Floyd County Schools

Floyd County Schools

Payne's Creek School 1908-1909: My grandparents are standing in the back row: Minnie Peters is 5th from the left, and Frazier Kelley is next to her, 6th from the left.

Thanks to Cecil Hill for providing the names of people in 1908-1909 Payne’s Creek School picture:

Sitting is Miss Rena J. Shortt, teacher. The four small boys directly behind the teacher are (left to right): Luther Peters, Sam Pate, Newbern Kelley, and Ray Thompson.

Also shown are: Second Row (left to right): Theodore Janney, Theodore Kelley, Malcolm Poff, Rice Akers, Murphy Poff, Murphy Thompson, Effie Vest, Jeff Thompson, Mary Willie Kelley (with flag), Flora Ingram, Lera Vest, Minnie Robertson, Pauline Akers and Ora Janney.

Back Row (left to right): Wilma Kelley, Jack Vest, Beulah Radford, Glen Vest, Minnie Peters, Frazier Kelley, Wilma Young, Sallie Turner, Miriam Howell, Gaye Akers, Odell Thompson, Lee Ingram, Wilson Kelley, and Lelia Peters. There are about six friends who were not members of the school who were visiting the day the picture was made.

Photo Credit:Paula Kelley Ward ChaChaLady(at)sbcglobal.net

Kelley School Descendants: This picture was taken in the summer of 1989 on “Picture-Taking Day.” The event was organized by researchers from Va Tech who were working on a study of the school for the National Park Service.

Front row: Frank Peters; Jean Spear (researcher); Frances Russell (researcher); Sandy Burdette; Mary Lou Kelley; Minnie Kelley West (in chair, she taught at the Kelley School); Robin Burdette; and Alvis Sharon Kelley (on one knee).

Standing: Marvin Thomas, his wife, Daisy Thomas (wearing pearls); (next four are unknown); Tempest Peters Reed and Warren Reed; (next two are unknown); E. Peters (Frank Peters’ wife); Ausborne Paul Kelley; Mrs. Young; (man standing on right, unknown).

My father, Ausborne Paul Kelley, is the tall, white-haired gentleman with the bolo tie, standing, 3rd from the right. Kneeling in front of him is his brother, Alvis Sharon Kelley (middle row, far right). Alvis Sharon Kelley's wife, MaryLou Kelley, is also in the middle row, to the left of the lady in the chair.

And I wish I knew who the rest of the people are!

Photo Credit:Paula Kelley Ward ChaChaLady(at)sbcglobal.net

The last picture, taken by me in June 2007, is the Kelley School House. On 1 March 1877, James L. and Sarah A. (Sowder) Kelley deeded land to the Locust Grove School District for Kelley's School. Deed Book 'O', p. 461, Floyd Co Virginia. James L. Kelley, b. 1829, d. 1882 (my 2nd great-granduncle), was the son of George W. Kelley, well-known Baptist minister of Franklin and Floyd Counties, Va. Photo Credit:Paula Kelley Ward ChaChaLady(at)sbcglobal.net

Third Grade Teaching Certificate

Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Public Instruction, Third Grade Certificate

This Certifies, That Miss Sallie Turner having made the required average of 65 per cent in examination on Orthography, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, History of the United States, History of Virginia, Civil Government, Physiology and Hygiene, and having furnished satisfactory evidence of good moral character and general fitness, is hereby granted this Third Grade Certificate, and is duly authorized to teach in the Public Schools of Virginia for one year from July 31, 1909, unless this Certificate be sooner revoked.

Given under our hands this first day of September nineteen hundred and nine, [signed by four members of the State Board of Examiners]

Race: White

Note: This Certificate is not renewable. If a person holding a THIRD GRADE CERTIFICATE shall not on a subsequent examination obtain a higher grade Certificate, that person shall not be authorized to teach in the public schools of this State.

Copy of Certificate Provided by Opal Hundley Young, Copper Hill, Floyd County, Virginia.

