John Bishop Family of Floyd County, Virginia

(aka Hans Johannes Bischoff)

My line of descent by Carol Rader Sutherland



My great, great, great, great grandfather, John Bishop, was born April 1, 1731 in Oberhausen, Germany, the son of Hans Jakob Bischoff and Anna Catharina Rauch/Rouch.  After the death of Hans Jakob Bischoff in 1739, Anna Catharina Rauch/Rouch Bischoff and sons immigrated to America as thousands of Germans were doing at this time for a better way of life.


Traveling down the Rhine River, they eventually arrived in Rotterdam, which is in South Holland, The Netherlands, where they boarded the ship “Two Brothers” sailing to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and arriving in Pennsylvania October of 1747.


Note 1:                Their sailing from Rotterdam has caused speculation that they were from Holland – this is not the case.  Rotterdam was where they went in order to get out of Germany


Note 2:    I have documentation of the ship’s list “Two Brothers”, plus naturalization papers for John Bishop and brothers, Frantz Michael Bischoff and Johann Jacob Bischoff.


Note 3:    Brother Mathias Bischoff was married prior to leaving Germany and he, his wife and one son sailed on the “Two Brothers”.  No further information on him after arriving in Pennsylvania.  Brother Frantz Michael Bischoff married in Pennsylvania 1758 and was naturalized 1760 in Pennsylvania.  Brother Johann Jacob Bischoff (changed name to Jacob Bishop) lived and died in Hagerstown, Maryland.  He married Margaret Church and they had 7 children and he was naturalized in Maryland in 1765.  As to the mother and other brothers, no further information.


Upon arriving in Pennsylvania, Hans Johannes Bischoff changed his name to John Bishop.


c1747-1757  John Bishop married Margaretha Obermeyer.  No documentation has been found to date.


1754   With the promise of land for military service, John Bishop enlisted with the Virginia Regiment under the command of George Washington and was assigned to the Company of George Mercer for the French and Indian War.


Note 4:    A Roll of Officers and Soldiers Before the Battle of the Meadows dated July 3, 1754 shows John Bishop.  (Source: George Washington Papers)


For this service, as promised by the Proclamation of 1754 of Robert Dinwiddie, John Bishop was entitled to 400 acres of land near the Ohio River.


Note 5:    This land has been a part of Orange, Augusta, Botetourt, Fincastle, Montgomery Counties and now is Cabell County, West Virginia. 



In December 1772, Governor Dinwiddie finally made a grant of 28,628 acres to John Savage and sixty other persons (of which John Bishop was one of these) for military service in the French and Indian War; this grant was to be referred to as the Savage Grants thereafter.  Although this was granted in 1772, the division of this grant was so long in coming, that many sold their interests in this land, or died before it could be allocated.

(source: “Cabell County Annals and Families” by George Selden Wallace)


John Bishop sold his interest to this land per the following abstracted deed:


Recorded Frederick County, Virginia – Deed Book 17, page 123, dated January 26, 1775, recorded 7 May 1776.


“To All whom these presents shall come, GREETINGS – Know ye that I John Bishop of County of Frederick – late a soldier in the Virginia Regiment under the Command of George Washington Esq. for Divers good causes and Consideration have nominated Constituted and Ordain James Wood of the County aforesaid my true and Lawful Attorney for me and in my name to sign and acknowledge unto Van Swearingen, Gent. of County of Beckeley – all my Right Title and Interest of an in an undivided Right of Four Hundred Acres of Land situate on or about Sandy Creek, a branch of the Ohio River in the County of Fincastle being part of a larger Tract of Twenty eight Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty Seven acres granted by Patent to John Savage, Robert Langdon, John Bishop and sundry other Patentees the 3rd Dec. 1775.

Signed:  John Bishop


Witnesses:  William Kearfoot, William Kearfoot, Jun, Andrew Heth


c1772 John Bishop shows up on the List of Tithables for Montgomery County, Virginia as well as having a survey of 71 acres on south fork of Little River.  He and his son, Henry Bishop are listed on Daniel Trigg’s Company of Montgomery County, Va. for 1777.


