Southern New England


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Taunton, Mass.

Detail from a hand-drawn panoramic map of Taunton dated 1875. This depicts the Taunton Green in the center, with the Bristol County Superior Court buildings complex to the upper right of center. Somerset avenue comes into the green from the bottom left and becomes Broadway straight past the Green (modern-day Rt. 138). Winthrop street comes in from the left center and becomes Main street straight past the Green going out to the bottom right corner (modern-day Rt. 44). Court street goes from the green out to top center (modern-day Rt. 140).

The Bristol County Fairgrounds in Taunton, about 1905

The Reed & Barton Silver Company, abt 1910s

The British Block: Ruins of the old British Block at 33 Washington Street were torn down in 1910 but some foundations still remain near the Mill Pond Apartments. The mill housing was first home to British workers brought over from England to work in Taunton's factories. Later, Irish Immigrants, some of whom worked at the Taunton Print Works, moved in. An epidemic of cholera that swept through the region in 1847 killed many of the residents there. (Photo Courtesy of the Old Colony Historical Society; from the Taunton Daily Gazette, 26 June 1985.)

A view of Main street, dated 1907.

The Taunton Green and Downtown, a postcard marked 1936. This is the junction of Somerset avenue with Main street coming in from the right. The tower of the Superior Courthouse shows above the trees.

St. Mary's Catholic Church, Broadway at St. Mary's Square