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Index to Rhode Island State Vital Records, Deaths 1906-1910
Surnames page Mowry to Mulgres

This index is taken from the printed index of the Rhode Island State Vital Records Office. Since 1853, RI towns were required to report returns of births, marriages and deaths to the State. Microfilms of the actual records are located at the RI State Archives office in Providence, and certificates can be obtained from the Archives using the references provided by the index. The Book and Page citations refer to the state returns, not those of the individual towns. This index is an abstract of only those individuals whose names indicate that they are or may be of Irish heritage.





Date of Death




Moy Christina A 55-0-0 19-Jul-06 Thomas & Mary C p. 194 Providence
Moy Ellen G 20-0-0 4-Oct-06 Michael & Elizabeth p. 115 Pawtucket
Moynihan Mary F 10-0-0 14-Dec-08 Fred & Mary B p. 231 Providence
Mulburn Elizabeth 50-0-0 28-Nov-07 Thomas C & Ellen p. 55 Cranston 
Mulcahey Bridget 82-0-0 12-Feb-08 John L. & Sarah p. 38 Cranston
Mulcahey James F 51-11-28 17-Dec-10 John & Mary p. 311 Woonsocket
Mulcahey John 70-0-0 16-Apr-07 Dennis & Hannah p. 297 Woonsocket
Mulcahey Mary 64-0-0 15-Aug-07 Michael & Ellen B p. 301 Woonsocket
Mulcahey Mary I 34-0-0 1-Dec-10 Thomas P & Ann p. 255 Providence
Mulcahey Rose 0-0-4 29-Mar-08 James B & Annie M p. 151 Providence
Mulchaey Michael D 82-0-0 6-Mar-10 Daniel & Mary p. 48 Cranston
Muldoon Female Few Hrs. 11-Apr-10 Andrew & Bridget p. 182 Providence
Muldoon John H 30-3-10 13-Oct-09 Hugh & Bridget p. 213 Providence
Muldoon Mary A 41-9-26 12-Jan-06 John & Ellen W p. 134 Providence
Muldoon Mary L 0-0-7 7-May-07 Andrew & Bridget p. 186 Providence
Muldowney Edward 63-0-0 13-Aug-09 Robert & Mary p. 199 Providence
Muldowney Timothy P 37-0-0 12-Feb-10 John & Bridget p. 29 Cranston
Mulgrew Catherine 78-0-0 3-Jan-06 Terrence & Isabelle p. 115 Pawtucket