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From: Franklin County Death Records, 1853-1896

From Tim Kreh Cemetery Inscriptions

From Dorothy Pioneer Families of Franklin County, by Marshall Wingfield

From Tim Kreh Sigmons of Virginia, by Juanita Sigmon Halstead, 1986. Also contains many families in the area such as: Adams, Atkins, Bower, Brogan, Brumley, Burdette, Dowdy, Ferguson, Foster, Griffith, Hale, Jones, Montgomery, Moore, Peters, Shively, Sledd, Walker, Willis.

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I am the author of a new book about the ROSS family.  One member of this family, Daniel Ross (1740-1822), came to then Henry County in 1777, and resided on Smith River at the Franklin and Patrick County line.

The book is described at the following website:

Details about the book, and its Index of Persons and Index of Places is posted at the website.

Ross Chappell
Kennesaw, GA


some descendants  are wanting me to update my last Underwood book, THOMAS UNDERWOOD, 1650 IMMIGRANT(his descendants & their royal lines), but in order to do that the printer insist I have a minimum of
35 orders.

If you want this last Underwood book ,  please send a $20.deposit to me now.  If by chance, I do not get 35 orders, which seems unlikely, I shall refund your deposit.  The book will be $40.00 plus $2.00 postage.  As you can see I pay part of the postage. I am not making a profit but trying to get my publishing costs covered.

The book is  81/2 X 11, dark blue with gold title on front and spine, documented at end of each chapter, indexed, includes photos, wills, deeds, and marriage records when found .  Each allied family ( family of an Underwood grandmother by marriage)  has a chapter devoted to it as does each Underwood ancestor.  Written with interesting material, such as info on some of the Underwood accomplishments > >the frigate USS Underwood, Aunt Jemima ad, Underwood meatspread; it is not a book with just names and dates. This  book will be the last edition made even though I have said that before.  I am 81 years old and have other families that I want to continue  researching.

Billie Lewis
Contact me at

Gayle Fisher

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   Book list:

ProductID:   20031301653
Title:   The Siegfried Burial Plot, Bath, Northampton County, Pa. 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   15
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 15 pages which include color photos of the cemetery and tombstones. Surnames included: Barber, Bartholomew, Getter, Hermann, Hirst, Kromer, Lerch, Palmer, Rhoad, Schmick, Schoneberger, Siegfried, Yoder Shipping-$5.50
Price:   9.95


ProductID:   20031301655
Title:   The Joseph E. Francis Cemetery, Edgemont Road, Montgomery County, VA. 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   13
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 13 pages which include color photos of the cemetery and tombstones. Some Kabrich genealogical information is included. Surnames in cemetery: Francis, Haun, Murphy Shipping-$5.50
Price:   9.95


ProductID:   20031301657
Title:   The Edgemont Christian Church Cemetery, Edgemont Road, Christiansburg, Va. 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   14
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 14 pages which include color photos of the cemetery and tombstones. Surnames included: Bridges, Bridgess, Conelly, Helms, Hughes, Kanode, Likens, Mills, Ratliff, Thompson, Via, Woolwine Shipping-$5.50
Price:   9.95


ProductID:   2003130173
Title:   The Big Oak Cemetery, Route #221, Floyd, Va. 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   61
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 61 pages which include genealogical information and color photos of the cemetery and tombstones. These are primarily African American burials. Surnames included: Akers, Beatty, Beaver, Bever, Blagman, Brown, Campbell, Cannaday, Claytor, Conner, DeHart, Dortch, Edwards, Finney, Hayden, Helm, Hill, Ingram, Lemons, Levisy, McKenzie, Morris, Murphy, Napper, Penn, Ridle, Potter, Scales, Spencer, Sweeney, Sloan, Taylor, Thompson, Tice, Turner, Vanghan, Vaughan, Vaughn Shipping-$5.50
Price:   19.95


ProductID:   2003130174
Title:   Akers/Fisher Cemetery, Callaway, Franklin County, Va. 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   50
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 50 pages which include genealogical information and color photos of the cemetery and tombstones. Surnames included: Akers, Dalton, Fisher, Foster, Jamison, Prillaman Shipping-$5.50
Price:   19.95


ProductID:   2003130178
Title:   Pictorial Views of Three Montague Ancestral Churches 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   42
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 42 pages of information and full color photos of the Burnham Parish Church, Boveney, Bucks, England, the Christ Church, Lancaster County, Va. including burials of John Carter and family, the grave of the immigrant, Peter Montague, Lancaster County, Va., and the Christ Church and cemetery, Middlesex County, Va. which includes graves with surnames Dame, Evans, McCandlish, Montague, Moore, Puller, Smith, Wellford, Wormeley Shipping-$5.50
Price:   24.95


ProductID:   20031301710
Title:   Pictorial Views of Two Boone Ancestral Churches 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   24
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 24 pages which include information and full color photos of St. Disen's Church, Bradninch, Devonshire, England, the Exeter Friends Meeting House, Exeter Township, Berks County, Pa., and the George Boone homestead site, Oley Township, Berks County, Pa.. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   19.95


