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111th Infantry Regiment of World War II

      My name is Andy E. Wold.  I am the host of the WorldGenWeb or USGenWeb page you just came from.  I began hosting USGenWeb pages in May of 1998, beginning with nine "orphan" Utah counties — Daggett, Duchesne, Juab, Iron, Piute, Rich, Sevier, Wasatch, and Wayne.  I then began hosting the WorldGenWeb's North Korea and South Korea sites the same month.

      I am a "computer geek" who happens to love genealogy.  Over the next year or two, I'll be working toward getting my Accreditation from the LDS Church's Family History Library.

      I served a two-year church mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church) to South Korea in 1985-87.  I loved the country and learned to speak Korean, and learned a little bit of Chinese characters and some Korean Sign Language.  I lived in Chin-Ju, Kun-San, Kyoung-Ju, Cheong-Ju and Tae-Cheon cities.

      I have lived in Salt Lake City, Utah all of my life, and I am descended from many LDS (Mormon) pioneer ancestors, and am just beginning to research their immigrations.

      21 Sep 1998 — I just turned over the hosting responsibilities of the Wasatch County UTGenWeb site to a more "permanent" host.

      21 Oct 1999 — I moved all of my USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb pages to RootsWeb.com!

      Mar 2000 — I just turned over the hosting responsibilities of the Iron County and Piute County UTGenWeb sites to more "permanent" hosts.

      23 Mar 2000 — Began hosting of Salt Lake County on a permanent basis, leaving Daggett, Piute, and Wayne counties available for adoption.

      24 Jun 2000 — I started as the Assistant State Coordinator for the UTGenWeb Project, and began temporarily hosting the Beaver and Wasatch county pages.

      Jul 2000 — I began researching the military history of my grandfather, Charles "Charley" Richard Mitchell, who served in World War II.  I have started a website for the unit he served in — the 111th Infantry Regiment of the US Army.

      Aug 2001 — I began volunteering as the State Coordinator for the UTGenWeb Project.