Southern New England


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Dr. John W. Coughlin

December 3, 1890

Dr. J. W. Coughlin was born in this city June 9, 1861, and is now a little
over 29 years of age. He was educated in the public schools of this city. In 1879 he
entered the law office of John A. Coffey, where he studied for over a year. He then
went to work for the Providence Steam and Gas Pipe Company and travelled
extensively for that company. During his travels and while in the employ of the
above concern he studied the interests of his fellow workers and was ever willing
to aid in securing their rights. Some years ago he worked in the drug store of Dr.
John B. Chagnon and also was a conductor on the railway. He studied medicine in
the office of Dr. C. C. Terry and afterward entered the Baltimore College of
Physicians and Surgeons in 1883. After only two years study he graduated at the
head of a class of 165 men. For this honor he was awarded the Cathel prize, a gold
medal, which had never before been taken by a northern man. After his graduation
he refused several offers from hospitals. He opened an office in this city in 1885,
and has continued to practice his profession here ever since. He is a member of the
Fall River and Massachusetts Medical Societies and the Ancient Order of