ProductID:   20031301711
Title:   Smith Cemetery, Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   13
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 6 pages which include color photos of the cemetery and tombstones. Surnames included: Dickson, McCleland, McPherson, Parlet, Shade Shipping-$5.50
Price:   9.95


ProductID:   20031311530
Title:   David Painter Heckman, His Homestead, Mill and Cemetery, Franklin County, Va. 2003
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   67
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 67 pages which include genealogical information and full color photos of the homestead, mill and cemetery. Also included are photos of David Painter Heckman, his wife Caroline Virginia Cannaday Heckman and their unidentified child. Surnames in the cemetery include: Blount, Heckman, Hoggard, Moseley, Murray, Sencindiver Shipping-$5.50
Price:   19.95


ProductID:   2003231116
Title:   The William Joseph Heckman, Jr. Homestead and Ancestral Farm Cemetery 2003
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   29
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and includes 29 pages of genealogical information along with full color photos of the homestead and cemetery located near Boones Mill in Franklin County, Virginia. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   14.95


ProductID:   2003242216
Title:   The Miles Francis Cemetery Near Christiansburg At Viewland and Mud Pike Road, Montgomery County, Virginia 2003
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   23
Description:   This is a Book CD-Rom and has 23 pages which include genealogical information and full color photos of graves and cemetery. Surnames include: Cannaday, Francis, Gallian, Morehead, Shelor
Price:   14.95


ProductID:   20035162025
Title:   Spangler Mill And Cemetery, Spangler's Mill Road, Floyd County, Virginia 2003
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   50
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM which has 50 pages and includes color photos of Spangler Mill and graves at Spangler Cemetery. Surnames include Boon, Dugan, Hendricks, Spangler, Whitlock, Young Shipping-$5.50
Price:   19.95


ProductID:   20035182152
Title:   Old Cannaday Homestead And Jones Cemetery, Franklin County, Virginia 2003
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   35
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 35 pages of color photos of the James N. Cannaday Homestead and graves in the Jones Cemetery on the old Cannaday property. Surnames include Cannaday, Jones, Martin, Myers, Simms, Snead, Sneed. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   16.95


ProductID:   20035311356
Title:   The Boon-Hardy Graveyard, Boones Mill, Franklin County, Virginia 2003
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   17
Description:   This is a CD-ROM Book which has 17 pages including color photos of the area of Jacob Boon's Mill, an old Boon homestead, the road area leading up to the graveyard, photos of the graveyard itself as well as the graves of Jacob Boon who was the founder of Boones Mill, Isaac Boon, Orin Boon, and two illegible graves. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   9.95


ProductID:   20035311437
Title:   The Watterson Family of Montgomery County, Virginia 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   50
Description:   This is a CD-ROM Book which includes 50 pages of Watterson genealogy information, full color photos of ancestors and family members, and the Watterson Cemetery near Ironto, Montgomery County, Va.. Surnames in the cemetery include Murray and Watterson. Several legible stones and some fieldstones are present. Other gravestone photos included for family members located in other cemeteries. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   21.95


ProductID:   20036151915 
Title:   Saint John's Church Cemetery, Endicott, Franklin County, Virginia 2003
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   32
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM which has 32 pages including color photos of the cemetery and each individual gravestone. Surnames included: Bowling, Cannaday, Nolen, Prillaman, Scott, Wagoner, Whitlock, Wood. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   14.95


ProductID:   200301290914
Title:   Dryland Lutheran & Reformed Church Cemetery, Hecktown, Lower Nazareth, Northampton County, Pennsylvania 2002
Author:   Gayle Fisher
# of Pages:   23
Description:   This is a book CD-ROM and has 23 pages which include full color photos of the cemetery grounds, the chuch, the veterans stone and nameboards of those buried there. The original tombstones are no longer standing. Burials with dates are listed on the nameboards. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   14.95


ProductID:   2003221359
Title:   The Akers Family of Franklin County, Virginia. Combined with the Boone-Cannaday-Hickman and Pridgen Families. 1952 CD-Rom-2003
Author:   Alonzo Edwin Akers
# of Pages:   175
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM which has 175 pages of genealogical information about Akers, Boone, Cannaday, Hickman and Pridgen lineage. It includes 3 family photos and an every name index. These are scanned color images of the actual pages done with the permission of the A. E. Akers family. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   29.95


ProductID:   200323118
Title:   The Johann Peter Heckman Family of Virginia 2002
Author:   M. Elaine McKillip
# of Pages:   707
Description:   This is a Book CD-ROM and has 707 pages which include 501 pages of genealogical information and 126 full color photo pages of descendants, homesteads and cemeteries. An every name index is included. Shipping-$5.50
Price:   59.95

Gayle Fisher

For instructions on how to purchase one of the  books above please go to the above web site


"Descendants of Daniel and Mary Spangler, Franklin County, Virginia 1773"
by Jack Spangler <>

I have several copies of my book "Descendants of Daniel and Mary Spangler Franklin County, Virginia 1773" for sale.  It is in two volumes.  Volume 1 is 211 pages and is hardbound and was printed in 1997.  Volume 2 is an Addendum which updates Volume 1.  Volume 2 is spiral bound and is frequently updated as new information becomes available.  Over 900 surnames and thousands of given names are mentioned.
The price of the two volumes is $38.00.

