursday, October 5, 2006. Arrangements by Oakey's North Chapel, 362-1237. Published in the Roanoke Times on 10/6/2006.

Barbara Maxine Stanley, 72, of Roanoke, went to be with the Lord and her devoted husband Bobby on October 5, 2006. She was a loving and caring daughter, mother, grandmother and foster mother. She touched many lives and was always a giving person to anyone in need. She enjoyed and was involved with many Genealogy groups. The daughter of Mildred and William H. Moore, she was preceded in death by her father, William Henry, loving husband, Bobby Woodrum and sister, Myrtle Anderson. She leaves to cherish her memories a brother, Billy H. Moore and his wife Bonnie; sons and daughters-in-law, Mark, Pam, Mike, Carol, Jeff, Sandy, Scott and Donna. She was deeply loved by her five special grandchildren, Kevin, Laura, Beth, Kay and Jason; a special nephew, Dan Lucas and many other adored nephews and nieces. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her. The family wishes to thank the medical staff of Roanoke Memorial Hospital and especially the nurses in VICU. The family will receive friends at Oakey's North Chapel from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. Sunday. Funeral services will be conducted at Oakey's North Chapel on Monday, October 9, 2006 at 12 noon with Pastor Stafford Frederick and Pastor Owen Stultz officiating. Interment will be in Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens. In memory of Barbara, the family requests donations be made to the Children's Home Society of Virginia, 1620 5th Street S.W. Roanoke, Va. 24016.

Published in the Roanoke Times from 10/6/2006 - 10/8/2006.

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I add this beautiful prayer from Chuck Reed, one of the list members from Floyd, Va.

Right Now,

We call upon you Lord to supply our needs at this time for understanding in your Word. May we gain the wisdom and truth of your Word. It is the time of times, your time Lord for our Sister Barbara and we ask that she be delivered from all sin and all suffering.

Lord...if you can see a clear path, we ask that you remove all her pain...all the suffering now endured by our Sister. We demand and take Authority over all her sickness, throwing out any and all disease and casting out the Devil. Take her Lord as we pray for your Will and your Way.

We ask Lord that you take this sickness and all this pain and disease and cast it out of her body. We ask for a full recovery. We ask that She rise up and walk in your light.

Now Lord, we take this time to pray for Barbara's Soul, that you will have direct communication and send the Holy Spirit to guide and protect Her. We Love Her Lord and need Her to act out your Truths in your Word.

The Voice of Truth Lord is upon all of us praying here today.

We take the time today to announce and pronounce our acknowledgement of the Holy Spirit, and as your servants and children, we seek you Father to supply all our needs as we act in your Word and seek to put into plain view the actions of Jesus.

This we now pray in Jesus precious Name...

And all God's Children here today agree.


To Bill and Bonnie and all of Barb's family.

Barbara was one of the sweetest ladies I have ever known.....she was honest, generous, meek, and frank.

I remember how she had to calm us down on the list when we got into some "shenanigians"

I will say like I did when Ole Clyde left us, that it will be hard to remove her name from my address book, but I believe her name is in another BOOK now....

It is called The Lamb's Book of Life....

We will miss her as we finish out our lives on this earth, but let us all remember this:

The ones we love dont pass away

They walk beside us every day

Ole Paul

I remember quite a few years ago when I got my first WebTv and joined the Franklin and Floyd lists. I was so lost as to even how to begin searching for my husband's family lines of Walter and Guilliams and all the names that go with them. After posting the info came in first from Barbara and come to find out my husband and she were cousins somewhere down the line. I could always write and ask her anything or for an obit I needed and she would always respond. She made my searching fun. I will remember her warmth and her love for helping. It certainly came through in all that she did as list mom and in every post or response she made. Barbara will be very missed.

Rhonda Guilliams

Barbara will be sorely missed. She was of great help to me in searching for my ancestors in Franklin and Patrick Counties. Our lost here on earth is heaven's gain. She has joined all her ancestors and all her searches are complete.

May God be with all those she has left behind!

Bev Thomas

Our love and prayers go out to the children of Barbara. She was my neighbor and I will miss her greatly. She was there for me during some serious medical problems, and helped me through some bad time. See below a poem:



God took the fragrance of a flower.......

The majesty of a tree.......

The gentleness of the morning dew.....

The calm of he quiet sea.....

The beauty of the twilight hour......

The soul of a starry night......

The laughter of the rippling brook.....

The grace of a bird in flight.........

The tender care of an angel......

The faith of the mustard seed......

The patience of eternity......

The depth of a family's need.......

Then God fashioned from these things.......

A creation like no other.......

And when His masterpiece was through.......

He called it simply----MOTHER......

(Becky Graham)

I am sure I am like many people who never meet Barbara yet she was a huge effect on my hobby, genealogy. She was always willing to share her knowledge and help people not even remotely related. Her family must know the joy she brought to other families by helping them discover their roots. Occasionally there would be a squabble on a message board, she always stepped in at the right time at used humor to put both sides in their places without hurting feeling.

I will miss her.

George Young

Gig Harbor, WA

Barbara Stanley....What can you say about a woman who gave so much to so many? She was always there, ever watchful for those questions that she could answer, diligent in her pursuit of connecting a family for someone. Her contributions and kind nature will be sorely missed by us all but the legacy that she left is that we will all carry on her practice of "This will just take a minute" person helped is another family connected. Bless you Barbara for God took another angel home to rest....

