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Ghost Towns

  • Beryl (5,147 ft)
  • Beryl Junction
  • Cedar City (5,800 ft)
  • Enoch
  • Hamblin Valley
  • Hamilton's Fort
  • Iron Springs
  • Kanarraville
  • Lund
  • Modena
  • Newcastle (5,314 ft)
  • Paragonah
  • Parowan (5,970 ft)  (county seat)
  • Summit
  • Uvada
  • Zane
  • New Harmony
  • Pinto
  • Other Geographical References

    Land Features

    Southern Utah University (Cedar City), Fremont Pass (6,530 ft), Mount Eleonore (7,820 ft), Hamblin Valley, Needle Range, Wah Wah Mountains, Escalante Desert, Table Butte, Three Peaks, Antelope Peak, Antelope Range, Joel Spring Canyon, Neck of the Desert, Silver Peak, Red Hills, Iron Mountain (7,501 ft), Swett Hills, Swett Peak (6,736 ft), Leach Canyon, Flat Top Mountain  (7,225 ft), Stoddard Mountain  (8,378 ft), Harmony Mountains, Richie Flat, Kanarra Mountain  (9,084 ft), Hurricane Cliffs, Grafe Point, North Hills, Cedar Mountains, Pine Spring Knoll  (10,023 ft), Pryor Knoll, Square Mountain, Lone Tree Mountain  (9,134 ft), Cedar Canyon, Big Hill, Fiddler's Canyon, Summit Mountain  (9,910 ft), Miners Peak (9,243 ft), O'Neil Gulch, Corry Point, Black Mountain  (10,375 ft), Hancock Peak, Lava, Housten Mountain  (10,060 ft), Blue Spring Mountain, Prince Mountain, Brian Head  (11,307 ft), Navajo Ridge, Water Canyon, Parowan Valley, Markagunt Plateau, Little Creek Peak  (10,142 ft), Cottonwood Mountain  (9,018 ft), Buckskin Valley, Jack Henry Knoll  (8,668 ft), Black Mountains, Parowan Canyon, Dry Willow Peak, Long Hollow, Monument Peak  (6,780 ft), Blue Knoll (5,626 ft), Mud Springs Hills, Horse Hollow, Lost Spring Hollow, Clark Hollow, The Bald Hill, Hole in the Wall, The Three Peaks, Cedar Valley, Granite Mountain.

    Water Features

    Antelope Springs, Shoal Creek, Modena City Resevoir, Little Pinto Creek, Dry Wash, Rock Spring, Big Hollow Wash, Dick Palmer Wash, Iron Springs Creek, Mud Spring Wash, Rush Lake, Johnson Creek, Jones Spring, Little Salt Lake, Fremont Wash, Big Wash, Bear Creek, Red Creek, Red Creek Resevoir, Hoosier Lake, Bowery Creek, Center Creek, Yankee Meadows Resevoir, Mammoth Creek, Parowan Creek, Summit Creek, Ashdown Creek, Coal Creek, Eightmile Springs, Quichapa Lake, Shirts Creek, Crystal Creek, Spring Creek, Kanarra Creek, Deep Creek.

    Recreational Areas

    Old Irontown, Escalante Interpretive Site, Iron Mission State Park, Cedar Canyon Ski Resort, Flanigan Arch, Brian Head Ski Resort, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Dixie National Forest, Zion National Park, Vermillion Castle, Casting of Lots, Parowan Gap Petroglyphs.

    National / State Parks

    Iron Mission State Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Dixie National Forest, Zion National Park.

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