M. J. Spangler
4033 Crescent Road
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Jack Spangler <>

By Mary Frances Conner Williams, June 2000
P. O. Box 1367, Pulaski, VA  24301-1367

JOHANN DIEL BOHNE (pronounced Boone) emigrated from the Palatinate region of Germany in 1741 and settled in Frizellburg, now Carroll County, Maryland.  Two of his sons, John and Jacob moved to Franklin County, VA.  John's son, Jacob Boon married Rachel Kessler.  Their 10th and last child, Andrew William Boone, married (1) Lucy Ann Crook/Fralin and had six children.  After Lucy's death at age 40, Andrew then moved to Floyd County and married Margaret Clementine Mason from Roanoke, VA and had eight children.
This book contains informationJohann's nine children for three generations, then concentrates on John's descendants.
 This section of the book has 546 pages with the more numerous names being: Akers, Boone, Bowman, Brubaker, Hall, Hoss (Haas?), Jamison, King, Lawrence, Miller, Sisson, Sullivan, Weddle and Whitenack.
The next 128 pages cover some of the family of Margaret Clementine Mason, whose mother Lydia Garst married (1) Samuel Coon and married (2) Samuel Mason.
The more numerous names in this section are:  Boone, Lucas, Poff and Sisson.

This book is spiral bound with a soft cover.
The price is $50.00 (shipping included)

Mail Check or Money Order to:
Mary Frances Conner Williams
P. O. Box 1367
Pulaski, VA 24301-1367
Any questions can be addressed to:

Sylvia G. Albert, 4383 Deerfield Road, Troutville, VA  24175, (540) 992-3344

"Holt Family of Floyd and Franklin Counties, Virginia" -  $25.00 plus $3.00 postage, 108 pages, spiral bound

"Jacob Mark Wimmer Family" -  $25.00 plus $3.00 S/H

Rebecca Boone, 2035 Franklin St., Rocky Mount, VA 24151, (540) 489-2006

"Descendents of Benjamin and Irene Angle, 1973" -  $10.00 plus $2.00 postage

"Descendents of Joshua and Lucy Ann (Meador) Booth, 1822" -  $20.00 plus $2.00 postage

"Descendents of Abraham and Hester (Landis) Miller, 1823" -  $20.00 plus $2.00 postage

"Joel and Nannie (Sink) Booth, Pictorial Book, 1882-1994" -  $20.00 plus $2.00 postage

"Henry and Alice (Brubaker) Boone, Pictorial Book, 1880-1994" -  $20.00 plus $2.00 postage

"Jacob Michael Peters, 1800-1900" -  $20.00 plus $2.00 postage

"Ancestors and Descendants of John Tyree Sink-1852" -  $20.00 plus $2.00 postage

Boyd Publishing Company, Inc., P.O. Box 367, Milledgeville, GA 31061

"1850 Census, Franklin Co., VA", $39.50

"Franklin Co., VA, Death Records  1853-96", Neil Hailey, 296 pages, $25.00

Postage & Handling: $3.00 for 1st Book; $1.75 each additional; GA Residents add 7% tax

Check out their site at email <>

Info (after 6 p.m. EST): (912) 452-4020; Orders (800) 452-4035

Clearfield Company, Inc., 200 E. Eager Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, (410) 625-9004

"Pioneer Families of Franklin Co, VA", by Marshall Wingfield, reprinted 1992 -  $31.50

"An Old Virginia Court: Being a Transcript of the Records of the First Court of Franklin County, Virginia, 1786-1789, with Biographies of the Justices and Stories of Famous Cases, Annotated",  by Marshall Wingfield, 1948, rpt 1996 -  $24.00, postpaid

Add $3.50 shipping first book, $1.00 each additional; MD residents add 5% tax, MI residents add 4% tax

The Franklin County Bicentennial History, Elaine Chitwood, Treasurer, Franklin Co, 100 S. Main Street, Rocky Mount, VA 24152.

"Franklin County, Virginia, 1786-1986: A Bicentennial History; Rocky Mount, Va.,  Franklin County Board of Supervisors, 1993" , by John S. and Emily J. Salmon -  $35.00 (including shipping and handling)

Franklin County Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 905, Rocky Mount, VA 24151

"1850 & 1860 Census for Franklin County, VA" – just $25 plus $5 s/h. Compiled by Karen Robuck, hardback full-size book originally offered 1990 for $40. First census listing everyone in the household plus details such as schooling, occupation, “idiot” status, etc.

          Send appropriate amount to Franklin County Historical Society, PO Box 905, Rocky Mount, VA 24151.