John Bishop had the following land grant; transcribed from Library of Virginia Microfilm – Land Office Patents and Grants, Grant # 29, pages 352-353, for 144 acres:


“Henry Lee, Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia

To all to whom these presents shall come.  Greeting


Know ye that by virtue of a Certificate in Right of settlement given by the Commissioners for adjusting their Titles to unpatented Lands in the district of Washington and Montgomery and in consideration of the Ancient Composition of fifteen shillings sterling paid by John Bishop unto the Treasury of this Commonwealth; There is granted by the said Commonwealth unto the said John Bishop, a certain tract or parcel of Land containing one Hundred and forty four acres bearing date the twenty second day of November one thousand seven hundred and eighty two, lying and being in the County of Montgomery on Little River a branch of New River and bounded as followeth, to wit:  Beginning at a buckeye and sugar tree on the South side of the River and running thence up the several

courses thereof four hundred and eight one poles to a white oak and dogwood, thence leaving the River, South seventeen degrees East fifty eight poles to two white oaks and a pine, South eighty degrees West sixty two poles to two pines and a white oak on a ridge and

North seven degrees West one hundred and thirty eight poles to the Beginning with its appurtenances.  To Have and to hold the said tract or parcel of Land, with its appurtenances to the said John Bishop and his Heirs forever.


In Witness whereof the said Henry Lee Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia hath here unto set his hand and Causes the seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond on the eleventh day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety three, and of the Commonwealth the Eighteenth.


Signed  Henry Lee”


c1770-1772 – Family history has that Margaretha Obermeyer Bishop drowned in the New or Little River – no proof of this has been found to date.


Children of John Bishop and Margaretha Obermeyer:


1.         Henry Bishop, born April, 1757 Maryland, died June 2, 1839; married May 23, 1785

            Fanny Simpkins, (d/o Daniel Simpkins) born c1768 New York, died May 29, 1850.


2.         Margaret Bishop, born 1758, probably in Maryland, died c1830; married c1775

            Archibald Elkins (s/o Ralph Elkins, Jr. and Mary (last name unknown)) born 1756

            Halifax County, Va., died 1791 Montgomery County, Va.; Margaret Bishop Elkins

            marries 2nd May 28, 1800 John Carmichael.


3.         Lydia Bishop, born May 3, 1762 Pennsylvania, died ?; married c1786 Henry Long


4.         George Bishop born January 17, 1764 Maryland; married June 28, 1790 Nancy Anna

            Boothe (d/o Stephen and Nancy Boothe)


5.         Jacob Bishop born May 29, 1770 Botetourt County, Va.; married October 2, 1792

            Katherine Elkins (d/o Ralph Elkins, Jr. and Mary)


Note 6:    Archibald Elkins and Katherine Elkins are brother and sister.


c1772 John Bishop marries Ruth Elkins Skaggs.  No marriage record has been found to support this, but a deed dated 1806 shows Ruth as John’s wife when they sold 50 acres of land to John Altizer (D.B. D, p. 391) plus marriage bonds for Ruth Elkins Skaggs’ children.


Note 7:    Ruth Elkins Skaggs came to this marriage with John Bishop with at least two (2) children:

            1.  Rachel Skaggs married March 22, 1786 William Calvin Lester (s/o Abner and

                        Martha Arthur Lester)

            2.  Darky Gothrin married February 20, 1796 Owen O’Donald (possible son of

                        Frederick O’Donald) 

Both marriage bonds for the above refer to mother Ruth Bishop as wife of John Bishop.


Note 8:    Ruth Elkins Skaggs Bishop believed to be the daughter of Ralph Elkins and Frances Brown and would be a sister to Ralph Elkins, Jr., father of Archibald and Katherine Elkins above.


John Bishop and Ruth Elkins Skaggs had the following child:


1.         David “Long Dave” Bishop born November 17, 1772 Montgomery County, Va.; died c1862 Kentucky;              married February 20, 1801 Elizabeth Wolford



Note 9:    I believe that John Bishop died between 1806 and 1810 – no death record has been found to date.



My great, great, great grandfather, Henry Bishop born April, 1757 in Maryland (this is confirmed by Henry’s son on the 1880 census).  Henry Bishop is listed along with his father John Bishop on the 1777 Daniel Trigg’s Company of Montgomery County, Va. and Henry Bishop is listed as a soldier at the Battle of Shallow Ford in 1780.


