Eustace Family of Fauquier County, Virginia

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1a.  John EUSTACE died about 1701 and married Sarah JAUNCEY.  Sarah died 1684

      2a.  William EUSTACE was born about 1680 in Northumberland County, Virginia.  William Eustace married
             Anna Lee about 1711.  William EUSTACE died about 1740.  Anna Lee was born about 1683 at the
             Ditchley Plantation in Virginia.  Anne  died after October 1754 in Northampton County, Virginia.
             Anne or Anna was the daughter of Hancock LEE and Mary KENDALL.  William EUSTACE was her second
             Children of William EUSTACE and Anne Lee were:
             3a.  John EUSTACE was born about 1715 in Northumberland County, Virginia.
             3b.  William EUSTACE was born about 1718 in Northumberland County, Virginia
             3c.  Isaac EUSTACE was born about 1719 in Northumberland County, Virginia.  Isaac married Agatha
                   CONWAY 15 May 1757.  Agatha died 2 Apr 1826 in Stafford County, Virginia
                   4a.  John EUSTACE was born about 1758 married Maria.  John Eustace was an Ensign 3rd Reg
                          Virginia Commission date 7 Oct 1780
                          5a.  Agatha EUSTACE married James EWELL
                          5b.  Anne EUSTACE married Willis STORK of Fredericksburg
                          5c.  John Conway EUSTACE married Mary daughter of Rev John LELAND
                                 6a.  William Conway EUSTACE married Mary daughter of Williamson BALL
                                 6b.  Lucy EUSTACE married Robert Graham LOWE of Texas
                                 6c.  John Conway EUSTACE kied in C.S.A 
                                 6d.  Nancy Carter EUSTACE married Wm FELLOWS
                                 6e.  William EUSTACE married Miss SYDNOR 
                   4b.  William EUSTACE was born about 1760
                   4c.  Agatha Ann Eustace was born about Apr 1765.  Agatha Ann EUSTACE married General John BLACKWELL 
                         about 1779
                         General John Blackwell was born 22 Mar 1755.  John Blackwell married first (Judith (Lee - Pierce) Peachy,
                         widow of Mr Pierce and Mr Peachy and daughter of Kendall Lee.
                         Children of 1st Blackwell Marriage
                         5a.  Lucy Steptoe BLACKWELL was born 1785.  Lucy Steptoe BLACKWELL died 17 Sep 1817.
                                Lucy Steptoe married  
                                (1) Hugh R. CAMPBELL  11 Dec 1805
                                (2) Rawleigh Wm DOWNMAN 15 Aug 1816
                         5b.  Steptoe BLACKWELL was born 30 Mar 1786
                         5c.  Agatha Conway BLACKWELL was born 17 Apr 1788 and married Charles BELL and moved to Ohio
                               where she had sons and daughters.
                         5d.  Eloisa BLACKWELL was born 10 Nov 1790 married Mark A. CHILTON and moved to Missouri
                         5e.  John Eustace BLACKWELL  was born 12 Jan 1793.  John married Ricey MORRIS and had a son 
                                named John and three daughters.
                         5f.  William BLACKWELL moved to West Virginia
                               Children of 2nd Blackwell Marriage
                         5g.  Ann Eliza Blackwell born ____ died in July 1847 married 27 Feb 1817 to Dr James Kendall Ball.
                         5h.  Emma born about 1798 married George William DOWNMAN about 1815
                         5i.   Mary Pierce BLACKWELL married 1803-4 to the Honorable William Lee Ball
                  4d.  Ann EUSTACE was born about 1766.  
                        (1) Captain Edward HULL killed in the Revolutionary while enforcing the conscription.
                        (2) married 1783 Major Joseph BLACKWELL  born 1750son of Joseph BLACKWELL and Lucy Steptoe.