1909-1910 Kelley School Term picture

The above picture is for the 1909-1910 Kelley School term - Sallie Mae Turner Young, teacher.

Standing Left Corner: Arch Smith, Artis L. Young, and Sallie Mae Turner (others unidentified).

Copy of photograph provided by Opal Hundley Young, Copper Hill, Floyd County, Virginia.

(Notice the people looking out of the school windows.)

Photo Credit:Paula Kelley Ward ChaChaLady(at)sbcglobal.net

1905 Floyd Co VA School: Kelley? School: Who are these people? I was told this is a picture of the Kelley School; however, the picture was estimated to have been taken approx. 1905 or 1906. The Kelley School House was built in 1924. What school is this? Anybody know? Photo Credit:Paula Kelley Ward ChaChaLady(at)sbcglobal.net

"The Kelley School was originally built as a two-room schoolhouse in 1924. It is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway at milepost 149 in Floyd County, Virginia, where the Parkway intersects with Route 678. Over the years, it has undergone numerous transformations from a schoolhouse to a private dwelling to a public store. Fortunately, throughout its years of transformation, many of the early school features were preserved." Source of quote: Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Burks Fork School abt 1913Please help identify these students. Stella Pratt, is 5th from the right on the front row.

Submitted by John Webb; Willis, VA

Photo Credit: Bernie Hylton

Credit to Ole Paul for allowing me to add the following School photos from his site at Ole Paul's Place. Also thank all of you for shareing your photos.

Unidentified Group

p. 51 - uniden group 2: Oak Hill School - 1917.

Teacher - Grace Dobbins.

First Row: Gold Thompson, Hassel Thompson, Amy Aliff, Ola Pugh, Manus Thompson, Hazel Simmons; Second Row: Willie Akers, Tressie Altizer, Miss Dobins, Trigg Thompson, Edna Thompson, Carl Wells; Third Row: Ruth Wells, Myrtle Thompson, Johnny Thompson, Amie Thompson, Tressie Akers, Verna Pugh,Ruby Altizer, Alvis Thompson; Fourth Row: Robert Altizer, Anna Wells, Claude Pugh, Roxie Thompson, Lucy Pugh Emmett Akers, Lumin Simmons, Bessie Akers, Paul Wells; Top Row: Harvey Thompson, Fred Altizer.

Located: Somewhere in the vicinity of Kenny Phillips's house. Before you get to the church.

From Irene Underwood to Ole Paul

Unidentified Group

School Group. Back row: 2nd from left, may be Harvey Thompson, 5th from left is Winfred Pugh; second row, 5th from left is Claude Pugh, same row, 7th from left is Lucy; front row, 6th from left isVerna Pugh (d/oGeo & Vivian) - Rest unk

From Irene Underwood to Ole Paul

Unidentified group

School Group: Back Row, 6th from the right is Claude Pugh; 3rd row from the front, 6th from the left including teachers is Claude Pugh; second row, 4th from left is Verna Pugh (d/o Will and Lena) and 5th from left is Lucy; front row, 4th from left is Verna Pugh (d/o Geo. And Vivian) and 5th is Ola Pugh. Rest are unk

Oak Hill School Oak Hill School abt. 1921-22: first and second rows: Hassell Thompson, Hazel Simmons, Beulah Wells, Carl Wells, Russell Alexander, Marvin Altizer, Reva Pugh, Ola Pugh manus Thompson, Teacher: Roxie Thompson. 3rd Row: Verna Pugh, Amy Thompson, Myrtle Thompson, Gold Thompson, Lumon Simmons, Paul Wells. (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]

