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The list below contains banns of marriages from various contributors. Unfortunately not every bann has a contributors e-mail address. Therefore when contributing marriage info please include the following:

Groom's Full Name and Bride's Maiden Name
Date of Marriage
Location of Marriage (City/Town)
Your Name and e-mail address

  • CAPLES, Captain Isaac, son of William Caples & Ann Luke, m. PHILLIPS, Elizabeth Ann, on 27 Dec 1815 in Acc. Co., VA.

  • CLEGG, Thomas A. m. POLK, Bridget, daughter of Capt. William Polk and wf. Sabra Bradford, on 1 May 1788 in Accomack, VA.
    Submitter: Bebe Fox

  • EAST, Robert H., m. WALKER, Mary Ida, on Jan 3,1894. in Acc. Co., VA.
    Dewey Searcy

  • FISHER, Phillip m. MADDOX, Elizabeth, ca 1673 Acc. Co., VA
    Donna  Fischer

  • HALL, Robert m. WILLETT, Betsy, dau. of Waitman Willett and Betsy Stephens, on 25 Apr 1825.
    Submitter: Carol Chiveral

  • HARMAN, Levin, m. LAMBDEN, Caroline, on 16 Mar. 1847 in Acc. Co., VA
    Carol Whitehead

  • HINMAN, Stephen, m. LEWIS, Margaret Ann, in December 1850 in Acc. Co., VA.
    Linda R. Buras

  • HOWARD, William H. (b: 20 Nov 1834, d: 1929) m. MASON, Mary E. on 19 Aug 1866.
    Submitter: Arthur Howard

  • JACKSON ,William, m. MAJOR, Jane, in 1838, Acc. Co., VA
    Mark Youngblood

  • JENKINS, Thomas J., m. BIVANS or BIBBANS, Elizabeth B., born in Whithams, Acc. Co., VA on May 1, 1879 to George and Sallie Bivans, on Dec. 27, 1897 in Acc. Co., VA
    Lynda Williams

  • LUCAS, Solomon, son of Parker Lucas & Rhoda Bowen, m MERRILL, Elizabeth (Eliza T.), daughter of Kendall Merrill, dec., & Hetty Bowen Merrill Lucas on 06 May 1820 Acc. Co VA ; James Justice, sec. from: Marriage Records of Acc. Co., VA 1776-1854 by Nora Miller Turman, Ma., C.G.E.; Heritage books.
    Submitter: Joann Lucas Conrad

  • MARSHALL, Alexander m. AYRES, Minnie (Mary) on May 29,1887 in Acc. Co., VA.
    Connie Phillips

  • PARKER, John, m. SIMPSON, Sarah, on 31 Jul 1775, Acc. Co., VA
    Jane P. Justice 

  • POLK, Capt. William m. BRADFORD, Sarah "Sabra" 25 Jan 1764 in Accomack, VA. William Polk was Capt. of Acc. militia for eight years during the Revolutionary War; his brick house was burned by Benedict Arnold.
    Submitter: Bebe Fox

  • PREWIT, William, son of George Pruitt and Leah ?, to DORITY, Rachal, June 1825, Tangier Island, Acc. Co., VA. (The name was Pruitt and changed to Prewit and then back to Pruitt)
    Submitter: Hugh Pruitt

  • SAVAGE, James to OUTTEN, Mary P., 13 May 1815, Acc. Co., VA (Source: VA State Library, Microfilm Reel # Acc. Co. 114. Marriage Register I, 1805-1850 page 13).
    G. Sievers

  • SCARBOROUGH, Col. Charles, m. WEST, Katharine, dau. of Anthony WEST, who was in VA in 1622. Col. Scarborough was a Member of the House of Burgesses, of VA; Justice; Commander-in-Chief of Acc. Co., 1688-1691; d. 1703. (Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 6)

  • TAYLOR, Henry, son of Teackle Taylor & ?? probably 1st wife, m LUCAS, Sally, daughter of Parker Lucas & Rhoda Bowen, , on 19 October 1820 in Acc. (Marriage Bonds of Acc. Co VA 1810-1822 microfilmed 6/20/84 # 1902282)
    Submitter: Joann Lucas Conrad

  • TAYLOR, James, m. GROTEN, Pricilla Princesson, on 13 Feb 1812. in Acc. Co., VA.
    Submitter: Betty Evans

  • TAYLOR, Thomas Teackle m. BEERS, Patience on 25 May 1729 in Newport, RI 
    Thomas was from Accomac Co., VA
    Submitter: Sandra Wanamaker

  • WILLETT, Waitman m. STEPHENS, Betsy on 26 May 1806.
    Submitter: Carol Chiveral

  • WILLETT Jr., Waitman m. Bloxom, Polly on 24 Jan 1812. Marriage bond states that Polly Bloxom is 21 years old.
    Submitter: Carol Chiveral

  • WILLETT, William m. WHITE, Betsy on 27 June 1825.
    Submitter: Carol Chiveral