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Ghost Towns

  • Callao (4,390 ft)
  • Goshute (6,150 ft)
  • Eureka (6,442 ft)
  • Juab
  • Levan (5,350 ft)
  • Mills
  • Mona
  • Nephi (5,119 ft)  (county seat)
  • Partoun
  • Tintic
  • Trout Creek

  • Fountain Green -- in Sanpete County
  • Diamond
  • Fitch
  • Jericho
  • Knightsville
  • Mammoth
  • Silver City (6,200 ft)
  • Other Geographical References

    Land Features

    Goshute Indian Reservation, Deep Creek Mountains, Ibapah Peak (12,087 ft), Snake Valley, Granite Mountain, Fish Springs Range, Sand Pass, Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge, Fish Springs Flat, Black Rock Hills, Spors Mountain (6,424 ft), Pyramid Peak (6,120 ft), Dugway Pass, Thomas Range, The Dell, Antelope Ridge, Topaz Mountain (7,113 ft), Drum Mountains, Lady Laird Peak (6,982 ft), Keg Mountain, Slow Elk Hills, Fumarole Butte, Death Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon, Desert Mountain (6,482 ft), Sheep Rock Canyon, West Tintic Mountains, Sand Mountain, Black Mountains  (5,828 ft), Long Canyon, Gilson Mountains, Broad Canyon, Riley Canyon, Silver Pass, Buckhorn Mountain, East Tintic Mountains, Dog Valley, Long Ridge, Old Canyon, Bald Mountain  (10,913 ft), Mount Nebo  (11,877 ft), Rees Flat, Juab Valley, Cedar Point, San Pitch Mountains, Horse Heaven Mountain, Sage Valley Pass, Mills Valley, Wild Horse Peak  (7,638 ft), Wide Canyon, Little Valley, Canyon Mountains, The Cove.

    Water Features

    Deep Creek, Basin Creek, Thomas Creek, Cedar Creek, Granite Creek, Trout Creek, Birch Creek, Fish Springs, Cane Springs, Pismire Wash, Judd Creek, Meadow Creek, Cherry Creek, Devil Creek, Tanner Creek, Tintic Wash, Sevier River, Furner Creek, Currant Creek, Mona Resevoir, Pine Spring, Salt Creek, Government Spring, West Creek, Holman Spring, Fourmile Creek, Orme Spring, Joe Spring, Mud Spring, Chicken Creek, Chicken Creek Resevoir, Little Salt Creek, Chriss Creek, Sevier Bridge Resevoir.

    Recreational Areas

    Uinta National Forest, Little Sahara Recreation Area (B.L.M.), Fishlake National Forest, Yuba State Park.

    National / State Parks

    Uinta National Forest, Little Sahara Recreation Area (B.L.M.), Fishlake National Forest, Yuba State Park.


    Goshute Indian Reservation.

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