David Winkler
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David Winkler

David Winkler grew up in Sanpete County, Utah and spent most of his married life in Huntington Beach, California. He has served in the church as a missionary, priesthood leader, youth leader, Ward Clerk, High Councilor, and Bishop. He also served as a Chaplain’s Assistant in the US Army. He received a BS in Game Management from Utah State University (that is game as in elk, deer, pheasants) and spent his career as a Park Naturalist and Park Ranger. He is the father of six children and thirteen grandchildren. 

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He became interested in computers with his first Commodore 64 and has never stopped enjoying them. He has served in a Family History Center for 20+ years including the past 6+ as a missionary at the Logan Regional Family History Center.  He also serves as a Ward Family History Consultant.  He has been working on family history for over 30 years.  He specializes in computers and organizing your family history on them, searching the internet for family history information, and sharing family history on the internet with others.

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