Tami Ramsey

Dublin, VA

I was in the room with Barbara, her boys and her mother and daughter in law when Barbara passed. It was so peaceful and you could almost feel her spirit slipping away to join her husband and family and all her friends in heaven. I will forever and ever hold a special place in my heart for this lady. She was never a sister in law, only a sister. I will miss her greatly; her smile, her way of making me feel better and her love for all of my kids. The way she hugged her brother every time she saw him. There was no finer lady than this one. May God forever hold him in his arms as she runs around heaven asking questions to all the ancestors she felt like she already knew. I will miss you Maxine and I love you. Sincerely and with a sad heart, Bonnie

Barbara Stanley was a person that I had always dreamed about. When I started trying to find my "ROOTS', she seemed to know ALL the right words, and knew how to find everything; I was wanting to find just in a few minutes. [after I had searched for days, not asking the right person] She was a person I looked up to because she was SO sweet, kind, considerate, ALWAYS ever so willing to help someone, [no matters how silly the questions seem] she always had a way of giving the right answers.

To me Barbara Stanley, was a gifted person in the world of genealogy, she had so much stored inside, and she was willing to share it with ANY one that asked..

I'm PROUD to say "I'm a member of the Floyd List, and I will miss "OUR LIST MOM".


Mary Weddle---Floyd, Va

Our hearts are heavy with grief, over the loss of our dear Barb, we all loved her so much, but we have a new "MOMĒ that will try to take over our LIST, to try to control ole Paul and Chuck, when they get out of hand. Rena is a world of genealogy, also, just waiting to SHARE with us all. I know we will be took care of in our silly, wild or just plain genealogy questions. Rena will be here for us.

THANKS Rena, for stepping in.


"JUST MEmaw"

I never met Barb S. as I knew her on the list, but when I heard of her passing a deep sinking feeling came to me. She was always there to help even if it wasn't connected to Floyd County or Virginia. She was always willing to look up a census record for me that I could not find on Heritage Quest. And her emails to the list "change the subject line" when some would forget to change it when sending a message to the list. I felt like I had lost another family member when you said she had passed away. Her name and the VAFLOYD list will always be synonymous with me for she was VAFLOYD LIST. She will be forever missed by all who she has touched.

John in Lawrence, KS

researching Sowers, John, Miller, Booth. Eller, Sargent and other related families.

My thanks to Barbara for the help she gave me with Whenever We Wander. I received a copy July 2006. I did not release she was ill. Iím so sorry of your loss.


Throughout our lives, we are fortunate to meet many different individuals of the female persuasion: some are girls, some are gals, some are ladies and some are...not. Only once in a rare while, however, are we blessed to meet a truly GREAT woman! Barbara Stanley was one of those.

The very definition of everything that most of us would like to become, she had dignity, intelligence, grace, wisdom, kindness, strength, and patience, especially with all her list "children" who sometimes, no doubt, gave her quite a headache with their silliness, squabbles, and endless questions. She never tired, however, of her pursuit of the past and helped to bring so many ancestors back to life thanks to her brilliant work. Barb set many of us rookie genealogists on our feet and helped us in our own search for family.

Our family's fondest memory of Barb will be at the Floyd picnic a few years ago, on a gorgeous sunny day, under the trees, hugged up between two of her favorite "fellas," Ole Paul and Ole Clyde. (A rose between two thorns?) It was a beautiful day, the music was blue grass, the food was pure country, and the Floyd family was a home--all due to Barb's wonderful ability to organize and provide. We ate our fill of chicken, cole slaw, pie, cake, beans and corn bread and thanked Barb for giving us all the opportunity to come together in that beautiful place on that magical day.

One day, sooner or later, the family will all gather together again, over Yonder, in another beautiful place, where the music will be even lovelier and the corn bread never ending. We will all set together on the porch of our mansion there, in our rocking chairs, chatting with the ancestors we sought in this life. No doubt, Barb will be at the head of the pack, keeping us all in line and making sure, as always, that everyone is having an awesome time for eternity.

We miss you here, Barb, but envy the place you are now. Put in a good word for us until we join you there. Our loss is Heaven's gain--the addition of a GREAT lady.

God bless and keep us all,


I was privileged to get to meet Barbara, a distant cousin, several times over the past few years. She was a very special person and I will miss her so much. My sympathy to her family.

Mary Williams

Barbara was a wonderful lady and dedicated genealogist, always willing to help someone on the list. After being on the Floyd Mailing List for a couple years, we finally met her for the first time at the picnic in 2003, and again in 2004 and 2005. She will always be a part of our memories. Thank you Barbara, for all you did here on earth to help us in researching our family history, and may you rest in peace in God's great Family History Center in heaven.

Ken & Margo Brown

Sandy Ridge, NC

Barb's passing is a great loss to the genealogical community. I first "met" her online several years ago. If I recall correctly, she was helping Bonnie Moore with her Peters line and Bonnie and I found out we share the same Peters ancestors. Barb was extremely helpful and would go out of her way to lend a hand.

Here is a poem that someone sent me when my Mother died:

Do not stand at my grave and weep

I am not there

I do not sleep

I am a thousand winds that blow

I am the diamond glints on snow

I am the sunlight on ripened grain

I am the gentle autumn's rain

I am the mist on the meadow on a fall morning

The purple blossoms of an African violet on a sunny windowsill

Butterflies fluttering in a gentle breeze

Cloud formations in a bright blue sky

And fireflies that sparkle on a summer night

When you awaken in the morning's hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

of birds in circling flight

I am the soft star that shines at night

Do not stand at my grave and cry

I am not there

I did not die

- Anonymous -

Paula Kelley Ward

It's a known fact that St. Peter checks all your Family Group Sheets for accuracy before you are allowed to enter the Pearly Gates. - Bill Dollarhide, Rootsweb Review, 24 May 2006