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 They left the valleys that they loved....
for which they fought and died.

They went by train and truck and ship
by bus and plane worldwide.

They left the coral sandstone cliffs and blowing sand
where snakes and lizards hide.

And went to wonderful, magnificent, cathedral'd cities
but in their common roots held pride.

They left their families... mothers,
wives and children teary-eyed.

They took that love and held it fast within the heart,
whether on crowded ship or by lonely fireside.

These men of valor we honor
and in our faith abide.

They shed their blood on mountain top
and plain and ocean tide.

And we will not forget the price they paid.
For when the
Stars and Stripes unfurl- it's glory to our view
thoughts to them will glide.

It was for us "where Virgin's muddy waters flow"
on foreign soils' lonely slopes they bled and died.

--Abram Owen Young, Jr.


The title, An Historical Index of Men and Women of Washington County Utah who served in the Military during World War II is not totally accurate because the index is broader. St. George was the location for the draft board for Washington County but was also the hub of the area.  This index also encompasses beyond Washington County portions of Arizona (Arizona Strip) and southwest Nevada called by the local residents the Tri State Area. There are strong historical, family, religious and cultural reasons for compiling this index beyond the boundaries of Washington County.

The material for this index came from several sources. The primary source was a file given to Abram Owen Young (Abe) by Ruth Morris Pickett. Ruth was a wonderful person who had a great interest in the young men and women who served during World War II. Ruth served in an auxiliary that kept careful records of those serving in the war in a file. This file had information regarding family, service number, spouse, birthdate and birthplace, induction date and induction place. The file also tracked those missing in action and killed. The auxiliary also kept a scrapbook of news paper clippings of all the men and women who served during the War. I have seen the clippings but do not know of their whereabouts at the present time.

I received a list of 105 men and women of Washington City from Cuba Lyle. During World War II Cuba Lyle served as a volunteer for the Red Cross. The list Cuba gave me was the working list which she used in connection with their Red Cross duties. This list contained information regarding name, branch of service, and job designation. Cuba was also able to give additional information on service personnel from burial records from the Washington City Cemetery which she has compiled.

Some marriage information was taken from Washington County Marriage Records found in the St. George Genealogical Library.

I personally called many veterans or immediate family members. I personally went to many of their homes to receive the information.

I placed an article in the St. George Daily Spectrum in which I asked for information involving World War II veterans. The material I was seeking included veterans name, parent's names, service number, birthdate, birthplace, induction date, induction place, spouse's maiden name, and children's names.

In the Washington County Library I went through microfilmed records of the war years of the Washington County News. I went through obituaries of the Washington County News and the Daily Spectrum.

As a note I have tried to be accurate but I know there are errors. When I received material from two different sources that had differing information I tried to pick the date, name, or place or spelling that I felt was accurate. I know there are errors. Most of these errors are of dates and misspelled names. Many dates different sources had a date difference of a day or two. In spite of the problems with accuracy I still feel the record to be of value. There will also be spelling errors on names because many of the sources are secondary sources of information.

If the marriage entry lists spouse as yes this indicates that the veteran was married prior to induction or enlistment. If the number of children is listed, that is the number of children at induction or enlistment. If a parent is deceased that would indicate death is prior to induction or enlistment.

There are a handful of men listed in the index that did not have the historical, family, religious or cultural ties during the war. These men came into the area later and are designated *** in the index prior to the subjects name.

Short Creek is in the southeast portion of Washington County on the Utah Arizona border. The Utah side has become Hildale and the Arizona side has become Colorado City.

This map is the area known by its residents as the Tri-State Area.
It includes portions of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. 
This book/database contains the World War II Veterans of this geographic area.
Although more generally those of the Washington County Area.


Copyright 1998, 2009 by  Abram Owen Young, Jr.


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