"Virginia Housekeepers' Guide" - by Miss Josephine Tate Menefee. Reprinted
from original 1935 edition. 232 pages plus index - three sections: 'Tested
Virginia Recipes,' 'Garden Flower Culture,' 'Practical Home Suggestions.'
Not necessarily for cooks altho' the "tested" recipes really are good. Notes
on Miss Menefee (1876-1970). Well-written. Delightful tips for homemaking,
behaving and cooking. $25 plus $3.50 s/h

"Franklin County Killin' Vol. 1" - The story of the 1892 murder of Jeremiah
Barbour and attemps by his young killer to avoid the gallows. Case went to
the Supreme Court of Appeals. Includes photo fo murder weapon, copy of
killer's last letter to his mother from the jailhouse, photo of the borrowed
rope used in the hanging. Court documents, records. 85 pages. $28 plus $3


"Franklin County Post Offices Over the Years" - Post offices of long ago,
locations using original applications to US Postal Service, postmarks,
postcards, postal documents, lists of postmasters, more. 150 pages plus
full-name, location index. $25 plus $3.50 s/h


"The Holland Name" - Vol. 1 through 5. Information compiled from collection
by Claude Holland. Many allied families included. Vol 1 - 135 pgs. $30; Vol.
2 - 55 pgs - $12; Vol. 3 - 140 pgs - $18; Vol. 4 - 5 pgs Part I and 18 pgs
Part 2 - $15; Vol. 5 - 77 pgs Part 1 and 66 pgs Part 2 - $18. Index for each
volume - $5 for the set. Indexes are a history in themselves as each name
listed also lists connection such as: "Holland, Amanday - dau. of Harrison
Ramsey Holland." Add $2.50 s/h for single volumes. Multiple volume order,
call for s/h.


"Franklin County, Virginia Heritage 2000" - Limited number available. $100
plus $5 s/h. Hardback, goldleaf design on cover, 9x12, sewn and bound.
Thousands of surnames, full-name indexed. County history section plus
stories and photographs submitted by individuals with a connection to
Franklin County. Many families are represented. County "family tree" plus
blank maternal and paternal family trees in the back.


"Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Franklin County, Virginia" - by Linda
Nezbeth - fundraiser for Jubal A. Early Chapter UDC. $10 plus $2 s/h.


"Company A 37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry CSA" - full-size reprint of 1910
book by R.H. Fishburne, a member of this company from Franklin County. A
history of the organization and service of Co. A 1861-65. First person
account, list of company members, facts of battles, more. $15 plus $2 s/h.


Index to "Cemetery Records of Franklin County, Va." - $10 plus $2 s/h.
Full-name index to the 582-pg book published by Historical Society in 1980s.
Original book indexed by last name only. Also available: cemetery name and
location index for "Cemetery Records" book - $8 plus $2 s/h. Research tools
for anyone with Franklin County ancestors.


"Clements & Witcher Feud" - by A.D. Ramsey. Story of an 1860 feud that
involved a woman, an exchange of words, knives, pistols, canes and fists --
leaving three sons dead. $8 plus $2 s/h.


Index to Marvin Raney Collection - collection of family history available on
microfilm at Franklin County Public Library. This paper copy index $2 plus
$1 s/h.


"A History of Rocky Mount"
as recalled by Natalie West, a niece of N.P. Angle
who at one time had a hand in about every business in Rocky Mount,
$10 plus $3 shipping;
"History of the Dunkard Church,"
$12 plus $3 s/h;


"The Snow Creek & Pigg River Church Record"
1823 - 1886, listing white members plus black male and female member names
and owners where applicable, $6 plus $3 s/h;


"Memoris of Armistead Fuller Ramsey 1856-1937"
reprint of 1949 publication, slick paper, paperback size,
$12 plus $3 shipping.


"Nannie Pegee vs John Hook, One Woman's Suit for Freedom,"
$10 plus $3 shipping. Compiled
by FCoHS volunteer Martha Young with research assistance from Claude Holland.
Paperback size, stapled. Photos, historical information.

"Elizabeth Lankford's Scrapbook of Rocky Mount, Va." -- $15. Clippingsgathered by Miss Lankford, now age 72, during the 1940s forward. Newspaperarticles of "important" people and events, obituaries, etc.


"Index to the Mann Collection in Franklin Co. Public Library" - $10. Sprialbound, listing information collected by the late Gertrude Mann, a founder ofFranklin Co. Historical Society. Hundreds of family names.


"The Rebellion Holland Letters 1861-1865" -- $10. Letters signed by membersof the Holland family during the War Between the States. Insight to the times.


"Fiftieth Anniversary 1912-1962 The Farmers & Merchants Bank of Boones Mill, Va."  $5. Includes bank robbery in which people were shot, founders,officials, etc.


"Franklin County, Va. Cemeteries,"
by Franklin County Historical Society.
$35 plus $4 shipping. Indexed by full name.


"Settlement Map of Franklin County, VA."
Giving the names and locations of many early settlers and their home places from 1786 to 1886. Black and white, about
31 inches by 25 inches.  Cost $8.50, plus $2.50 postage and handling.


"Rocky Mount, Virginia -- Railroadin' since 1880"
This book has been nominated for a Virginia State Library Award in the non fiction category.  $12 each, add $3 for shipping.  Includes maps/drawings/photographs/history of Rocky Mount's four known railroad stations: two owned by Franklin-Pittsylvania RR and two owned by N&W. Includes a lovers' triangle among prominent Rocky Mount citizens and a shoot-out at the N&W station that ended in murder; the "Tin Lizzie" that ran the rails; train wrecks on both lines; more.


