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Fall River MA Herald News, 15 Dec. 1936 
Submitted by Laura Sullivan


Name - James Nestor
Residence - 156 Stafford Road
Occupation - Professor at Holy Cross College
Candidate for School Committee
I was born in Fall River and educated in the George B. Stone grammar school and the B. M. C. Durfee High School. After graduation from High School, I attended Holy Cross College and was graduated from that institution with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Further studies were pursued at Boston College, from which school I received a Master of Arts degree. My field of study for this degree was the field of education. This study has given me a thorough knowledge of educational work. Specific studies in teaching methods, organization and administration of school systems have given me a grasp of the problems encountered in a school system.
As a professor at Holy Cross College for 13 years, I have gained invaluable practical experience in school affairs.
If I am elected, I will faithfully attend all the meetings of the School Committee.
I will provide ample time for consultation on school matters. I will vote for open sessions at all times and I will insist that our teachers seeking employment in the schools be treated fairly.
[signed] James H. Nestor

Fall River MA Herald News, 16 Dec. 1936


William S. Sullivan, Charles F. Lapointe and James H. Nestor are the newly-elected members of the School Committee, chosen by the voters yesterday to serve four-year terms.
They will serve for the next two years with Richard J. Barker, Dr. Thomas E. Boylan and Dr. J. Fred Keeley.
The Mayor is chairman of the School Committee ex-officio.
The newly-elected trio scored victories over Norbert H. Berard. Howard W. Comstock and John P. Hendrick.
The winners led all the way, Mr. Sullivan forging away ahead on early returns and at no time being endangered. Mr. Lapointe followed him closely, while Mr. Nestor was given a tussle, it seemed, during the early reports from Republican precincts, but as the final figures became available he shaped up as an easy winner. 

Sullivan 20,365
Lapointe 17,638
Nestor 16,158
Hendrick 15,470
Berard 13,993
Comstock 10,608

The winners will take the places of Drs. John J. Kerrigan, Peter F. Harrington and Joseph G. Norman, none of whom asked reelection.