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Brooklyn NY Daily Standard Union, 1 May 1906

Fusillade Follows Short Change Accusation in a Jamaica Barroom

Daniel Sullivan, 29 years old, a hostler, is lying at the point of death in the Jamaica Hospital suffering from a bullet wound in the abdomen  received during the course of a free-for-all fight in a saloon at New York and Locust avenues, Jamaica, last night. As a result of the shooting, William Cook, said to be the manager of the saloon where the shooting occurred, is a prisoner in the Jamaica station.

Sullivan, who lives at 33 Burns Court, Newport, R.I., had been visiting his sister in Jamaica. He is employed as a hostler by a Newport millionaire. When he came to Brooklyn he had considerable money. After leaving his sister's home in Jamaica last night to return to Newport, Sullivan stopped off at Cook's saloon to get a drink. He was introduced to several of the men in the place, and the crowd began to drink together.

After several rounds of drinks had been served, Sullivan, it is said, accused Cook of giving him short change. This the latter denied, and the two men began to quarrel. Sullivan, it is claimed accused the saloonkeeper of being a "beat", whereupon the latter, it is alleged, whipped out a revolver  from behind the bar and fired several shots. The shots fired by Cook were the  signal for several of the men in the saloon who carried revolvers to whip out their firearms and begin shooting. One of the shots struck Sullivan, and he fell unconscious.

Somebody in the neighborhood who had heard the shooting telephoned to the Jamaica station that a riot was in progress in Cook's saloon. The reserves were bundled into the patrol wagon and driven to the scene, but when they reached the saloon the place was empty. A hurry call for an ambulance was sent to the Jamaica Hospital, and Dr. Noble, who responded, pronounced Sullivan in a critical condition. He was put in the ambulance and hurried to the hospital where it is said he is not expected to live.

The reserves scoured the neighborhood in search of the men who did the shooting and early this morning Detectives Conlin and Archard arrested Cook, who was found in a hotel some distance from his own saloon. Cook denied all knowledge of the shooting, but when taken before Sullivan in the hospital, the latter identified him as the man who had shot him.

The police have communicated with Sullivan's employer in Newport.

[Note: Jamaica is in Queens NY - SEC]