                        Children of Ann Eustace and Edward Hull - It is said they had one son who died young
                        Children of Ann Eustace and Major Joseph BLACKWELL
                        5a.  Ann Blackwell was born 22 Feb 1786 and died 3 May 1873.  Ann married John Hancock GASKINS
                              John Hancock GASKINS was born 7 Mar 1781 and died 7 Sep 1851 the son of John HANCOCK and
                              Frances Sinah (Cole) GASKINS
                        5b. Joseph BLACKWELL was born 1788 and married Elizabeth B. Edmonds born 1791 and died 18 Mar 1860.
                        5c. John BLACKWELL was born 8 Mar 1791 died Feb 1866 Married 
                             (1) Rebecca DAVENPORT daughter of John and Ellen II DAVENPORT Frederick County died 1831
                             (2) Frances Cordelia DIGGES daughter of Edward DIGGES and Ann EUSTACE
                             (3) Catherine R. Digges Nov 1862.
                             Children of John BLACKWELL (not sure which wife)
                             6a.  Joseph BLACKWELL born 16 Nov 1819 married Oct 1842 to Lucy Blackwell SMITH born 1822.
                                   7a.  William BLACKWELL  died as an infant
                                   7b.  John BLACKWELL died as an infant
                                   7c.  Joseph BLACKWELL died as an infant
                                   7d.  Edwin Smith BLACKWELL born Nov 1849 married 1878 Anna daughter of John LEAVELL Culpeper County
                                          8a.  Agnes Newton BLACKWELL born 1880
                                          8b.  Louise Steptoe BLACKWELL born 1881
                                          8c.  Nannie Leavell BLACKWELL born 1882
                                   7e.  Agnes Conway BLACKWELL born Aug 1852 and died 1877
                                   7f.  Lucy SMITH  BLACKWELL died in Infancy
                                   7g.  James BLACKWELL died in infancy
                             6b.  Ellen Harris BLACKWELL was born 29 Dec 1820 and died in 1878 married 3 Dec 1829 Richard M
                                   SMITH brother of Lucy and 
                             6c.  Rev John Davenport BLACKWELL was born 7 Jun 1822 and died 27 Jun 1887 
                                   (1) married 10 Nov 1853    Julia Anna BUTTS daughter of Francis P and Emma P BUTTS of Southhampton
                                   County, Virginia.  Anna died 18 Aug 1866
                                   (2) married 16 Dec 1869 Fannie Grayson SMITH daughter of Henry SMITH of Fauquier County, Virginia.
                        5d.  Agatha BLACKWELL born 1792 married Major Enoch JEFFRIES
                        5e.  Lucy BLACKWELL born 3 May 1793 died 1879 married 21 Mar 1809 Colonel Wm Rowley SMITH Fauquier
                              County, Virginia.  William Rowley SMITH  was born 12 Feb 1781 and died 9 June 1857 the son of 
                              William SMITH born 1741 died 22 Jan 1803 and his wife Elizabeth born 1744 and died 15 Jan 1809
                              daughter of Mott DONIPHAN whom she married 1773 the son of Alexander DONIPHAN.
                              (SEE SMITH FAMILY ON THIS WEB SITE. JIM BURGESS)
                  4e.  Hancock EUSTACE was born about 1768 in Stafford County, Virginia.  Hancock married Tabitha
                        HENRY 4 Jun 1789.  Hancock married Tabitha HENRY.  His plantation known as "Woodford" Stafford
                        County, Virginia  He was born 1768 and died 30 Jul 1829 age 61 married 4 Jun 1789 Tabitha HENRY daughter
                        of Judge James Henry of Fleet's Bay and his wife Sarah SCARBOROUGH daughter of Col Edmund SCARBOROUGH
            3d.  Hancock EUSTACE was born about 1722 in Northumberland County, Virginia.
            3e.  Gaskins EUSTACE was born about 1722 in Northumberland County, Virginia.  
            3f.   Beale EUSTACE was born about 1724 in Northumberland County, Virginia
            3g.  Carr EUSTACE was born about 1725 in Northumberland County, Virginia
            3h.  Lee EUSTACE was born about 1727 in Northumberland County, Virginia
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