Phone books: 1924 and 1916-18. These are especially helpful since they list the type of business or place for each number ie: Stanley, Linda  dairy; Stanley, L.N. drug store; Stanley, Somebody  blacksmith. I have found a number of businesses we did not know existed and have also been able to find people and place them in the correct areas for their relatives. These phone book copies are spiral bound -- $6 each plus $3 postage.

"Abstracts of the 18th Century Deed Books, Franklin County, Virginia" -- Vol. 1 (Deed Book I covers 1786-1789); Vol. 2 (Deed Book II covers 1789-1793). $25 per volume (add $2.50 per book shipping). Loose leaf in heavy "school type" three-ring notebook for researchers' convenience. Reprinted by permission. County's first land deeds and other court documents recorded in the 1700s. Summaries of the record books are indexed by surnames as well as land forms, bonds, slave transactions, slaves, whites involved in slave transactions, mills, occupations mentioned in deeds, paths, roads, water features, fords, etc. Faithfully reproduced from originals including an old Franklin County seal discovered on original 18th century deeds in the county clerk's office. Researchers believe this seal was bought by the county court in December 1787. Franklin Co. was legally formed by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1786, however, the first deed recorded is dated June 22, 1785. An explanation of how this likely occurred is in Vol. I.


"U.S. Post Office Department Virginia Mail Routes advertised Sept. 15, 1900" -- Spiral bound. Lists all Post Offices in Virginia, including Franklin County, in 1900. Names of long-gone post offices reflecting community names, distances between them, traveling time, etc. "Interesting rules" by the federal government including one that prohibited a married woman from bidding on a postal contract. Helpful to researchers and others seeking location of old communities. $15 plus $2.50 shipping.


"Physician's Record of Births attended by Dr. George O. Giles" -- Pictures of Dr. Giles and his wife Chappie Stone, index of more than 500 babies and their parents with occupations, place of residence, more. Spiral bound. $36 plus $5 postage


"Folksongs, Ballads, Dances, Franklin County" -- Spiral bound, 2 inches thick,
compiled by Raymond Sloan in July 1976. $30 plus $5 shipping
"Voter Registration Records, Town of Rocky Mount 1904-1962" -- lists name, age, birthdate, occupation, years in precinct. Provided to Historical Society by Willard Finney for reproduction as a fundraiser. Spiral bound.$12 plus $2.50 shipping


"Voter Registration Records, Rocky Mount Precinct Prior to January 1, 1904" -- Listing residents in and out of the corporate limits, separated by "white" voters and "colored" voters. Important research tool with birthdates, occupations, etc. Provided by Willard Finney for reproduction as a fundraiser. Spiral bound. $15 plus $2.50 shipping


"Gills Creek School District Census 1885-1890".
Spiral bound. Historical information. Full name index
by Emogene Hess. $20 plus $5 shipping.


"Miscellaneous Information on the Holland Family" -- collected by Claude Holland. Spiral bound. $10 plus $2.50 shipping


"Folk Music of Franklin County" -- by Raymond Sloan. Spiral bound. $5 plus $2 shipping


"Twigs of the Tree" -- Information collected by Maxie Perdue on the family known variously as Pardo, Pardoe, Pardieu, Pardue, Perdue. Provided to Historical Society for sale as a fundraiser. Spiral bound booklet. $10 plus $2.50 shipping


"The John M. Holland Plantation" -- Holland homeplace near the mouth of Poplar Camp Creek. Spiral bound. $6 plus $2.50 shipping


"The Quinn Clan" -- history of the Quinn family in Franklin County. Includes drawings of a typical liquor still, details about the "industry" plus family information and lore. Hardcover. $35 plus $5 shipping


"Lest We Forget" -- a loose leaf, three-ring binder with records of Franklin Countians who served in various branches of military service in wars from 1861 through 1990s. Photos, full-name indexed. $25 plus $2.50 shipping


"World War II Veterans" -- reprint of a mid-1940s book with names, service record, photos of Franklin County residents in the war. Loose leaf, three-ring binder. $15 plus $2.50 shipping. Purchase this book with "Lest We Forget" above and pay $30 total, $5 shipping


"Stephen E. Crook Community Records" -- hundreds of records indexed by full name. Births, deaths, events. Spiral bound with Crook's photo. $6 plus $2 shipping


We have various family histories for sale.
Contact us to see if we have yours.

Visit our research library and history museum at
95 Floyd Ave.,
Rocky Mount, VA.
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Closed Wednesday & Sunday.