Henry Bishop had several Treasury Warrants dating from May 10, 1782 through June 1783 for various parcels of land. (source: Library of Virginia – Land Office Patents and Grants)


One transcribed below:


Treasury Warrant 11456, Issued May 10, 1782, Survey Date November 13, 1787, Recorded July 19, 1796 – Issued to Henry Bishop


“Robert Brooke Esquire, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia:

To all to whom these presents shall come:  Greetings:  Know ye that by Virtue of a Land Office treasury Warrant Number Eleven thousand four hundred and fifty six, issued the tenth day of May one thousand seven hundred and eighty two.  There is Granted by the said Commonwealth unto Henry Bishop a certain tract or parcel of Land Containing one hundred acres by survey bearing date the thirteenth day of November one thousand seven hundred and eighty seven, Lying and being in the County of Botetourt, on little river a branch of New River joining the land of John Lester, and Archibald Elkins, and bounded as followeth to Wit:  Beginning at two dogwoods on the bank of the River, corner to his old survey, thence crossing the River North Sixteen degrees East eighty five poles to a black oak, thence up the River North thirty seven degrees West Seventy two poles to two white oaks South eighty degrees West Sixty poles crossing the river to two white oaks north Seventy degrees West eighty poles to four pines South eighteen degrees West eighty eight poles to two Blacks. South forty five degrees East forty poles to a black oak corner to his old Survey, thence North eight degrees East one hundred and Seventy three poles to the beginning with its appurtenances to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of Land with its appurtenances to the said Henry Bishop and his Heirs forever.  In Witness whereof the said Robert Brooke Esquire Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia hath hereunto set his Hand and caused the seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond on the Ninth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety six and of the Commonwealth the twenty first.

Signed:  Robert Brooke”


Note 10:    This land at the time of this warrant was in Botetourt County, later Montgomery County, late Floyd County, Va.


Treasury Warrant # 12278, issued 6/13/1782; Survey Date 7/1/1782; for 61 acres Botetourt County, Va., on Little River, recorded 9/30/1797.


Treasury Warrant # 17381, issued 6/16/1783; Survey Date 2/20/1801; for 50 acres on waters of Easters Creek, water of Little River, Montgomery County, Va., recorded 9/20/1802.


Treasury Warrant # 17383, issued 6/16/1783; Survey Date 1/7/1802; for 100 acres on Camp Creek, waters of Little River, Montgomery County, Va., recorded 9/23/1802.


May 23, 1785 Henry Bishop married Fanny Simpkins, d/o Daniel Simpkins.  Per 1880 census, their son Henry stated that his mother was born in New York.


Transcribed from marriage bond (source: Library of Virginia Microfilm Reel 52 – Montgomery County Marriages)


“Know all men by these presents that Henry Bishop and Peter Rife are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Virginia in the sum of fifty pounds current money of Virginia (can’t read) …which payment will and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our Heirs, executors and Adm. jointly severally firmly by these presents (can’t read)… with our seals and dated this 23rd Day May 1785.


The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound Henry Bishop hath this Day obtained a Licence for his marriage with Fanny Simpkins Daughter to Daniel Simpkins now if there be no Lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage then this obligation to be void otherwise to same remain in full force and virtue.


Signed:  Henry (his mark) Bishop

              Peter (his mark) Rife”



Children of Henry Bishop and Fanny Simpkins:


1.         Sarah Bishop, born c1788, died c1850-1860; married June 27, 1806 John Moor(e),

                        (s/o Joseph Moor(e))


2.         Mary Bishop, born c1785, died ?;  married c.1803 Matthew Cox, born 5/4/1786

                        (s/o Carter Cox and Nancy Ann Reed)


3.         John Bishop, born c1792, died ?;  married Dicy Cox (d/o Ambrose Cox, Sr. and

                        Sarah Reed)


4.         Henry Bishop, born November 19, 1796; died September 4, 1886; married March 7,

                        1820 Nancy Quesenberry born November 10, 1796, died April 25, 1854

                        (d/o Frederick Quesenberry and Mary “Molly” Phillips); after death of

                        Nancy, Henry married 2nd May 2, 1857 Mahala Phlegar (d/o Michael Phlegar

                        and Eva C. Steele)


5.         Phemia Bishop         married a James Breeding         No further information.


6.         Nancy Bishop, born 1803, died ? ; married March 17, 1823 John “Josey” Finch

                        (s/o Martha “Patsy” Finch)

            (source:  Archibald Thompson’s Diary, page 21 – “John finch allias Godsey Son

                           of Martha finch was Born May the 15th 1787”)


7.         George Bishop        No further information


8.         Margaret Bishop, born 1807, died May 23, 1852 buried Osborne Fort Cemetery,

                        Grayson County, Va.; married November 15, 1851 Alexander Cox

                        (s/o David Cox, Sr. and Margaret Ann McGowan)


9.         William Bishop           Died War of 1812


10.       Jacob Bishop, born September 5, 1809, died August 21, 1899; married October 26,

                        1843 Melvina Kinser




Henry Bishop filed for a military pension in 1832 for his Revolutionary War Service.


