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Source: Henry Co. Va. Will Abstracts, Vol.1-2

P.9 DB 1-ps 59/60 - Inventory and apprisal of Andrew Kelly. 20 Apr 1782, recorded 23 May 1782 - By Shadrach Woodson, Stephen Lee, Joseph Showers Price...T:51.6.0

Editor's note..it now appears correct that Andrew Kelly in this record is the father of (Joshua M. Kelly , .....from other records we know Joshua M. Kelly m/ Mary Lee the or a dau. of Rev. John Lee b 1769) the son of John Lee Sr. b abt 1749... Andrew Kelly in this record is the father-in-law of Rev. John Lee dau. Mary Lee......also made from close ties and observations it appears Stephen Lee in this record is Stephen Lee b Dec 3 1731 son of John Lee I and Lucy of Goochland... Shadrach Woodson shown here is the father of Sarah J. Woodson who m/ Randolph Hall who helped start Charity Bapt. Church...

SOURCE : Land record pg 306

 Woodson, Shadrack. grantee.
DATE  22 June 1780.
NOTE  Location: Henry County.
NOTE  Description: 79 acres adjoining Stephen Lee's land on the waters of Blackwater River.
NOTE  Source: Land Office Patents B, 1779-1780, p. 349 (Reel 43).
NOTE  Part of the index to the recorded copies of grants issued by the Virginia Land Office. The collection is housed in the Archives at the Library of Virginia.

OTHER FORMAT  Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Grants A-Z, 1-124, reels 42-190; Virginia State Land Office. Grants 125- , reels 369-.

please note: Blackwater River including Story Creek-Pigg-River -Smith River and Nicholas Creek and Daniels run in relation to most all in the records provided with-in

1780 Apr 25 - Henry Co.,Va. - William Stanley is a witness along with Luke Standefer, Joseph Jones and Stephen Lee on a deed, II:34-35, from Thomas Jones to William Standefer on land on Nicholas Creek. 11

 Provided  list of the Fuson/Fewston/Fewson and Lees on the Henry County tax list as follows:
1779 Personal property tax
Name              District                        Amt. Tax
Lee, Stephen    Rentfro & Hill            15.14 0
Lee, Joshua      Waller & McCraw         2.5. 0
Lee, Zadock        "                               3.6. 8
Lee, John            "                               1.10. 8
Fewston, John   Rentfro & Hill              4.10. 8

1780 Tax to raise money for the service of the United States
Name               District                        Amount
Fuson, John      Rentfro/Hill                 3. 0. 0
Lee, John          Waller/McCraw          3.0. 0
Lee, Zadock         "                            3.0. 0
Lee, Joshua       Rentfro/Hill                3.0. 0
Lee, Stephen        "                           27.0. 0

1784 Tax Henry Co. - Ryan's List
Name                  Tithes/white/black/horses/cattle
Fewson                  1/1/0/1/4

1785 - Henderson's List
Fewson, William       1/1/0/1/3
Fewson, John           1/1/0/4/7
Lee, John                 1/1/0/1/7

1785 - Ryan's list amount of tax
Fuson, John      44.1.3

1785 - List of tithes and tax for that part of Franklin CO. taken from Henry County.
Fuson, John   1 tithable  tax 1.1.9

Petition filed Nov, 23, 1782 for forming Franklin Co. from part of Henry Co.
#692324 (Archives Richmond)
Fuson, John
Fhuson, William
Lee, Stephen



Date of Deed            Grantor                   Grantee                  Record   Vol     Page     Acres   Watercourse

 April   1795   Lee, John Sr.  (1)      Lee, John , Jr.   (I I )            Deed      1        280        Joint Crack Creek

 April   1795   Lee, John Sr.  (1)      Brammer, Edmund              Deed      1        283        100   Joint Crack Creek

 April  1797    Ward, Thomas Sr.    Lee, John  ( I I )                   Gift         1        464                  Property

 April  1797    Ward, Thomas Sr.    Lee, John  ( I I )                   Deed       1        465       147    Mill Creek

 Aug 1797      Lee, John  ( 11)        Stovall, Brett                       Deed       1        480       147    Mill Creek