Mailing address:
Franklin County Historical Society, Inc.,
P.O. Box 905,
Rocky Mount, VA 24151

Electronic address:


To order any of these books, send appropriate amount to
P.O. Box 905,
Rocky Mount, Va. 24151

Genealogical Publishing Co, 1001 North Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202-3897

"The History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia", by Maud C. Clement. (1929), reprinted 1987, $21.50

(includes material on the parent counties of Lunenburg and Halifax, and the contiguous counties of Henry, Patrick, Franklin, Bedford, and Campbell)

"Over the Mountain Men, Their Early Court Records in Southwest Virginia",  by Anne Lowry Worrell, (1934), reprinted 1991, $6.00

(The marriage records derive from the counties of Bedford, Franklin, Grayson, Pulaski, and Roanoke)

Postage is $3.50 for the first book and $1.25 for each additional book. Maryland residents add 5% tax, and Michigan residents add 4%

Visit their site at

Edward Greer, 2600-202 Calliope Way, Raleigh, NC 27616

"The Children Of The Misty Mountain", by Greer and Churchwell, 1997, $60.00 postpaid, 380 pages, Hardback, over 500 photos.

(Records the original Caucasian families that once resided in the Grassey Hill area of Franklin County. Ferguson, Hall, Hodges, Greer, Arrington, Barbour, Smithers and allied families.)

Nel Hatcher, POB 444, Hill City, SD 57745

"Descendants of Edward Hatcher, 1637-1711, Son of William the Immigrant: A Researcher's Guide" -  Compiled and edited by M. Nel Hatcher, 1999; $49.00 plus $6 shipping; 434 pages plus a 40 page index; 3-ring Vu-binder


"Descendants of Benjamin Hatcher, 1644-1728, Son of William the Immigrant: A Researcher's Guide" Compiled and edited by M. Nel Hatcher, 1999;  $44.00 plus $6 shipping; 391 pages plus a 29 page index; 3-ring Vu-binder

"The Hatcher Families: A Compilation of American Records & Documentation, 1600s - 1900s"
Compiled and edited by M Nel Hatcher
This CD contains over 19,000 Hatcher records including the following:
Bibles - 14 Hatcher families
Biographies - 64 families covering 17 states
Birth records - covers 9 states
Cemetery records - found in 35 states
Census records - many counties within 43 states
Deeds - found in 9 states
Land Grants - found in 24 states
Marriages - many counties within 31 states Military records - Revolutionary,
War of 1812, Civil War, WWI
Obituaries - found in 25 states
Pensions - from 7 states
Quaker records - 3 states and 12 Meeting Houses
Tax Lists - found in 5 states
Wills - found in 12 states
Miscellaneous records from a variety of sources
Over 2,000 non-Hatcher surnames
Fully indexed utilizing two search methods.

View a sampling of the CD.
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Heritage Books, Inc., 1540 E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie, Maryland 20716

"Wright Family Birth Records (1853-1896) And Marriage Records
(1786-1915), Franklin County, Virginia" by Robert N. Grant
Description from Heritage Books
Arranged in chronological order, these records are rich in
genealogical information. The useful "Identification" column gives insight as to
relationships and kinships which would otherwise be very difficult to ascertain.
Information in the "Births" section includes: status (slave or white), sex,
owner's/father's name and occupation, residence, mother's name, informant,
and informant's relationship to the child. The "Marriages" section is arranged
by date of marriage and gives names of the bride and groom, parents' names,
surety, witnesses and in later records additional information such as age,
color, previous marital status, places of birth and residence, occupation and
name of minister. The sources for the records listed in this work are the
Franklin County, Virginia, Birth and Marriage Records available from the Clerk
of the Circuit Court, and from microfilms from the Genealogical Society of the
Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and other published works.
2001, 8.5x11, 126 pp., full name index, paper
$20.50 + $5.00 Shipping

"Wright Family Personal Property Tax Records (1786-1850), Franklin County, Virginia."
by Robert N. Grant
Description from Heritage Books
Wright Family Personal Property Tax Records, Franklin County, Virginia, 1786-1850 – Robert N. Grant. The author has amassed a bounty of information about Wrights in southern Virginia. This material has been separated into sections by county and by type, making it an efficient and organized resource for Wright family researchers. The Franklin County, Virginia, Personal Property Tax Lists were the source of information for this volume. This collection of personal property records is arranged chronologically, 1786-1850. We can gain fascinating insight into how the early Wrights lived, based on the types of property which appear in these tax lists. This easy-to-read format may include white and black tithables, whites over 21, blacks over 16, blacks under 16, total blacks, horses, cattle, carriages, ordinary licenses, billiard tables, ice houses, watches, clocks, furniture, pianos, and income from working physicians, surgeons and dentists, printing presses and bridge and ferry rents for any given entry. All names are indexed. A most helpful feature for each entry is the “identification” column, in which the author identifies the specific family and Wright ancestors from whom the named Wright descends. 2001, 423 pp., 8.5x11, fullname index, paper, $48.50 #G1965

There are similar books by Robert N. Grant, for Bedford County which include records for Franklin County Wright families as well.

Visit Heritage Books website to confirm availablity & Catalog Number for ordering

Hearthstone Bookshop; 5735A Telegraph Road; Alexandria, VA 22303

"1850 Franklin County, Va. Census", by Marvin U. Neighbors; $39.50; 320 pp., ind., 1975. Paper.

"An Old Virginia Court -- Being a Transcript of the Records of ...", by Marshall Wingfield; $24.00; 258 pp., ind., glossary, 1996 (1948). Paper.

