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of County Monaghan & Southern NE

I have one major family of MARTIN/McMAHON and married sons/daughters who left Clogher Diocese starting 1824. That family is shown immediately below; they settled in MA, CT & RI. I have a second family (related) of LARKIN/McGOUGH 
who left between 1839 and 1842 and came to Pawtucket, RI. That family is shown at bottom (note the middle name WILSON given one son). Further note: at least in USA these families were without exception Roman Catholic. As yet, I have found no records in Ireland of these families. All data is from records in US or headstones.
More on these & related families at the following URL:

Descendants of Edward MARTIN & Catherine McMAHON (or McMann)

1 Edward MARTIN Born: Bet. 1750 to 1770 native of Parish of Killanny, Co Monahan Ireland.
   Emigration: about 1824 Port of Boston.
   Died: 15 Feb 1837 N. Boston, Charlestown, Suffolk, MA    
   Burial: Bunker Hill cemetery (was grave later moved?)
+Catherine McMAHON
   Died: Aft. 1826 IF !!  she did come to USA w/Edward ??? ... unknown    
.2 Bridget MARTIN    Born: Bef. 1810 Ireland; Died: Ireland   
...+??? UNKNOWN    Born: Ireland; Died: Ireland    
........3 Mary UNKNOWN    Born: Abt. 1824 County Monaghan, Ireland   
  Died: Aft. 1880 of Chelsea, MA    
.........+??? LYONS  (married in Ireland)                       
.2 Mary MARTIN    Born: County Monaghan, Ireland.
    Died: ?; of NYC    
...+??? McCLEY (married in Ireland)                
.2 Michael MARTIN    Born: County Monaghan, Ireland             
    Died: 1840 Greater Boston, MA area    
...+UNK she died: Aft. 1830    
........3 Catherine MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1831 MA                 
           Died: Aft. 1880 Charleston, Boston, Suffolk, MA   
.........+Terrence McELHENNEY    Born: Abt. 1830 Ireland         
           Died: Aft. 1880 Charleston, Boston, Suffolk, MA 
.2 Bryan MARTIN    Born: 15 May 1799 Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Ireland  
    Emigration: 3 Jun 1826 Port of Boston                
    Died: 17 Mar 1865 Charlestown, MA    Burial: Bunker Hill cemetery
...+Catherine McMAHON    Died: Bef. Mar 1865    
.......3 Elizabeth MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1823 MA                 
          Died: 2 Jul 1873 Boston, MA    Burial: Calvary cemetery in Dorchester
.........+William Coleman TURNER    Born: Maine, USA Died: Bef. 1880    
.......3 Dennis MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1825-26 MA or Ire. (see LARKIN below)
         Died: 30 Aug 1898 Pawtucket, RI, USA    
         Burial: 1898 Old St Mary's in Pawtucket
.........+Agnes D. LAFFERTY    Born: Feb 1825 Glasgow, Scotland 
           Emigration: 1831 Scotland?; Died: 11 Mar 1907 Pawtucket, RI, USA
           Burial: 1907 Old St Mary's in Pawtucket
           Agnes' father: Daniel Lafferty (of County Antrim )
           Agnes' mother: Agnes "Nancy" Boyle ( of County Tyrone)    
.......3 Thomas MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1830 Boston, MA             
          Died: 30 Mar 1905 Cambridge, MA    
          Burial: 1 Apr 1905 Old Cambridge City Cemetery
.........+Mary UNKNOWN    Born: Abt. 1820 Ireland        
            Died: Bet. 1880 to 1905 Cambridge, MA; 
........3 James MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1831 Boston, MA               
           Died: 14 Mar 1904 Chelsea, MA    Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery
.........+Bridget McCULPHER    Born: Bet. 1840 to 1842 Ireland   
         Married: 20 Feb 1868 Chelsea, MA    
         Father: Lawrence McCulpher    Mother: Mary Unknown    
         Died: 28 Mar 1903 Chelsea, MA    
.2 Patrick MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1802        Died: 21 May 1840 Charleston, MA    
.......3 Edward MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1835                    
         Died: 5 Mar 1909 Charleston, MA    
.2 Thomas MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1805 County Monaghan, Ireland
    Died: 15 Sep 1835 Charleston, MA    
.2 James MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1810 Killanny, County Monaghan, Ireland    
    Emigration: 1824 To Boston                
    Died: 12 Aug 1872 Worcester or Barre, MA    
    Burial: St John's in Worcester, NE corner of cemetery
...+Mary McMAHON    Born: Abt. 1817 Ireland        
   Married: 26 Apr 1843 St John's Church, Worcester, MA   
    Mother: Mary McMahon    Died: 26 Dec 1896 Athol, MA   
    Burial: St John's in Worcester, NE corner of cemetery
........3 Edward F. MARTIN    Born: 28 Jan 1844 Barre, MA
          Military service: US Civil War: Andersonville POW
          Occupation after 1870: RC Priest
          Pastor of Pastor of St. Catherine church, Athol, MA
          Died: 6 Sep 1903 Athol, MA    
          Burial: St John's RC Cemetery, Worcester, MA
........3 James T. MARTIN    Born: Oct 1847 Worcester, MA         
           Died: 15 Aug 1848 Worcester, MA    
........3 Martha A. MARTIN    
           Born: 17 Dec 1849 baptized by Fr. Logan, St John's Worcester, MA 
           Died: 10 Sep 1916 Somerville, MA    
           Burial: St John's in Worcester, NE corner of cemetery
.2 Margaret MARTIN    Born: Abt. 1826 County Monaghan, Ireland
   Died: Aft. 1880 Probably Lowell, MA    
...+??? LONG    Born: Unknown Ireland    
    Died: Bef. 1880 Probably Lowell, MA    
........3 Lizzie LONG    Born: Abt. 1859 MA                       
........3 James LONG    Born: Abt. 1863 MA                       
........3 Jeremiah LONG    Born: Abt. 1868 MA                     
........3 Maggie LONG    Born: Abt. 1868 MA