Oak Hill School

Oak Hill School about 1914: Cora Reed, Teacher. Seated: Anna Wells, Manus Thompson, Amy Thompson, Ada Fulcher, Ruby Altizer, Verna Pugh, Bernard Wells. Second Row: Mrs. Reed, Kelly Simmons, Robert Altizer, Charlie Fulcher, Fred Altizer, Paul Fulcher, Lumin Simmons, Lucy Pugh, Claude Pugh, Alvis Thompson. Third Row: Harvey Thompson, Nasby Simmons, Herbert Altizer, Bessie Fulcher, Howard Fulcher, Edna Thompson, Mettie Simmons. Top Row: Roxie Thompson, Gladys Lester, Willie Moore, Glada Fulcher, Eslie Altizer, Tressie Altizer, Winifred Pugh, Dessie Fulcher, Trigg Thompson. (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]

Oak Hill School

Oak Hill School – 1910. Teacher – Miss Willie Thomas. Seated: Lumin Simmons, Amy Thompson, Edna Thompson, Claude Pugh, Verna Pugh, Alvis Thompson, Fred Altizer, Gladys Lester, Harvey Thompson, Bessie Fulcher. Second Row: Miss Thomas, Olivia Thompson, Weta Altizer, Isa Lester, Eslie Altizer, Trigg Thompson, Clarence Reed. Third Row: Roxie Thompson, Willie Moore, Winifred Pugh, Glada Fulcher, Tressie Altizer; Fifth Row: Kelly Simmons, Dessie Fulcher, Nasby Simmons, Herbert Altizer (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]

Alum Ridge School Rt 750, Floyd [3/05]

Alum Ridge School students (Contributed by Robert Reed) [4/05]

Broad Shoals School (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]

Harris-Cannaday School, Floyd County, VA [2/04]

Teachers Alum Ridge School teachers LtoR: Loraine Carr (married Ervin Reed), unknown, Nan Howard and Alice Hylton (Contributed by Robert Reed) [4/05]

Alum Ridge School 1971 Provided by Cecil Hill

Alum Ridge School 2007Provided by Cecil Hill

Boys Out House at Alum Ridge School 2007Provided by Cecil Hill

Hemlock School [8/03]

Hylton School dated 1929 has Momma's husband Herman Guthrie in it. I believe him to to be on the back row, last boy on right. Rest of ID on back of pix lists in this order but no description of order -- Kane Dickerson teacher; Guy, Wayne, Ollie Mae and Ester Fay Gardner; Elva; Dot King; Ruth Sutphin. Must be Christmas time as the kids in front appear to have ground pine wreaths. (Contributed by Linda Stanley) [11/04]

Hylton School has Mr. Dickerson again and the same two young ones in white standing out in front - also same girl third row back with hair almost sticking in her mouth. I believe my momma to be on the back row (5th) the third person from left. Here is ID from back of photo, again no order indicated: Harry Alderman, Leatha Poff, Vera, Wayne (Gardner), Ollie Mae Gardner, Rolley (?) Alley, Harry (?) Weeks, Ester Gardner, Ruth Sutphin, Curtis Weeks, Hassel Alley, Roscoe Poff. (Contributed by Linda Stanley) [11/04]

Lon Light School front

Lon Light School

Lon Light School front detail

Lon Light School side detail of boy

Molly Thompson's Normal School at Willis, VA., early 1900's (Contributed by Linda Jo Sheahan) [5/03]

Reidsville School has my momma looking like a boy, back row, second from left (Contributed by Linda Stanley) [11/04]

White Rock Vocal School 1914/5 (1) [10/05]

White Rock Vocal School 1914/5 (2) names for front rows [10/05]

White Rock School Group 1915 (1) [10/05]

White Rock Vocal School 1914/5 (3) names for the back rows [10/05]

White Rock School Group 1915 (2) names [10/05]

White Rock School 1944-45 (Contributed by Bob Dulaney) [4/03]

Unknown Uniden School (Contributed by Irene Underwood) [10/05]

County Line School about 1910Provided by Nikki Humphrey

County Line School Name KeyProvided by Nikki Humphrey

Floyd County High School class of 1948 Provided by Jack Spangler

Indian Valley School 1910 Can anyone identify the people in this photo and tell us where it is located? Photo provided by Mary F Johnson

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