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Chesterfield County Lookups

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Rules for Lookup Volunteers

•Volunteers may do unlimited lookups if and only if:

  1. The lookup volunteer is the actual author and copyright holder of the publication.

  2. The lookup volunteer is using primary source documents ... whether they are treking to the courthouse or using their own xeroxed copies of public domain documents.

  3. The lookup volunteer has written permission from the author / copyright holder to use their publication for lookups.

•Volunteers may be able to make certain limited scope lookups in copyrighted publications under the "fair use" provisions of existing law.

•Potential volunteers are encouraged to review the explanations of copyright protection, especially the "fair use" provisions, available elsewhere on the Web.

•You can read about copyrights at

Rules for Lookup Requests

•Mention the name of the book in your message.

•Our volunteers aren't mind-readers & •they may not remember which books they volunteered for.

•Make your requests for lookup limited in scope.

•"Tell me everything about the Smiths" is probably too broad. <grin>

Researchers should not ask, nor may lookup volunteers offer, to violate copyright laws in responding to requests for lookups in any copyrighted material.


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From Skip Morgan [email protected], Personal Reminisccences of the War of 1861-5, William Henry Morgan, 1911, J.P. Bell Company, Lynchburg, possible reprint early 1970's.

From Skip Morgan [email protected], Soldiers of Florida, commissioned by the Governor of Florida about the turn of the century.  The book is not indexed, but Skip has created his own index of the book and is able to look for references to specific individuals.

Books Listed for Sale by Vendors

We do not warrant pricing information or availability

Heritage Books, Inc., 1540-E Pointer Ridge Place, Bowie MD 20716

      •Postage is $3.00, regardless of the number of books
      •Check out their site at
      •The Virginia Genealogist John Frederick Dorman, Vol. 7, 1963, $20.00
            •Highlights of the contents include: A Guide to ... Chesterfield Counties
      •The Virginia Genealogist John Frederick Dorman, Vol. 9, 1965, $21.00
            •Highlights of the contents include: Bass Family Bible, Chesterfield Co, VA;
              ... Cornelius Buck of Chesterfield Co, VA, An Unhappy Story

Iberian Publishing Co, 548 Cedar Creek Dr., Athens, GA, 30605
      •Postage on orders up to $10 = $2, $10-$25 = $3, $25-$50 = $4, over $50 = $5
      •Chesterfield Co, VA, Wills, 1749-1777, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1979, $17.00
      •Chesterfield Co, VA, Wills, 1774-1802, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1979 & 1982, $27.95
      •Chesterfield Co, VA, Deeds, 1749-1758, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1986, $12.95
      •Chesterfield Co, VA, Deeds, 1756-1764, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1989, $12.95
      •Chesterfield Co, VA, Deeds, 1764-1678, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1991, $12.95
      •Chesterfield Co, VA, Marriages, 1816-1853, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1981, $19.95
      •Chesterfield Co, VA, 1850 US Census, Benjamin B. Weisiger, III, 1988, $17.95
      •Virginia Revolutionary "Publick" Claims, for Chesterfield Co, $7.50

Mountain Press, P.O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-0400

      •Postage is $3.50 for the first volume, and $1.00 for each additional volume
      •1787 Chesterfield Co, VA, Census, $7.50

T.L.C. Genealogy, P.O. Box 403369, Miami Beach, FL 33140-1369; (800) 858-8558

      •FL residents add 6.5% tax
      •Chesterfield Co, Virginia Court Orders, 1749-1752, 1991, $15.00

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