 Aug 1797      Lee, John   (11)        Ward, Thomas                    Deed   Release  543                  see DB 1, p. 464

 April  1798    Lee, John    (1)        Brammer, Edmund             Deed       1         681       250   Joint Crack Creek

 Mar  1801     Edens, John             Lee, John  (11)                    Deed       2          16         30    Jack's Creek

 Aug  1804     Kenley, John            Lee, John  (11)                    Deed       2         447        78     Joint Crack Creek

 May 1805     Lee, John ( I I ) and       Conner, John                      Deed       2         489       150    Jack's Creek
                      Benjamin Hubbard

 Jun 1805      Lee, John ( I I )              Dehart, Elijah                     Deed        2        550        166    Jack's Creek

 Nov 1805      Lee, john Sr. ( I  )          Lee, Abel                          Deed        2        547          78    Joint Crack Creek

 Nov 1809      Lee, Sarah                 Hubbard, Stephen              Deed        3        295         100   on both sides of
                      ( w/o John I )                                                                                                      Joint Crack Creek

 Other provided Fuson Land and tax records for those who may have interest..RELE



These records commence in Virginia in the year 1779. In year 1782 we find the following individuals of the surname Fuson listed as adult white male residents of Henry County:
John Fuson, Sr.
John Fuson Junior
William Fuson son of John Fuson, Sr.

In this year (1782) John Fuson is also taxed on 235 acres of land. These three are still listed as tithable in the year 1785. In the year 1787 we have only William Fewson and John Fewson which is the last year that John (Senior or Junior appears. William Fuson continues to appear (alone) thru the year 1790-1791 when his section was cut-off into Patrick county.

John Fuson Senior was evidently living in that portion of Henry County which was formed into Franklin County in 1786 as we find him listed as a resident of that county from 1786 (each year) thru 1792 when he also disappears. (Records searched from 1793 thru 1800.) John Fuson Junior does not appear on either Henry or Franklin County lists after the year 1785.

Henry County Deed book 3 (1784-1789) page 244
24 August 1786 - John Fuson, of Henry County, sells to Sam-
uel Durst, of the same county, for $100 - 220 acres of land in said county, on both sides of Story Creek, etc. Witnesses: Thomas Prunty - John Fuson Junior - Rachael Hale - John
Cox - Henry Sumpter - Alex Hunter - Tunstall Cox - John Turner. Proved and recorded 28 Sept. 1786.

 Land Grant Book "B" (1779-1780) page II  10 November 1779 of land in Pittsylvania County is granted to John Fuson. . . . on Story Creek, etc.

 Land Grant Book "E" 1775-1776. 1780-1781 page 902-1 February 1781 - A patent for 235 acres of land in Henry County is granted to John Fuson, (By survey dated 4 May 1779) on the north fork of Story Creek, etc., adjoining his own line, etc., land of James Smith, etc.

NOTE BY CHH: I believe this next record is of John Fuson Junior.

Land Grant Book 33 (1795-1776) page 220-
18 August 1795 - A patent for 275 acres of land in Montgomery County, Virginia is granted to John Fuston (sic) [By virtue of part of a Land Office Treasuary Warrant # 12074 dated 24 June 1782 and by Survey dated 18 March 1789] on the waters of Big Reed Island, a branch of New River, on the Clearing Spring Branch, etc.

Henry County Marriage Bonds, by Dodd (1778-1849) page  97

November 20, 178(4 if 21 yrs. old) - John Feuson (sic) and Hannah Brunk. Rev. Michael Dillingham, Minister.
COMMENT:     I believe that this must be John Fuson Junior and that he was very probably a brother of your William Fuson, or of some other very close degree of relationship.

Henry County, Va., Deed Book 3 (1784-1787 page 353-27
27 July 1787 - Elizabeth Fuson, wife of John Fuson, relinquishes her right of dower. in 220 acres of land sold by her husband to Samuel Durst, etc. . . .Recorded 16 September 1787.


Deed Book I (1786-1789) page 1- 22 June 1785 - John Fuson, of Franklin County, sells to Phillip Sheridan, of same county, for L5 - 14 acres of land in Henry
County, on Story Creek, etc.

