Pension Application of John Lybrook: R6540

                        Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris


State of Virginia}

Giles County}  SS

            On this 19th day of March 1834 personally appeared before me Ralph Lucas a Justice of the Peace in and for said county and state aforesaid John Lybrook a resident of said county aged Seventy one on the 21 nove next who being first duly sworn according to Law doth on his Oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provitions made by the

act of Congress passed 7th June 1832

            That in the spring of 1779 he was enrolled in Capt John Lucas’s company and volenteered to serve against the Indians and was stationed in a garrison situated on New River at the mouth of Stoney [sic: Stony] Creek then in the County of Botetourt Virginia in that part that is now the county of Giles – That he entered the servis on the first day of April and served in garrison with an embodied corps or on spying parties untill the first of October  That the nature of his servises was to remain in garrison for its defence in case it was attacted by the Indians and by turns to go on spying parties. That he recollected that he frequently had for his spying comrades Philip Lybrook and Hezikiah Philips – that they ranged the mountains up and down on both sides of New river

            That again in the springs of 1780-81–and 82 he volunteered and served from the first of April untill the first of October in each year during all of which time he remained in Captain Lucas’s Company  That during these three Towers last named he served in a garrison situated on New river at the mouth of Sinking Creek – then in the county of Botetourt Virginia now the county of Giles. That the company to which he belonged was divided  a part remained in garrison with him and a part was stationed a few miles lower down the river at what was then called Sniders Fort [sic: probably Snidow’s Fort]

            That the nature of his servis was as named in his first tower. That he frequently went on spying parties. That he endured all the hardships of Indian hostilities – and served as he has stated during which time he followed no civil persuit

            That previous to the time for which he is now claiming a pension so early as in his 14th or 15th year he volunteered under the command Captain Floyed [sic: John Floyd] and Col [William] Preston and served in Prestons garrison at Smithfield in Montgomery County Virginia and was in servis six month which he here only names to show that he was early engaged in the most perilous warfare in defence of his country

[The following are answers to numbered interrogatories prescribed by the pension office.]

1st        he was Born in the state of Pensylvania in the year 1763

2d         he has his name recorded in a Bible  3d  he lived in that part of Botetourt county that is now Giles Virginia where he has lived ever since the revolutionary war and do yet live

4th        Volunteered  5th  he new no higher officer to command that the Captain whom he has named in his declaration that he served under – Preston was their Colonel but he never knew him to attend the garrisons

6          he never received a written discharge

7th        the Rev Isaac Scott and [Robert] Lumpkin [are neighbors who could testify to his character for veracity and their belief of his services]

he can support his declaration by the evidence of Col Christian Snidow and Jacob Snidow

He hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or an annuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency in any State  Sworn to and Subscribed the day and year aforesaid

Ralph Lucas JP              [signed] John Lybrook