Descendants of Thomas Henry LARKIN & Ellen McGOUGH

1 Ellen McGOUGH    Born: 12 Aug 1808 (perhaps) Ballybay, County Monaghan, Ireland
  Emigration: Bet. 1839 to 1842 from Ireland
  Parents names: unknown            
  Died: 16 May 1879 Pawtucket, RI, USA    
  Burial: Old St Mary's in Pawtucket
..+Thomas Henry LARKIN    Born: 8 Sep 1802 County Monaghan, Ireland   
   Emigration: Bet. 1839 to 1842 Ireland    
  Married: Bef. 1840 possibly Ballybay, County Monaghan, Ireland    
   Father: Thomas Larkin    Mother: Eliza Unknown    
   Died: 27 Dec 1877 Pawtucket, RI, USA    Burial: Old St Mary's in Pawtucket
.2 Mary Ann LARKIN    Born: Bet. 1839 to 1840 Ireland of Irish parents
...+Francis "Frank" MURPHY    Born: Abt. 1840 Ireland of Irish parents
.2 Margaret LARKIN    Born: Abt. 1842 Pawtucket, RI             
...+William KELLY    Born: Abt. 1838 MA of Irish parents       
   Married: 29 Jun 1868 Pawtucket, RI                
.2 James Wilson LARKIN    Born: Abt. 1844 Pawtucket, RI, USA
    Died: 11 Feb 1907 Pawtucket, RI, USA [See obituary below]
    Burial: 12 Feb 1907 Section N #1232 Mount Saint Mary
...+Catherine E. MARTIN    
    Born: Abt. Aug 1850 Pawtucket Village, North Providence, RI
   Married: 5 Sep 1876 St Mary's Church, Pawtucket, RI    
    Father: Dennis Martin    Mother: Agnes D. Lafferty (see MARTIN family)
    Died: 4 Aug 1928 Pawtucket, RI, USA    
    Burial: Section N #1232 Mount Saint Mary
.2 Peter F. LARKIN    Born: Abt. 1847        Died: 2 Dec 1906 Pawtucket, RI
   Burial: Old St Mary's in Pawtucket
...+Margaret E. HUGHES    Born: Nov 1857 Ireland of Irish parents  
   Married: Bet. 20 Sep 1883 to 20 Sep 1886 Pawtucket, RI 
    Mother: Anne Unknown    Died: 1940 Pawtucket, RI, USA   
    Burial: Old St Mary's in Pawtucket
.2 Thomas Henry LARKIN    Born: 1849 Pawtucket, RI, USA         
    Died: 4 Oct 1910 Pawtucket, RI, USA    
    Burial: Old st Mary's in Pawtucket
...+Mary Ann GOODFELLOW    
     Born: Bet. 1849 to 1852 Rhode Island of Irish parents   
    Married: 2 Oct 1879 Pawtucket, RI    
     Father: John Goodfellow    Mother: Mary J. Unknown    
     Died: 1923 Pawtucket, RI, USA    Burial: Old St Mary's in Pawtucket
.2 Elizabeth LARKIN    Born: Abt. Apr 1856                    
   Died: 27 Jan 1858 at age 18 months   


OBITUARY …. Pawtucket, Providence, RI
Friday, February 15, 1907. Pawtucket Gazette & Chronicle

Colonel James William Larkin.
Col. James W. Larkin died at his home, corner of Knowles street and West avenue, on Monday, the immediate cause being shock. He had been in good health of late, although he felt well enough until last Saturday to be about his business. James W. Larkin was born in this city in 1847, had lived here all his life and received his education in the public schools. At the age of 21 years he entered the grocery and grain business on North Main st., under the firm name of Pierce & Larkin, and while in this business he was elected a member of the Town Council of North Providence, of which Pawtucket was then a part. His parents were Thomas and Ellen (Gough) Larkin. After Pawtucket became a city he was elected a member of the Common Council from the Fifth Ward in 1890. The title of colonel was due to his service in the Rhode Island militia, he having been colonel of the Fifth Battalion, now the Second Regiment, for several years. When a young man, Col. Larkin was prominent in the Fenian movement in this state, and was the treasurer of the local committee. He was a member of Branch 268, Catholic Knights of America. After retiring from the grain business, in which he remained for 20 years, he took the road as salesman for the wholesale grocery houses, and until his health began to fail he was active in the duties of this position. In 1878 he married Miss Catherine E. Martin, daughter of the late Dennis Martin, a leather manufacturer of this city, and she and two daughters and a son survive him. A brother of the late Col. Larkin, Peter Larkin, died a few weeks ago. The funeral took place Thursday and was largely attended. His remains were removed from his late home, 238 West avenue, to St. Mary's Church, where a requiem high mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. McCabe. Many relatives and friends assisted at the mass, at the conclusion of which Miss Kathleen O'Brien sang, "He Leadeth Me." The flowers included a large floral piece from the employees of the millinery department of the Shepard Store, Providence. The bearers were Charles E. Gorman and James P. Tierney of Providence; Daniel Murphy, John T. Maguire, Robert J. Casey, and Thomas O'Brien of this city, the latter two being representatives of the Catholic Knights of America. Burial was at Mount St. Mary's Cemetery.