Caroline County Confederate Pensioners List for 1909

Confederate Pensioners List for Caroline County 1909

Units that had men from Caroline County:

Virginia 47th Infantry, Co. K (Tyranny Unmasked Artillery)

47th Infantry, Co.H3 (Port Royal Guards)

Co. G (2nd), Co. H (3rd)

Caroline Light Artillery(Thornton's)

30th Regiment, Co. G

30th Regiment, Co. H (Sparta Grays)

30th Regiment, Co. E (Caroline Grays)

30th Regiment, Co. F (Bowling Green Guards)

Ninth Virginia Cavalry, Co. B (Caroline Light Dragoons)

Twenty-Fourth Regiment of the Virginia Cavalry, Co. F


Virginia Regimental Histories Series. This excellent Civil War series gives all regimental histories. There is an index containing rosters of the men and a description of their service record during the war. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, go to this site for more information.

After the Civil War ended the problem of disabled Confederate soldiers and Confederate widows came before the Virginia Legislature several times. It was up to each Southern state to take care of their own soldiers by providing a pension plan for them, if they so chose. In 1888 the Legislature approved the payment of pensions of widows of soldiers killed in action or who died in service and those who were severly maimed while wearing the gray.
In 1900, as the veteran population aged, some restrictions were lifted. In 1902 requirements were further eased. The procedure followed was that the veteran or widow filled out an application for a pension. This pension was then presented to a local pension board for review. If this board approved the pension then it was sent to the Auditor of Public Accounts for payment. The pension applications were not kept at the county level. The Auditor of Public Accounts published a list annually, by county, of the recipients of these Confederate pensions.
The following is a list for Caroline County for the year 1909.

(Many thanks to Jeff Weaver for this explanation and listing of recipients. )

Contact the Library of Virginia for the actual pension application.

Allenworth, G. 1888
Baker, Linda J. 1888
Barlow, J.D. 1888
Barlow, John W. 1900
Barlow, Wm. H. 1900
Bates, W.J. 1900
Baughan, Armistead S. 1888
Beasley, Daniel 1900
Brown, J.W. 1900
Cannon, Jas. R. 1900
Carneal, Sarah J. 1888
Carter, Benj. L. 1900
Carter, Jno.A. 1900
Carter, R.R. 1900
Cecil, Wm. S. 1900
Chiles, W.T. 1888
Cox, James Ww. 1888
Farish, K.R. 1900
Farmer, T.P. 1900
Frazier, G.L. 1900
Gentry, Wm.J. 1900
Goodloe, Rubena A. 1888
Goodwin, Betty B. 1888
Gouldman, Mary T. 1900
Jordan, Wm. H. 1900
Mill, Columbia H. 1900
Mullan, Susan J. 1900
Oliver, Mary A. 1888
Parr, Catherine V. 1900
Pavy, Sarah A. 1888
Payne, Sarah Ann 1888
Rossen, W.B. 1888
Samuel, J.H. 1900
Samuel, Philip 1900
Samuel, W.H. 1900
Satterwhite, Jas. I. 1900
Self, Job 1888
Shepherdson, Jno.P. 1900
Skinner, Thomas 1900
Sorrell, Lydia 1888
Sutton, F.K. 1900
Thacker, E.T. 1888
Thomas, Sarah A. 1888
Trevillian, Virginia C.1900
Tucker, Fannie 1900
Vaughan, Katherine 1888
Whitaker, Peter 1900
Whittaker, Henry 1900
Wright, Lizzie J. 1900

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