This site is to assist you in your research of the history and genealogy of Washington County located in the southwest corner of Utah. I have coordinated this county's website since 1996 as a part of the USGenWeb Project.
We have some wonderful databases here to help you in your research. I am so grateful for the generosity of the good people who've allowed us to publish their findings here including Dr. Wesley W. Craig, Abram O. Young Jr., Roberta Blake Barnum and all who have donated histories of their ancestors. -Cindy Burgess Alldredge

blank Washington County is located in the southwestern corner of Utah. The county was formed on March 3, 1852 by an act of the territorial legislature. It was named for George Washington. Harmony, one of the only settlements in the area at that time, was appointed as the first county seat. The first boundaries of Washington County stretched nearly 600 miles - the entire width of the territory. As the territory became more settled the county boundaries changed several times and the county seat was later changed to St. George. Washington county achieved its present shape and size (2,422 square miles) in 1892. Washington County is bordered by Iron County to the north, Kane County to the east, Nevada to the west, and Arizona to the south. Most of the early residents of the county were Mormon Pioneers and the area was agricultural. Today, Washington County is one of the fastest growing areas of the country. People are migrating there now to enjoy the mild winter climate, beautiful scenery, and comfortable lifestyle. Washington County is growing rapidly in population. According to the 1990 census the population of Washington County was 48,560 while the population in the 2000 census was 90,354. The 2009 population estimate was 137,473, the 2010 census data will be released in February 2011. Washington County's economy is now based upon education, retail, health services, manufacturing, tourism. -CBA

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