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It is unlikely that cemetery indexes will be posted on this site; however, all Piute County cemeteries have been transcribed with the data entered among other information in each person's biographical file.  Some photos and cemetery information was contributed by Andy E. Wold.

A searchable database containing some of Piute County's cemeteries is available through the Utah State Historical Society.  Utah Cemetery Burials database -- opens in new window

Cemeteries within Piute County:

Circleville City Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

west end of town
In use; well-kept, watered, and fenced. 

Junction Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

(aka Junction Hill or Terrace Hill Cemetery)
south end of town on old Highway 89 route)
In use; well-kept, terraced, desert landscaping.

Junction Field Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

(aka Junction Lower Cemetery)
directly east across the highway from Junction Cemetery
No longer used; neglected; some damage. 

Junction North Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

west side of Highway 89, just north of Piute High School
No longer used; very neglected, much damaged;
some unmarked or unidentified graves.
*Earns dubious honor of being the cemetery most in need of restoration/preservation.*

Kingston Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

(take 600 West to 600 South; turn east, follow road 1/2 mile)
In use; well-kept, watered, and fenced. 

Dennis Family Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

short distance south of Marysvale on Highway 89, west side of road
Private. No longer used; well-kept, desert landscaping. 

Mountain View Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

Marysvale, on hill east of town, near hillside "M"
This cemetery consists of two parts:
Newer part: In use; well-kept, watered, fenced.
Pioneer part: No longer in use; tended but deteriorating; desert landscaping;
many unmarked graves; many graves marked but unidentified.

Murray Family Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

north of Marysvale, short distance east of Highway 89
Private; in use? Well kept, watered, fenced.

Big Valley Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

(aka Thompsonville Cemetery)
on old Thompsonville road, east side of road
In use; well-kept, desert landscaping, fenced.
Some unmarked graves; some marked but unidentified graves.

Howes Family Cemetery -- Andy E. Wold

south of Thompsonville, north of Piute Reservoir, well east of Highway 89
(ask directions of residents or ranchers you see on the way)
In use; well-kept, desert landscaping, fenced. 
Greenwich generally uses the cemetery in Koosharem north over the Sevier County line

Angle and surrounding area generally uses the cemetery in Antimony
south over Garfield County line

USGS maps and local sources indicate isolated graves in other areas of the county

No formal cemeteries existed in Alunite, Bullion, or Deer Trail mining areas.

I am unaware of the status of any possible cemetery at Kimberly.

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