Ibid, page 2 -
6 February 1786 - John Fuson, of Franklin County, sells to
Richard MacAlary, of same county, for L30 - 100 acres of
land in Henry County on the branches of Story Creek, etc.

Ibid, page 3 -
22 May 1785 - John Fuson, of Franklin County, sells to Tho-
mas Slone, of same county, for L 25 - 217 acres of land in
Henry County, on the branches of Story Creek, etc. Acknowledged and recorded 6 Feb. 1786, as were perhaps the other two.

Ibid, page 68 - .
4 September 1786 - Thomas Prunty, of Franklin County,
sells to John Fuson, of the same county, for L 10 - 50 acres of land in said county, on the south side of Pig River, being the place where the said Fuson now lives, etc. Acknowledged and recorded 4 Sept. 1786.

Deed Book 2 (1789-1793) page 100- 20 March 1790 - John Fuson, of Franklin County, sells to John Bramer, of same county, for L20 - 50 acres of land in said county, on the south side of Pigg River, adjoining land of Thomas Jones, etc. Acknowledged and recorded 5 April 1790.
Order Book (1789-1793) page 20- :::;; 3 August 1789 - John Fuson qualified as "Constable" and took the Oath to support the Constitution of the United States

Ibid, page 122
*March Court 1791 - John Fuson and Hannah Fuson ordered
by the Court to be paid as witnesses, etc.

Ibid, page 241 -
March Court 1793 - John Fuson listed as one of a twelve man

      Patrick County was formed as a new county in the year 1791. In this year 'William Fewson' (sic) reports himself as tiltable and with 109 acres of land taxable which the clerk has noted was acquired from Joseph Handcock. He is the only adult of his surname reporting (each year) thru the year 1800. In the year 1798 he is listed by the clerk as (constable). In the year 1800 he is taxed on a new tract of land, containing 41 acres, in addition to his 109 acre tract. He never reports any slaves as taxable and usually from one to four horses. His name is variously spelled by the old clerk as "Fewson - Fuson - and Fuston".
      In 1801 and 1802 William Fuson reports himself and two other white male tithes who are very probably two sons between the ages of 16 to 21.
      In the year 1809 William Fuson (still the only one on the lists of his surname) is taxed on five tracts of land (i.e., 109 plus 109 plus 41 plus 30 plus 290 acres). (Total 579 acres). In 1815 the clerk notes that one tract of 109 acres is located 15 miles north of the Courthouse, on Smith's River. The other four tracts are 16 miles northwest of the Courthouse, on the Waters of Smith's River.
      In the year 1810 Edward "Fuston" appears for the first and last time on the tax lists and in 1812 a James Fuson appears as an adult resident. His last appearance is in 1814.
      It may be that Edward and James left the county or else went back to work for their father as in 1816 William Fuson reports himself and two other white males (3 tithes) no slaves; 7 horses and five tracts of land (total 579 acres). He has left the county after the year 1816 (searched thru 1820) altho his 579 acres of land are in his name in 1817. In the year 1818 the 579 acres "in five tracts" are reported in the name of Thomas R. Hall by the Clerk who states "From William Fuson" It will be proven later that Thomas R. Hall married Sally Fuson in 1808.
      I have found no further mention of Edward Fuson, in this county, or by client, but believe he must have been a son.

      Deed Book I (1791-1801) page 372-
      8 June 1795 - Abner Eckhols (Echols) of the State of Georgia, and county of Franklin, gives a Power of Attorney to "my trusty friend, William Fuson" of the State of Virginia, County of Patrick, to sell his land in Stokes County, North Carolina which he bought of Joseph Goin (Goan) on Peter's Creek, etc. Recorded 31 March 1796.

      Land Grant Book 37 (1796-1798) page 396 -
      6 September 1797 - A patent for 41 acres of land in Patrick County is granted to William Fuson, (by virtue of a Land Office Treasury Warrant #21354, dated 13 December 1783 and by survey dated 13th February 1794) on the South Waters of Smith River, etc.....

      Deed Book 2 (1801-1806) page 554 -
      23 April 1806 - Jesse Hubbard, of Patrick County, Va., sells to William Fuson, of the same county, for $20.00, a tract of land in said county containing 30 acres, on the south side of Smith's River, etc. Recorded April Court 1806.

