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Uintah County

Selected Cemetery Photographs, Maeser Cemetery

Gravestones of some early Pioneers


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Alexander, Alvah

Maeser Cemetary

Bingham, Thomas, Mary & Margaret

Burton, Thomas

Caldwell, Mathew

Colton, Philander & Polly M.

Hacking, John S. & Mary E. Hall

Johnson, Christian & Caroline W.

Murray, Jeremiah H.

Murray, Maria

Murray, Pearl

Oaks, Martin & Abigail

Pearce, Roseltha M.

Reynolds, Beldon M. "Bob"

Reynolds, Melissa

Reynolds, William B.G. & Elizabeth M. Store

Reynolds, William Pitt

Sprouse, Baylus, Nancy W. & Nancy Mitchell

Stringham, Caroline

Stringham, Philip

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