Henry Bishop died June 2, 1839 at the age of 82.  Fanny Simpkins Bishop died May 29, 1850, both in Floyd County, Va.


Note 11:    I believe that Henry Bishop is buried in Thompson Cemetery, Copper Valley, Va. per “Cemeteries Floyd (Montgomery) County, VA Indian Valley District, Volume I” by Elza B. Cox and Phyllis G. Phillips, page 30.  There is a listing with initials H.B. d. 6/2/1839.



My great, great grandfather, Henry Bishop was born November 19, 1796 in Montgomery County, Va.  This Henry Bishop was a farmer as well as a Methodist minister.


On March 7, 1820 Henry Bishop married Nancy Quesenberry.  Nancy was born November 10, 1796 in Montgomery County, Va. daughter of Frederick Quesenberry and Mary “Molly” Phillips. 


Note 12:    Frederick Quesenberry born March 20, 1772, s/o George Quesenberry and Martha “Patsy” Slinker.    Mary “Molly” Phillips born c1776 in Pittsylvania County, Va., d/o Tobias Phillips and Margaret “Peggy” Jennings.


Transcribed from marriage bond: (source: Library of Virginia Microfilm Reel # 42 – Montgomery County Marriage Bonds)


“Know all men by these presence that Henry Bishop, Sr., Henry Bishop, Jr. and Frederick Crusonberry are held and firmly bound unto Thomas M. Randolph, Esquire, Governor or Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the Just sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, which payment will and truly to be made to our said Governor and his Successors for the use of the Commonwealth, we bind ourselves and heirs and jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this seventh day of March, 1820.

The consideration of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound Henry Bishop, Jr. hath this day obtained a license for his marriage with Nancy Crusonberry daughter of the said Frederick Crusonberry, now if there shall be no legal cause to obstruct the same then the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force.


Teste: F. H. Holladay


Signed:  Henry Bishop (seal)                          

              Henry Bishop (seal)

             Frederick Crusonbery (seal)”


Children of Henry Bishop and Nancy Quesenberry:


1.         Vila Bishop, born c1821; died November 1, 1853                  Never married


2.         Frances Bishop, born c1823; died in infancy


3.         Mary “Polly” Bishop, born c1826; died August 4, 1885          Never married **


4.         Talitha Bishop, born c1827; died April 3, 1891; married April 22, 1841 John C.

                        Wade, s/o Anderson Wade and Elizabeth Cox


5.         John Bishop, born c1828; died November 30, 1856               Never married


6.         Deidama Bishop, born February 14, 1832; died after 1878; married December 20,

                        1853 John Ross Clay, s/o Middleton W. Clay & Charlotte T. Cox


7.         Joseph Cullen Bishop, born February 4, 1833; died February 18, 1920; married

                        (1) March 9, 1860 Ruth Sumpter, married (2) May 13, 1868 Luticia A.

                        Tish” Simpkins


8.         Jane Bishop, born c1835; died  ??                                            Never married **


9.         Alfred Bishop, born c1839; died ??                                         Never married **


10.       Henry Wesley Bishop, born April 25, 1842, died May 26, 1926; married September

                        25, 1866 Elizabeth Altizer d/o Elias E. Altizer & Cynthia Ratliff.

                        Both buried Bishop Family Cemetery, Copper Valley, Va.


11.       William R. Bishop, born c1844; died ??                                   Never married **


Note 13:  Names of children above noted with ** are referred to in the marriage contract between Henry Bishop and Mahala Phlegar transcribed below.


Nancy Quesenberry, Henry Bishop’s first wife, died April 25, 1854 at the age of 57 from fever.