      Deed Book 3 (1807-1813) page 47 -
      19 January 1807-Humphrey Smith, of Montgomery County, Va., sells to William Fuson, of Patrick County, for $30.00 -- 109 acres of land in Patrick County, on the Waters of Smith River, being part of a grant to Bartlett Foley, adjoining said Fuson's own land, etc...Witnesses: Ben Hancock - Lewis Foster - James Young... Recorded July Court 1807.

      Ibid, page 554-
      3 March 1812 - George Pigg, of Patrick County, sells to William Fuson, "IN TRUST" (i.e., mortgages) 120 acres of land to secure William Sneed, etc. Witnesses: Thomas Bartlett - James Fuson - John Massey, Proved and recorded August Court 1812.

      Deed Book 4 (1813-1817) page 384 -
      28 November 1816 - William Fuson, of Patrick County, sells to Thomas R. Hall, of the same county, for $500.00 - a total of 579 acres of land in said county, on the south side of Smith's River, adjoining lands of Thorp - Calloway - Robertson, etc. Witnesses: William Sneed - James Snead - Daniel R. Pedigo. Proved by witnesses April Court 1817.
      Of Interest is a deed of sale of 209 acres of land in Patrick County by Joseph and Salley Reynolds to James Fuson, on the head waters of Wigeon Creek, adjoining land of Callaway - William Lee - which James Fuson sold 1 November 1814 to William Rickman for a $100.00 loss. (DB 3 p 615 and DB 4 p 163).

      HENRY COUNTY, VA., DEED BOOK 4 (1789-1792) PAGE 187 -
      (.....) 1791 - Joseph Hancock, of Henry County, Va., sells to William Fewson, of Henry County, Va., for L50 - a tract of land in Henry County containing 109 acres, on the Waters of Smith River, etc. Witnesses: Nathan Hall - Joel Hubbard = Charles Foster. (No date of recordation).

  provided copy of Marriage Record for Rev. John Lee b 1769 son of John Lee Sr of Pat. Co., and Frances Ward with William Fuson Sr. Rev. War Soldier and her father Thomas Ward

      Know all Men by these present, that we John Lee and William Fuson are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Henry Lee Esquire, Governor or Chief Magistrate of this Commonwealth, in the just and full Sum of Fifty Pounds, to which Payment well and truly to be made to the said Governor and his Successors for the use of the said Commonwealth, we bind ourselves, and each of us, our, and each of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our Seals and dated this Twenty eighth Day of December 1791.

      The Condition of the above Obligation is such, that whereas there is a Marriage shortly intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound John Lee, William Fuson and Thomas Ward of Patrick County. If therefore there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said Marriage, then this Obligation to be Void, else to remain in full force and Virtue.
      Sealed and delivered in
      the presence of

      Sam Staples John Lee
      Wm Sharp X Mark
      X Mark signed by William Fuson

      IN TESTIMONY, that the foregoing is a true copy taken from the records of said Court, I David G. Banks, Clerk thereof set my hand and official Seal of said Court.
      This the 28th day of Feb., 1972 Mary M. Arringtis Clerk
      Circuit Court, County of Patrick, VA.

Editor and submitters note:

( William Fuson Sr.  in these records was a Pvt.  under Capt -  Col....Waller and fought in the battles of Camden and at Yorktown) his War records are in my file... Wm Fuson Sr. moves to Smith River from Bedford Co. to later Henry and Patrick Co., Va....his Father John Fuson w/  Records show Franklin Co., on the north side of Smith River to Franklin to old Bedford on Story Creek & Pigg river.....Wm Fuson Sr RWS also signed the marriage document with John Lee Sr w/ and  for Rev. John Lee b 1769 and Frances Ward daut. of Thomas Ward......an original copy of this marriage doc. is in my possesion

 ... Right or Wrong ??  hope w/ this little map and records .......all help somewhat with why I feel Stephen Lee b Dec. 3 1731 of Goochand !! is the father of John Lee, Sr of Pat. Co., Va.

As the puzzles continue,
w/ thanks to all for the help  !!

Warm Regards,