1. Founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1747 as The Associators (Associated Regiment of Foot of Philadelphia). The 111th Infantry is the oldest organization in the Pennsylvania National Guard and the only organization recognized by the Lineage and Honors Branch, CMH, Department of the Army as having a direct lineal tie to. Benjamin Franklin's Associators. We are one of the oldest units in the Army predating the US Army, itself.

  2. We have fought in every major war from the Revolution thru World War II, plus, the War of the Austrian Succession and the French and Indian War. The regiment is authorized to carry 38 Battle Streamers.

  3. We fought as both the 110th Infantry and 111th Infantry in World War I. Our predecessors, the 3rd Infantry Regiment, PNG and the 10th Infantry Regiment combined to form the 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division. Our predecessors, the 6th Infantry Regiment, PNG was combined with the 18th Infantry Regiment PNG to form the 111th Infantry, 28th Division.

  4. The 111th Infantry has one Medal of Honor Recipient (World War I): SGT James I Mestrovich from Company 'C'). Awarded for action on 10 August 1918 at Fismette, France. Many Medal of Honor awards were made to members of our predecessors. the 3rd Regiment. One individual was awarded two medals.

  5. The 111th Infantry has been authorized, since 1956, to carry its own color, The Franklin Flag, along side our Regimental Color.

  6. We wear a Regimental Distinctive Unit Insignia that is a likeness of our founder. Benjamin Franklin. However, we also have a Coat of Arms and a crest that contain our motto: NULLA VESTIGIA RETRORSUM! (No Step Backward).

  7. As the 111th Infantry Regimental Combat Team in 1958-9, we wore our own Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (S SI) which was a likeness of our founder, Benjamin Franklin.

  8. The 111th Infantry is flirther unique in that it is authorized to wear a distinctive "Associators" Tab above the 28th Division SSI. Approval was granted for wear in 1976.

  9. The Officers Ceremonial Mess of the 111th Infantry was established in 1956 by order of COL (later Major General) Thomas R. White, JR, the Regimental Commander. Our Officer’s Mess has functioned continuously since that date.

  10. COL John Nixon, an Associator, read the Declaration of Independence, publically, for the first time on 8 July 1776.

Compiled By COL(RET) William J. Huber
Historian, 1/111th Inf(M)

©2000-2002 Andy E. Wold