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These pages are devoted to research concerning the Hicks/Hixes/Hixs Family, particularly with respect to descendants [or possible descendants] of Capt. Robert Hicks of Hicksford (now Emporia), Virginia.  However, other Hicks/Hixes/Hixs (etc.) families of Virginia (particularly those who lived in the Southside Virginia area) will be included, together with information regarding Hicks/Hixes/Hixs (etc.) families from other states.

"Documents" will continually be added, so please check back often.  Also, any "documents" that are currently available at this site which are in the nature of "abstracts" will be replaced by full typed transcripts of the "documents" as time permits.  

If you have a Bible Record, Will, Deed, or other "document" concerning the HICKS/HIXS family, please consider making it a part of this Web site.  You can email your "document" to Carol A. Morrison.

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Patents Surveys - Robert Hicks (1710)

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