"Franklin Co., Va. - A History", by Marshall Wingfield; $28.50; 309 pp., ind., 1996 (1964). Paper.

"Franklin Co., Va. Death Records, 1853-1896", by Nell Hailey; $25.00; 277 pp., ind., 1997. Paper.

"Marriage Bonds Of Franklin Co., Va.", 1786-1858, by Marshall Wingfield; $27.50; 299 pp., ind., rep. 1997 (1939). Paper.

"The Virginia Genealogist", by John Frederick Dorman

Vol. 10, 1966, includes: A Guide to the Counties of VA: Fayette, Fincastle, Floyd, Fluvanna, Franklin, and Frederick

Counties; $23.00

Vol 24, 1980, includes Petitions of Residents of Bedford and Henry Counties, VA, in Favor of and Opposed to a New County

(Franklin); $30.50

Vols 1-20 are available on CD-ROM for $145.00)

"Franklin County, Virginia, Records: Franklin County, Virginia, Death Records, 1853-1896", by Nell Hailey, 1997, $25.00.

Order Desk 1-888-960-3300 (10 am - 5 pm EST, Monday - Saturday) Other Calls 1-703-960-0086

FAX: 1-703-960-0087; E-MAIL:

Visit their website http://www.hearthstonebooks.comto confirm availablity & Catalog Number for ordering

Marion C. Johnson, 616 East Spruce St., Canton, IL 61520 (309) 647-2455

"The Johnston/Johnson Deed's of Franklin County, Virginia 1786-1831", $12.00 postpaid, 42 pages, stapled and tapebound

Janie G. Jordan, c/o Wanda G. Morris,  1398 Dickerson Mill Road, Bedford, VA 24523.

E-Mail -

"The Descendants of Joseph Wilkerson (12 May 1729-15 March 1829) and Allied Families of Bedford County, Virginia", by

Janie Moseley Garraghty Jordan. c. 1995. 226 pages plus 15 page index, numerous photographs, acid-free paper,

hardcover, smyth-sewn - $40.00 plus shipping/handling $5.00. VA residents should add $2.03 (4 1/2 % sales tax.

(Pioneer families include Wilkerson, Owen, Musgrove, Markham, and Watson. Allied families include Coleman, Johnson, and Toms.)

Mountain Press, P.O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-0400

"1787 Census", $5.00

"1850 Franklin Co, VA Census", $39.50

Postage is $3.50 for the first volume, and $1.00 for each additional volume


  "Franklin County Birth Records, 1860-1879"
 This is a transcription of the microfilmed journal. It does give child, date, parents in most cases but does not indicate the race.
This book has 157 pages of information with another 95 pages of every name index.
$35 plus $4 s/h
Beverly Merritt
P.O. Box 316
Ferrum, VA 24088


"1924 Franklin County Telephone Book"  - $10.00

"1910 Pollard's Directory and Commercial Guide for Franklin County, Virginia"
 (lists those people living in the county in 1910, along with address, etc.) - $15.00

"Franklin County Court Records, As Found in the Rocky Mount, Virginia, Courthouse, Court Clerk's Minute Books, 04-03-1836 - 05-04-1840"
(This book lists the name of the person in the record; Reason to be in court; Date of the
listing; Page in the Minute Book; and short Notes on the entry.
Useful for identifying court records of interest for further research.) - $20.00

"Gills Creek School Census, 1885 & 1890, Franklin County, Virginia "
(This book is indexed and lists the
family and ages of all children 21 and under, along with head of household
and his/her occupation.) - $25.00
"Selected Information From Franklin County, Virginia United Daughters Of The Confederacy Applications
And The Southern Cross Of Honor Applications"  - $20.00
"Marriage Bonds Of Franklin County, Virginia 1786-1853
as recorded in the Franklin County Courthouse Rocky Mount, Virginia"
Gives name of bride and groon, bond date and marriage date.  $30.00
"Marriage Records Of Franklin County, Virginia 1853-1875
as recorded in the Franklin County Courthouse Rocky Mount, Virginia"
Gives name of bride and groom, their parents, their birthdate, place of birth, and the date of marriage. $30.00
"Marriage Records Of Franklin County, Virginia, 1876 thru 1898
as recorded in the Franklin County Courthouse Rocky Mount, Virginia"
Gives name of bride and groom, their parents, their birthdate, place of birth, and the date of marriage.  $35.00
"Town Of Rocky Mount, Virginia And Franklin County, VirginiaVoter's Registration
Records from January 1, 1904 to June, 1962"
 (This gives full names and birthdates, names are listed in alphabetical order.)
"1924 Spring Telephone Book for Franklin County"  - $10.00
Postage and Handling $3.00
"1870 Franklin County, Virginia Census"
by Henry Hopkins and Beverly Merritt
Spiral-bound, Laminated Covers, 540 pages including a 53 page name index.
$45.00 plus $4.00 first-class postage and handling.
1st time offered for sale!
"1880 Franklin County, Va. Census"
Henry Hopkins and Beverly Merritt
Spiral Bound Book, Laminated Covers, over 500 pages, name index.
$45.00 plus $4.00 1st Class Postage

The next two books are birth records of Franklin County.
The original records were copied to a journal.
Then the journal was copied to microfilm.
These following two books are entirely from the microfilm.
The years overlap but this is how the microfilm reads and this is how the journal that was copied for the microfilm was made.

