Southern New England


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John & Delia (Carrigg) Shannon

Submitted by Carole Foley


Delia & John Shannon of Fall River, Mass.

Delia (Carrigg) Shannon


Family Notes by Carole Foley:

Both of my grandparents were born in Ireland. John Shannon, my grandfather, was born in Limerick in 1876. My grandmother, Delia Carrigg Shannon, was born in County Clare in 1877. It is not known whether they knew each other in Ireland. My grandmother came to America with a sister to live with her Uncle Simon Garrahy. It is said that at one time Simon owned all the bars in Fall River. My grandparents were married in 1896. They had nine children. A daughter, Susan, died very young. My mother, Mary Grace, lived the longest, til age 99. My grandfather was a fireman and my grandmother was a hat maker til she married and stayed home to raise her family. She was very active in her church, St. William's, activities. My grandfather died in 1944 and my grandmother in 1946.