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San Juan County Utah
(Personal and Family Histories)

William Morley Black 1826-1915  This is a long but very interesting history.

James William Palmer - obituary

Olive Myrtle Black Palmer - obituary

Maria Hansen Black Short bio from "Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia"

Anna Maria Hansen Black  history written by Chloe Truman Anderson

Anna Maria Black bio written by her daughter, Lona Black Chapple

Ancestors of San Juan County Pioneers:

Abelona Knudsen Hansen - short bio of  Maria Hansen Black's mother

Jim Zemira Palmer - on Darryl James' great website, it includes links to other Palmer histories.

Phebe Palmer Draper and son Zemira Palmer - Mormon Battalion site

Zemira Palmer Blogspot

Links to other sites that include some pioneer histories:

Lost Hole-in-the-Rock pioneers

Hole-in-the-Rock Facebook page

Kartchner Connections Blogspot

The San Juan Record now has a "Giants of San Juan" section. They add a new history each week and are in search of more histories of pioneers of San Juan County. 
They are in need of a condensed (one newspaper page) life sketch and picture of your deceased ancestor.
For more info email: Buckley Jensen sjrnews@frontiernet.net
Here is a list of what they have so far:

GIANTS OF SAN JUAN ("San Juan Record" database)

William Morley Black: Father of thousands
A Goliath among the Giants: Lemuel Hardison Redd Jr. Harold Drake, Sr... A life of service
San Juan’s anthem: The Blue Mountain song The Bronsons, Joe Cooper and the Fabled Happy Jack
Fascinating life of Chief Posey Chief Posey: Epilogue
Jody Wood Jody Wood continued
Walter C. Lyman Charles Steen
LaVerda Barton Jensen The Young Brothers
Clarence Frost Thora and Vet Bradford
Mary Ann Williams Perkins and Sarah Williams Perkins Benjamin Perkins: Father of a San Juan Multitude
William Riley Hurst Charles Redd
Leland W. Redd Cal Black
J. P. Gonzales – A century of service Melvin, Lloyd and Joseph Adams: Ranching icons of San Juan
Father H. Baxter Liebler Ross W. Musselman
Albert R. Lyman Dorothy Adams
Big '4' Tractor

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