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Confederate Soldiers buried in Jacksonville Cemetery, located in the Town of Floyd

The Floyd Press
July 1, 1976
Page 15B

Submitted by Jack Spangler
Ellicott City, MD

Sunday, June 09, 2002 5:05 PM

To the Floyd Co., VA Newslist


J. Godby

B. Akers

Lt. P. L. Howard

Dr. C. M. Stigleman

H. D. Spencer

Dr. B. P. Elliot

Capt. J.  L. Tompkins

Chaplain Rev. J. K. Harris

A. J. Kirby

Dr. T. H. Howard

V. G. Paul

T. W. Williams

J. L. Howard

E. H. Evans

B. Bishop

Samuel Scott
Capt. J. M. Boyd

John A. Epperly

William Pendleton

Capt. W. H. Morgan

G. T. Evans

W. D. Vaughan

M. H. Reed

N. J. Agnew

J. M. Stigleman

G. H. Ratliff

Mathew Scott

Asberry Williams.

In old cemetery:

Thomas Leake, 1812

John Sowers

Capt. T. P. Dobyns,
Capt. Agnew Dobyns

Sparrel L. Hylton

Maj. Henry Lane

Lt. J.W. Dillon

Lt. J. E. Reynolds

Lt. G. W. Kitterman

Lt. S. H. Rearder

Lt. J. M.  Howard

Federal Soldier name unknown.