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Photos in these cemeteries were taken by volunteers and members of the Botetourt Genealogy Club for this project. If you would like to volunteer to photograph cemeteries or if you already have photos that are not presented here please send them as digital images to the Botetourt Genealogy Club P O Box 1148 Buchanan, Va. 24066. Rena Worthen President and Founder. If you did not take these photos then they are not yours to place on other websites.

Allen Cemetery

Allen Carper Cemetery

Amsterdam Cemetery

Amsterdam Cemetery Sorted A-Z

Andrew Chapel Cemetery

Andrew Chapel Cemetery A-Z Revised 2013 In Progress

Arcadia Cemetery 2015

Arcadia Cemetery

Arcadia Cemetery

Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery

Blue Ridge Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Boothe Family Cemetery 2014

Brick Union Cemetery

Brick Union Cemetery A-Z revised 2013

Bryant Cemetery 2015

Buchanan Cemetery

Copps Cemetery

Copps Cemetery A-Z Updated 2013

Daleville Cemetery

Deeds Burial Ground 2015

Eagle Rock Cemetery 2014

Eagle Rock Methodist Church Cemetery

Emanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery 2014


Fairview Cemetery A-Z 2013

Fincastle Presbyterian Church Cemetery

First Baptist Church Cloverdale-2014

First Baptist Church FincastleIn Process 2014

Forest Grove Cemetery 2014

Galatia Presbyterian Church Cemetery A-Z 2014 (in progress)

Galatia Church Cemetery

Gish-Snider Cemetery at Greenfield 2015

Glade Creek Cemetery

Godwin Cemetery Sorted A-Z (updated 2013)

Goodwin Cemetery

Graybill Cemetery at Camp Bethel

Solomon Graybill Cemetery

Old Graybill Cemetery

Gravel Hill Church Cemetery

Greenfield Cemetery

Haden Family Cemetery 2014

Haymakertown Cemetery

Hollins Memorial Park2015

Old-Hogan Cemetery

Indian Rock Cemetery

Indian Rock Cemetery - A-Z 2014

Iron Gate Cemetery AKA Iron Gate Hill Cemetery

Jackson Baptist Church Cemetery

Jackson Baptist Church Cemetery A-Z 2014

Johnston Boyd Cemetery

Kelly Cemetery aka Cave Rock Cemetery aka Grave Yard Hill and/or Bishop Cemetery

King Cemetery

King & Barger Grave Yard2014

Laymantown Cemetery

Lily of the Valley Baptist Church Cemetery

Linkenhoker Cline Cemetery

Lithia Baptist Church Cemetery

Lithia Baptist Church Cemetery A-Z updated 2014

Lithia Methodist Church Cemetery

Lithia Methodist Church Cemetery

Locust Bottom Baptist Church Cemetery

Locust Bottom Cemetery2014

Markham Cemetery

Mays Cemetery 2014

Melrose Cemetery

Moomaw Cemetery

Mt. Bethel Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Mt. Bethel Church of the Brethren updated 2014

Mount Elbert Church Cemetery 2014

Mt. Joy Church of the Brethren Cemetery - 2014

Mt Moriah Lutheran Church Cemetery 2014

Mount Bethel Church of the Brethren Cemetery 2

Mountain View Cemetery, Buchanan, Va

Mt View Cemetery A-Z updated 2014

Pettigrew Cemetery

Piney Grove Cemetery

Lapsleys Run Cemetery

Longdale Cemetery AKA Deisher Cemetery

Old Linkenauger Cemetery AKA Britt Cemetery

Old Zion Hill Cemetery

Mill Creek Cemetery A-Z2014

Mill Creek Cemetery by section

Mt Pleasant Church Cemetery

Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery View 2

Mount Joy Church Cemetery

Mt. Union Cemetery

Pleasant Dale Memorial Park

Patterson Cemetery

Pollard Cemetery

Preston Cemetery at the Greenfield Plantation

Preston-Boyer Cemetery at Greenfield 2015

Rising Mt. Zion Church CemeteryIn progress

Robinson Cemetery - 2014

Saunders Family Cemetery

Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery

Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery A -Z update 2014

Simmons Brugh Cemetery 2014

Simmons-Brugh Cemetery A-Z 2014 update

Slave Cemetery (Slaves of Jeremiah Rhodes)

Spangler Cemetery

Springwood Baptist Church Cemetery 2013

St. Clair Cemetery

St Jacobs Church Cemetery 2014

St. Jacobs Lutheran Church Cemetery A-Z 2014

Trinity Cemetery

Troutville Cemetery

Troutville Cemetery A-Z 2015

Watson Cemetery 2015

Wesley Chapel Cemetery

Wheatland Cemetery

Williams Cemetery

Williamson-Matheny Cemetery at Pierce Chapel

Williamson - Matheny Cemetery at Pierce Chapel 2014

Zion's Hill Church Cemetery

Zion Hill Baptist Church Cemetery A-Z 2014

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