Marriage Contract between Henry Bishop and second wife, Mahala Phlegar

(source:  Library of Virginia Microfilm Reel # 33 – Deed Book M, page 250)


Artickles of agreement made and entered into this the 27th day of April and in the year of our Lord one thousand, Eight hundred, and fifty seven between Henry Bishop of the County of Floyd and State of Virginia of the one part with Mahala Phlegar of the County and State aforesaid of the other part  (can’t read this)…, the said Henry Bishop and the said Mahala Phlegar hereby mutually agrees to enter into the (can’t read this)….after mentioned conditions the said Henry Bishop reserves all his Estate both real and personal for his heirs after his Death and the said Mahala Phlegar to have no part thereof Except on the Eighty acres back of …. where the dwelling house of said Henry Bishop now stands the said Mahala is to have should she not live the said Henry Bishop if she conducts herself respectful and does not marry again for a home her life time and then go to said H. Bishops heirs and if she should marry again or fail to conduct herself prudent she is to have no home there nor have of the land and the said Mahala Phlegar also reserves all her estate both real and personal for her heirs after her death and the said Henry Bishop and his heirs to have nothing thereof and the said Mahala Phlegar is also to take good care of the three Ediot children, there names is Polly, Alfred and William, so long as she occupys the land before mentioned as her home which is to be there home for life.  For witness whereof we have herewith set our hands and affixed our seals the day and date above written in presents of these witnesses.


                                                                                    Henry Bishop

                                                                                    Mahala (her mark) Phlegar

Mary Wade

Talitha (her mark) Wade


Floyd County to wit:

This day _____ Mahala Bishop formerly Mahala Phlegar before me Henry C. Hall, a Justice of the Peace for the County of Floyd and declared the foregoing Artickle to be her willing act and deed and that she would not retract from it and desired the same to be admitted on record in the Clerk office of Floyd County.  Given under My hand this the 12th day of September 1871.

                                                                                    Henry C. Hall



In the Clerks Office of Floyd County court 30th October 1871.  This Marriage Contract between Henry Bishop and Mahala Phlegar was received and with the certificate thereon enclosed admitted to records.

Teste:  J. Godbey


May 2, 1857, Henry Bishop and Mahala Phlegar were married.  Mahala Phlegar born 1812, daughter of Michael Phlegar and Eva Catherine Steele.      There were no children born to Henry & Mahala Bishop.


On September 4, 1886, Henry Bishop dies at the age of 89 of spinal disease.  Believe Mahala Phlegar Bishop died between 1890 and 1900.  She appears on the 1890 census of Floyd County, Va. but not on the 1900.



My great grandfather, Joseph Cullen Bishop was born February 4, 1833 in Floyd County, Va. and married his first wife March 9, 1860 in Floyd County, Va., Ruth Sumpter.  Ruth Sumpter was born March 9, 1840, daughter of Edmund Sumpter, Jr. and Delilah Eskew.


Note 14:    Edmund Sumpter, Jr. was born December 13, 1803 Montgomery County, Va.; died August 27, 1883 Floyd County, Va. and his buried at the Sumpter Cemetery, Indian Valley, Va.  He was the son of Edmund Sumpter and Elizabeth Kingery.  Delilah Eskew was born August 15, 1799 Franklin County, Va., d/o ??, died June 15, 1899 and is buried beside her husband at the Sumpter Cemetery.


Joseph Cullen Bishop and Ruth Sumpter had the following children:


1.         Meldonia J. Bishop born November 13, 1862; died February 19, 1946; married

                        Charles L. Turpin b. February 5, 1860; died July 25, 1933, s/o Walter and

                        Lydia Turpin 


2.         Nancy D. (Nannie) Bishop born February 29, 1863; died September 17, 1941;

                        married Eli D. Wade, s/o John W. Wade, Sr. and Ruth J. Cox.  (Note:

                        Eli D. Wade was married prior to Nancy (his second wife) and married

                        again after Nancy’s death).


3.         Joseph Henry Bishop born c1864; died October 7, 1878 from Typhoid Fever.


4.         Harvey Berman Bishop born March 4, 1867, died June 5, 1965; married March 5,

                        1890 Floyd County, Va. Frances Sina Dulaney born November 1, 1866

                        Floyd County, Va. d/o Allen Albert Dulaney and Cordelia Palmer.


My great grandmother, Ruth Sumpter Bishop died March 4, 1867 giving birth to my grandfather, Harvey B. Bishop.


On May 13, 1868, Joseph Cullen Bishop married Luticia A. “Tish” Simpkins born June of 1851, daughter of Baxter and Lucinda Showalter Simpkins.


