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Fall River, MA, The Daily Globe, Saturday evening, 15 Feb 1890

Successful Anniversary Social of the Fair Play Club
Music, Feasting and Enjoyment the General Rule
Highly Successful Ball of the Somerset Home Rule Club

One of the merriest and most pleasant social parties of the season was the fourth anniversary ball of the Fair Play Athletic Club, which was held in Mayhew Hall, last night. The company numbered about sixty couples who, in every respect, thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. The list of dances was very attractive. Rarely was a number omitted by any of the sprightly devotees to the Terpsichorean art. McPhee's orchestra was never heard to better advantage. Jeremiah M. Harrington directed the movements on the floor.

The grand march occurred at 11 o'clock and was led by John E. Brady and Miss Nellie Dorsey. After this, the company repaired to the adjoining hall, where an excellent repast was served by Caterer Shaughnessy.

The supper over, dancing was resumed and continued until about 2 a.m. Among those present were: James Connelly, James Fay, Joseph McNally, Jeremiah M. Harrington, John Ivers Stephen Harrington, Patrick Shea, James Nilon, John T. Leary, Patrick Honer, Hugh Kenney, Francis Delahunt, Michael Brennan, Patrick Lowney, Daniel Sullivan, Jeremiah G. Riley, Michael Shea, Michael Noon, Fred Hunt, James Carpenter, William Connors, John Neilon, Michael O'Brien, James Nugent, Michael Nugent, John Gaff, Harry Shea, John Harrington, John J. Kelly, "Pop" Jones, James Brady, Thomas O'Brien, Henry Lamoureux, Timothy McCarty, Patrick Grady, George Sullivan, John Constantine, Timothy Holland, Louis F. Harrington, Michael Newman, John Newman, Patrick J. Nugent, Hugh Kenney, John Ward, John Sarsfield, John Green and Thomas Murphy.

The following named ladies, many of whom wore elegant costumes, were noticed: Mrs. Michael Shea, Mrs. Michael O'Brien, Mrs. Stephen Harrington, Miss Mamie Connelly, Mrs. J.M. Harrington, Miss Mary Hurley, Miss Kate Doyle, Miss Martha Garvey, Miss Maggie Tully, Miss Lizzie Kelly, Miss Josie Lemerise, Miss Kate McCarty, Miss Maggie Reddington, Miss Mary Clark, Miss Maggie Nugent, Miss Mary E. Carpenter, Miss Annie Neilson, Miss Mary Daley, Miss Maggie Ryan, Miss Mary V. Richardson, Miss Katie Gavin, Miss Maggie Connelly, Miss Maggie Kenney, Miss Maggie Shea, Mrs. M.F. Shea, Miss Annie Butler, Miss Maggie Murphy, Miss Katie Rourke, Miss Agnes Kane, Miss Kate Connors, Miss Lizzie McCann, Miss Lizzie Carroll, Miss Lizzie Butler, Miss Katie Sullivan, Miss Katie Harrington, Johanna Harrington, Miss Mamie Coleman and Miss Mamie Leary.

The following efficient committee had charge of the floor:
Director - John Brady
Assistant - James Connelly
Aids - James Nugent, J.M. Harrington, Patrick Lowney, James Feny, Patrick Shea.