  "Birth Records of Franklin County, Va., 1853-1870"
by Beverly Merritt
A new book, the transcription of the microfilm of birth records for Franklin
County is now available.  This book is 178 pages with an
every-name index of about 100 more pages.  It is spiral bound with laminated
cover.  This information shows the child, date, parents, person reporting the
information and relationship to the child.  Please note, not all entries have
complete information.  This book covers 1853-1870, 1853 being the first years
such records were kept for Franklin County. The births were reported to the
Commissioner of the Revenue and from him to the Clerk of the Court.  This
appears to be the journal copied into the records of the Clerk of Court, each
year is certified.
The book is $45.00, for Franklin County Genealogy Society members
(Former- Hills of Home, Franklin County Genealogy Newsletter) and libraries,
$60.00 for non-members, plus $3.00 s/h and orders will be taken until
September 15.  ONLY those books ordered by that date will be printed.  If you would like a
copy please send your check to Beverly Merritt
  "Franklin County Birth Records, 1860-1879"
 This is a transcription of the microfilmed journal.  It does give child, date, parents in most cases but does not indicate the race.
This book has 157 pages of information with another 95 pages of every name index.
$35 plus $4 s/h

Mail Check or Money Order To:
Beverly Merritt
P.O. Box 316
Ferrum, VA 24088
Any questions can be addressed to

Karen M. Robuck, Rte. 2, Box 198, Franklin, VA 23851

"Franklin Co. VA 1850 & 1860 Censuses" -  $42.50

John Schunk; S-K Publications; PO Box 8173; Wichita KS 67208-0173

VIRGINIA CENSUS BOOKS AND CDs (click on link to view selections)

"1850 Census Book", 564 pages, actual photocopies of the handwritten records,  soft-cover, spiral-bound, indexed -$40

Email to: 

Telephone orders (316) 685-3201 Or fax (316) 685-6650

or order online at

The Descendants of Hezekiah Sumner of Montgomery and Floyd Counties, Virginia

     A new book entitled: "The Descendants of Hezekiah Sumner of Montgomery and Floyd Counties, Virginia"
by Peggy (Burton) Rich, Irene S. Underwood, and Betty Sumner Barrett.
(Also includes some Franklin County descendants)

     Irene Underwood and Betty Sumner Barrett have just completed Peggy Rich's book on The Descendants of Hezekiah
     Sumner of Montgomery and Floyd Counties, Virginia.  It is 434 pages, indexed, documented, current to March 2001 (if
     current information was made available) with 74 photographs, maps, wills, and articles about Floyd County, hardbound navy blue, with gold lettering stamped on the cover and spine.  Over 5,400 people, including births, deaths and marriages.
     A pre-publication price of $41.00, which includes shipping and handling, is being offered only until April 30, 2001.  After April 30, 2001, the price of the book will be $47.00, plus shipping and handling.  Expected shipping date is between the middle of July to the middle of August 2001.

     For more info, or to purchase, contact:
Irene S. Underwood
1624 Tradd Court
Chesterfield, MO 63017
E-Mail -

by Darlene Swain


THE COST IS $35.00 + $4.00 POSTAGE.


PHONE-WORK (540) 483-5772 OR
HOME- (540) 483-8254


T.L.C. Genealogy,  P.O. Box 403369, Miami Beach, FL 33140-1369

"Franklin County, Virginia Wills, 1786-1812", 1991, $18.00

(800) 858-8558

website at

FL residents add 6.5% tax

Jeannie Watts, visit for ordering information

"The Descendants of James Bailey and Lucy Simms", by Jeannie C. Watts

Two editions will be available, the Deluxe Edition is available now for $40.00, postage included

Visit an online index of the names included in the book

If you still have questions, send email to:

Please visit the website before sending email

Willow Bend Books &Family Line Publications, 65 E. Main Street, Westminster, MD 21157-5036

"1787 Franklin County Tax List", $4.50

"Franklin County, Virginia: A History", $28.50; 319 pp

"Pioneer Families of Franklin County, Virginia", $31.50; 373 pp.

"An Old Virginia Court. "Being a Transcript of the Records of the First Court of Franklin County, Virginia. 1786-1789", $24.00, 258 pp

"Marriage Bonds of Franklin County, Virginia, 1786-1858", $27.50; 299 pp

"The Washington Iron Works of Franklin County, Virginia, 1773-1850", $17.50; 97 pp., cloth

"Franklin County, Virginia, Death Records, 1853-1896", $25.00; 8 ½ x 11'', 296 pp.

Phone or fax: (410) 876-6101 or 1-800-876-6013

Shipping US Mail $3.00 for first item, plus $0.50 each additional item

Shipping UPS (except AK & HI) $5.00 first item, plus $0.50 each additional item

MD residents add 5% sales tax

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