Library of Virginia Bible Images for
Nathaniel Peter Angle (1828) and Buford Charles Wills (1806)

November 23, 2005
Richmond, VA

Friends and Cousins,

My wife Gail's 3rd great grandfather is Buford Charles Wills (b.1806).
Nathaniel Peter Angle (b.1828) is her 2nd great grandfather on the Angle
side.  From her great uncle Dr. Frank B. Hurt, she inherited her 2nd great
grand-aunt's Family Bible.  The great aunt was a very small lady (dwarf or
midget is unclear) whose name was Emeline James Wills (1841-1916), but whom
everyone called "Aunt Stumpy."  She was a school teacher for many years in
the Glade Hill--Rocky Mount area of Franklin County.  The Bible was
published after the Civil War and is one of these massive family Bibles
engraved with the name Emeline James Wills on the front cover.  I cannot
imagine how this little lady carried it to the Methodist church!

I submitted copies of the genealogical pages of this Bible to the Library of
Virginia here in Richmond and they have finally gotten them up.  You can see
the actual digitized images of the pages.  On the Library of Virginia site
go to collections, then search the catalogue under "Angle Family Bible
Record" Franklin County or "Wills Family Bible Record" Franklin County and
you will get a link that will send you to the images. For ease,  I am
copying the exact link to the images here below:

I also have photographs of both Nathaniel Peter Angle's grave on the Old
Ferrum Road and Buford Charles Wills monument at High Street Cemetery in
Rocky Mount if these would be helpful to anyone.

I hope this might be helpfu to you in your work and search.

Happy Thanksgiving,