Help for County Coordinators

Help for County Coordinators






 Help for County Coordinators

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USGenWeb Volunteer Information Page - information for volunteers, county coordinators, requirements, guidelines, etc.

USGenWeb Elections page - information on nominees, voting, elections results, etc.

USGenWeb Voter Registration page - check member number, forgot your password, etc.

USGenWeb Archives Main Page - links to archives for every state, and special project archives  Archives Search Tool


USGenWeb Copyright Policy -  Information and links for copyright issues

Tools to maintain County sites

USGenWeb website design - basic website design information

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Xenu's Link checker

Website Optimization analysis - change the URL to fit that of your site

HTML Dog Tutorial - free online tutorial

HTML 4.0 Reference by Web Design Group

Web style guide - useful ideas on site design

HTML help - more useful ideas on web design

SSI help for Rootsweb sites - Server Side Includes available on Rootsweb sites

Rootsweb Resources

Rootsweb - home page


Rootsweb Page Access Counter - Adding a counter to the page

Rootsweb Customer Help - FAQ and email support for Rootsweb accounts

Rootsweb message board graphic form - browse, search, post message from a handy form for your county site

Rootsweb message boards for Utah - find your County message board

Rootsweb helpdesk - help for sites, lists, resources, status reports, report technical problems, etc.


Guidelines for World Connect - info in case of death of World Connect account members

Rootsweb resources for Utah  - find your County resource page

Rootsweb find web sites - find any Rootsweb site

Rootsweb UT.... lists - menu of discussion lists for Utah

Rootsweb list graphic form - browse, search, subscribe, unsubscribe from a handy form for your county site

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Mailman Tutorial - the software which runs the lists

Listowners list archives

Rootsweb webmaster facts - sites, lists, accounts, etc.

Password Central on Rootsweb - manage your Rootsweb passwords


Other Hosts

USGenNetTM Organization (USGN)

American History and Genealogy Project (AHGP)

American Local History Network, Inc. (ALHN)

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Use the UTGenWeb logo on a county or project page

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Apply the UTGenWeb "brand" to a county site
-- right click UTGenWeb bookmark logo image and save it to your site root directory as favicon.ico and put this line of code within the <.head> section 
<.link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />
Note: after the line of code is in place, remove the "period" after the opening angle bracket.

LDS & Family History Centers

Family History Centers - Find those in your County

LDS-Ward-Consultant list - current discussions

Optional links for your County page

Western States Marriage Records Index

- Please suggest links which most UTGenWeb county sites could use

Find your County history and link to it

Utah History Encyclopedia

Utah History to Go

Utah State Historical Society

Utah History for Kids


Bibliography - Books about Utah

"Utah's History", by Richard Douglas Poll, printed by the Utah State University Press, 1989

"History of Utah: 1540-1886", by Hubert Howe Bancroft, Alfred Bates, printed by the History Company, 1889

"Utah History Encyclopedia", by Allan Kent Powell, printed by the University of Utah Press, 1994


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