Patrick Daley Family of Assonet

Southern New England


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Patrick Daley Family of Assonet, Mass.

Submitted by Catherine Burns
I found it with some of my family's photos. I do not know of the family, the Daley Family, but I did a little research on what I do know.

The back of the photo is labeled Patrick Daley Family, Assonet, Mass. It belonged to my great-uncle, Thomas Holland. I located what I think is the family in the 1900 Census for Freetown/Assonet. From it, I believe the photo dates to 1891 or 1892 and is of the Mary and Patrick Daley Family of Freetown. The 1900 Census lists Patrick as a blacksmith working in a quarry. It also notes that he was born in Ireland in 1848 and immigrated in 1862. Mary A. Daley was born in Ireland in 1848 and immigrated in 1860. All of the children were born in Massachusetts.

Based on the ages in the census, I think that I can identity the people in the photo as follows:

L-R (three children in the foreground): Daniel E. (b. November 1891), Agnes G. (b. August 1886), Francis P. (b. July 1888) L-R (second row, behind the three children): Annie E. (b. April 1884), Mary A. (b. May 1848), John F. (b. March [?] 1878), Patrick (b. 1852), Elizabeth A. (b. September 1882)

The 1900 Census indicates the family had two more children: Teresa S. (b. January 1893) and Ruth D. (b. February 1896).