Joseph Cullen Bishop and Luticia A. ”Tish” Simpkins had the following children:


1.         Lorena Alice Bishop born January 31, 1869; died March 8, 1937; married Granville

                        Hosea Akers born June 15, 1865; died October 24, 1896, buried Akers

                        Cemetery, Alum Ridge, Va., s/o Lewis & Mary Akers.  Lorena Alice Bishop            

                        Akers married secondly Allen Edward Mann, s/o Griffin and Lucy Mead

                        Mann.  Lorena Alice Bishop Akers Mann is buried Big Sand Cemetery

                        Indian Valley, Va.


2.         Docie Etta Bishop born June 7, 1872; died June 11, 1938, married James Kemper

                        Akers, s/o John William & Isabelle Williamson Akers.


3.         Loma Bishop, born c1875; died 1953, married first James Peters; married secondly,

                        Charles Murphy.


4.         Fugete Baxter Bishop, born June 23, 1877; died September 25, 1943; married Delilah

                        Susan Akers, born September 16, 1879; died May 12, 1968, d/o Beauford

                        and Rachel Dulaney Akers.  Both Fugete and Delilah are buried Big Sand

                        Cemetery, Indian Valley, Va.


5.         Charles Columbus Bishop, born July 21, 1888; died April 4, 1958; married Ida Mae

                        Dulaney, d/o William Ballard and Mary Elizabeth Dulaney Dulaney. 

                        Charles C. Bishop is buried at Big Sand Cemetery, Indian Valley, Va.


6.         Venia Ada Bishop, born September 28 1897; died ???; married first Henry Ernest

                        Shelor, s/o George Merit and Lydia Ellen Spangler Shelor; married second

                        Louis Sessman


(source: Family records and “The Descendants of Henry Bishop I 1757-1839” by Joyce

Akers Buckert and census records.)



Joseph Cullen Bishop enlisted in September 1864 with the 45th Virginia Infantry and was transferred to the 17th Virginia Infantry in December, 1864.  His service record for the 17th Virginia Infantry and application for a pension follows.


(source: Library of Virginia, Microfilm, “17th Virginia Infantry” by Lee A. Wallace, Jr. and


Following is one of many deeds recorded in Floyd County, Va. for the buying and selling of land.  The following transcribed from Microfilm – Deed Book W, page 10:


“Deed to Trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church South


Know all men by these presents, that we J. C. Bishop and Lue Bishop, his wife, for and in consideration of the Love I bear for Christ and from an Earnest desire to promote his heritages on earth, do give, grant and by these presents convey unto Thomas Slusher, G.M. Coffee and C. Keith with general warranty all of the County of Floyd and State of Virginia, the “can’t read….” of Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and to their successors in office for the use and benefit of said Church to be applied by said Trustees to the “can’t read…” a tract or parcel of land lying in the County of Floyd and State of Virginia on the Indian Creek Road containing ¼ acre and bounded as follows to wit:


Beginning on the west side of the Indian Creek Road cornering on a white oak tree thence westward 104 feet cornering on a rock, thence southward 104 feet corner on a rock thence eastward 104 feet to the Indian Creek road thence north with said road to the Beginning.


And the said Trustees are to have and hold the property aforesaid for the church aforesaid free from the claim or claims of ourselves by heirs or any others whatsoever.  The conditions of the foregoing are that the Methodist Episcopal Church South and its Trustees are not to deed or cause to make a deed of said land outside of said Church and if so, said property reverts back to the donors.


Witness the following signatures and seals this the 26th day of April, 1892.


Signed by:  J. C. Bishop

                  Lue A. Bishop


Recorded August 2, 1892”



Joseph Cullen Bishop died February 18, 1920:


“From the Floyd Press:

J.C. Bishop of Indian Valley, age 87, Confederate Veteran, mason and well known farmer of Floyd County, died at his home last Thursday, following a brief illness of pneumonia.  Funeral was held Saturday and interment was in the burial plot on his farm.

Mr. Bishop was twice married the first wife being Miss Ruth Sumpter, who died several years ago.  His second wife, who was Miss Luticula S. Simpkins, surviving him.  Mr. Bishop left several children, one of them being Mrs. Leona Peters of Roanoke; forty-two grandchildren and seventeen great-grandchildren.”


(source: provided by Rena Worthen)


Note 15:    J. C. Bishop buried Bishop Family Cemetery, Copper Valley, Va.


Luticia A. Simpkins Bishop died January 6, 1929.



My grandfather, Harvey Berman Bishop was born March 4, 1867; died June 5, 1954 in Troutville, Va. and is buried in the White Rock Church Cemetery in Floyd County, Va.


