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Lenten Rules

These "Lenten Rules" were published in The Daily Globe, Fall River MA, on 15 Feb 1890.


Lenten Rules

Regulations Prescribed for the Diocese of Providence

Following are the regulations for Lent in the diocese of Providence for the year 1890:

1. All the days of Lent except Sundays are fast days, on which, unless by dispensation, only one meal and a collation are permitted to be taken.

2. By dispensation the use of flesh meat is allowed on Sundays, without restriction as to the number of times; once a day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and on all Saturdays, except the second and last. On no day during Lent may fish be eaten at the same meal with flesh meat.

3. The use of milk, butter, cheese and eggs is allowed at any meal and at the collation during Lent.

4. In virtue of an induit, dated Aug. 3d, 1887, the following dispensations are granted:

    (a) In the morning a small piece of bread may be taken with tea, coffee or chocolate.

    (b) When the principal meal cannot be taken at noon it is allowed to so change the order of meals as to take the collation in the morning and the principal meal in the afternoon or evening.

    (c) Lard or fat rendered from any kind of meat may be used in preparing food.

    (d) The use of flesh meat and eggs, granted on certain days as above, once in the day, to those who fast, is not restricted as to the number of times for all who are exempt from the law of fasting.

5. The foloow persons are exempt from the fast: The aged, and all who are in a feeble condition of health; women nursing or in a condition akin to it; and all whose employments are so exhausting that they cannot fast wothout grave injury to health or serious interferences with daily work.


By order of the Rt. Rev. Bishop,

T.F. Doran, Secretary