On March 5, 1890 Harvey B. Bishop married Frances Sina Dulaney, born November l, 1866; died April 11, 1938 and buried at the White Rock Church Cemetery beside her husband.  Frances Sina Dulaney was the daughter of Allen Albert Dulaney and Cordelia Palmer.


Note 16:    Allen Albert Dulaney born July 24, 1836 Floyd County, Va.; died October 1, 1908 was the son of Samuel Dulaney and first wife, Martha Reed who died March 16, 1855; Samuel Dulaney married December 14, 1856 Theodocia Radford.    Allen Albert Dulaney married December 5, 1857 Floyd County, Va. Cordelia Palmer born March 2, 1839; died September 25, 1887 and daughter of James Palmer and Mary Reed.

It appears from the census records of 1870 and 1880 that my grandfather, Harvey B. Bishop was raised by his grandparents, Edmund & Delilah Sumpter, Jr. after the death of his mother, Ruth Sumpter Bishop in 1867.


Note 17:    Harvey B. & Frances Dulaney Bishop left Floyd County, Va. c1906, moving to Montgomery County, Va.; then after the birth of their last child, my mother Martha, in 1911, they left Montgomery County, Va. and moved to Bonsack, Roanoke County, Va. 


Harvey Berman and Frances Sina Dulaney Bishop’s children:


1.         Archie Berman Bishop born January 3, 1891 Floyd County, Va. died February 4,

            1947; married September 14, 1935 Cloverdale, Va. to Eva    Rachel Booth born

            November 9, 1904, died September 15, 2002; d/o Monroe & Lily May Dulaney

            Booth of Floyd County, Va.    Both are buried Mountain View Cemetery,

            Vinton, Va.                                                                  They had 1 child.


2.         Charlie Melvin Bishop born November 24, 1892 Floyd County, Va, died May 27,

            1979 buried Mountain View Cemetery, Vinton, Va.       Never married.


3.         India Ellen Bishop born  March 17, 1895 Floyd County, Va, died August 22,

            1978; married March 17, 1945 Roanoke, Va. to Albert Sidney Beard born

April 28, 1883 Franklin County, Va., died February 2, 1969.  Both are buried

Mountain View Cemetery, Vinton, Va.                       No children.


4.         Kyle “Pete” Bedford Bishop born November 28, 1897 Floyd County, Va; died

            September 25, 1968; married November 25, 1926 Roanoke, Va. to Mary Mahala

            Trent, born July 20, 1905 Vinton, Va., died May 25, 1999, d/o James Thomas

& Sara Jane Hubbard Trent. Both are buried Mountain View Cemetery,Vinton,Va.

                                                                                    They had 2 children.


5.         Daisy Mae Bishop born May 9, 1900 Floyd County, Va, died February 14, 1951,

            buried Mountain View Cemetery, Vinton, Va.             Never married.


6.         Jesse Allen Bishop born April 8, 1903 Floyd County, Va, died September 21,

            1954; married October 21, 1939 Roanoke, Va. to Eula Juanita Webb born

            October 4, 1908 Hillsville, Carroll County, Va., died November 14, 1979, d/o

            James F. Webb. Both are buried Mountain View Cemetery, Vinton, Va.

                                No children.


7.         Frank Edward Bishop born February 28, 1905 Floyd County, Va, died December

            5, 1968, buried Mountain View Cemetery, Vinton, Va.        Never married.


8.         Ruth Cordelia Bishop born May 30, 1908 Montgomery County, Va, died March

            20, 2006; married April 20, 1932 Roanoke, Va. to John Berkley Snider, born

September 30, 1904 Cloverdale, Va., died February 8, 1989, s/o William Edward

& Laura Catherine Flora Snider.  Both are buried Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens,

Roanoke, Va.                                                               They had 2 children.



9.         Martha Lillian Bishop born November 6, 1911 Montgomery County, Va, died

            December 7, 1999, married October 14, 1933 Roanoke, Va. John Vernon Rader,

born February 14, 1909 Botetourt County, Va., died December 8, 2007, s/o John

Gideon & Ada Roberta “Bert” Rader.  Both are buried Troutville Cemetery,

Troutville, Va.                                                               They had 3 children.







Note 18:    This is just a short synopsis of the Bishop Family and deals only with my line of descent (boldfaced).  Most of the Bishop men were farmers with a few ministers as well.  All of my line of descent stayed in the Floyd County, Va. area all their lives with the exception of my grandfather. 

















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