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Andrew & Mary (Lanahan) Cummings of Providence RI
Names: Cummings, Christie, Lanahan, Moore, Phillips, Scott, Wallace

1. Andrew CUMMINGS (b. abt 1805 IRL; d.1860/1865-RI)
sp: Mary LANAHAN (b. Abt 1812-IRL; d.4 May 1884-Providence, RI) daughter of Bartley & Mary Lanahan.

The family was living in Southbridge, Worcester Co., MA in the 1850 Federal Census:  Andrew Comins, age 50, male, Print Works, b. Ireland; Mary, age 40, female, b. Ireland; Bridget, age 15, female, b. Ireland; Catherine, age 12, female, b. Ireland, at school; Thomas, age 10, male, b. Ireland, at school. At the time of the 1860 federal census, Andrew - age 55, and Mary - age 50, were living in Warwick with their grown children Bridget - age 20 and Thomas - age 18. Andrew's occupation was given as Watchman, and both he and Mary were listed as born in Ireland. Bridget and Thomas had their birthplace listed as RI. In 1865, in the RI state census, Mary was listed as a widow and head of household in North Providence. She was living in Providence in the 1867 city directory. Other records give the births of Catherine and Bridget as either New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, but Thomas' birthplace is given consistently as RI, and in some cases, specifically as Warwick. There is no death record for Andrew or birth record for Thomas in the RI state vital records. 

It is purely conjecture at this point that Andrew may have been related to the Simon Commins family of Co. Carlow, Ireland. The name Andrew is commonly used in that family, and several members of the family immigrated to New Brunswick, the earliest being Fr. John Commins, a Catholic priest, who arrived in New Brunswick in 1825.

    2. Catherine CUMMINGS (b.12 Sep 1837-New Brunswick, CAN; d.9 Nov 1870-N. Providence, RI)

BAP: From Catholic Archives in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada; In the records of St. Malachy's Church in Saint John, baptism of "CATHARINE", daughter of "ANDREW CUMMINS" and "MARY LANAGHAN", who was baptized on 17 September 1837, aged 5 days. Sponsors were James White and Mary Leonard.
DTH: RI Vital Records Registry, Deaths in N. Providence 1870, Catherine Phillips, age 33y 2m, married, b. Nova Scotia, parentage Irish, parents Andrew & Mary, cause lung fever.

    sp: Jeremiah PHILLIPS (b. Abt 1835-IRL; m. by 1860; d.25 Oct 1891-Providence, RI)
        3. John N. PHILLIPS (b. Abt 1861-Warwick, RI)
        3. Luke PHILLIPS (b.1 May 1863-N. Providence, RI)
        sp: Bridget M. MOORE (m.6 Apr 1881)
            4. Catherine PHILLIPS (b. 7 Jun 1881; d.21 Dec 1900)
            4. Francis PHILLIPS (b. 17 Apr 1884)
            4. Thomas PHILLIPS (b. Abt 1887; d.6 Jun 1897)
            4. John R. PHILLIPS (b. 2 Oct 1889)
            4. Robert J. PHILLIPS (b. Abt 1891; d.4 Mar 1910)
            4. Minnie A. PHILLIPS (b. 23 Dec 1891; d.5 Aug 1905)
        3. Thomas PHILLIPS (b. Abt 1863-N. Providence, RI)
        3. Andrew PHILLIPS (b. Abt 1866-N. Providence, RI)
        3. Francis D. "Frank" PHILLIPS (b. 14 Jul 1868-N. Providence, RI)
        3. Mary PHILLIPS (b. 6 Oct 1870-(calc) N. Providence, RI; d.27 Oct 1870-N. Providence, RI)
    2. Bridget CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1838-New Brunswick, CAN; d.5 Mar 1916-Providence, RI)
    2. Thomas CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1840/1845-RI (?Warwick); d.1 Oct 1912-Providence, RI)
    sp: Mary W. WALLACE (b. Abt 1847-IRL; m.21 Nov 1872; d.20 Jan 1915-Providence, RI)
        3. Catherine "Kate" CUMMINGS (b. 21 Jul 1875-Providence, RI; d.18 Jan 1885-Providence, RI)
        3. Andrew Joseph CUMMINGS (b. 31 Oct 1876-Providence, RI; d.23 Jan 1915-Providence, RI)
        sp: Mary M. SCOTT (m. 30 Oct 1900)
            4. Anna M. CUMMINGS (b. 31 Jul 1901-Providence, RI; d.23 Feb 1919-Woonsocket, RI)
            4. Catherine T. CUMMINGS (b. 29 Jan 1903-Providence, RI)
            4. Irene J. CUMMINGS (b. 17 Nov 1904-Providence, RI)
        3. Thomas CUMMINGS (b. 8 Jul 1878-Providence, RI; d.10 Dec 1878-Providence, RI)
        3. John Henry CUMMINGS (b. 4 Jan 1880-Providence, RI)

George and Ellen Cummings of Cumberland RI
Names: Cummings, Kelly, Murphy, Massey, Cox

1. George CUMMINGS (d. Bef 1880)
sp: Ellen B. (b. Abt 1834-IRL; d.30 May 1917-Cumberland,RI)
The first identified record of this family is the 1880 census, when Ellen, widow, is living in Cumberland RI with her children, as head of household. No death record for George has been located to date. Ellen's death record in 1917 in Cumberland states she was age 85 born in Ireland, parents names Michael & Bridget. It appears that the family probably lived in Manchester, England before immigrating to the US.
    2. Charles Edwin CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1855-ENG)
    sp: Mary KELLEY (b. Abt 1859-ENG; m.27 Sep 1881)
        3. George CUMMINGS (b.14 Jul 1882-Lincoln,RI)
        3. Mary Catherine CUMMINGS (b.22 Jul 1884-Lincoln,RI)
        3. Nellie CUMMINGS (b.12 Sep 1886-Lincoln,RI)
        3. Annie CUMMINGS (b.7 Dec 1888-Lincoln,RI)
    2. George Thomas CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1857-Manchester,ENG; d.8 Jul 1890-Lincoln,RI)
    sp1: Sarah Ann MURPHY (b. Abt 1857-ENG; m.20 Aug 1879; d.25 Nov 1880-Cumberland,RI)
        3. George Patrick CUMMINGS (b.13 Mar 1880-Cumberland,RI; d.14 Jun 1880-Cumberland,RI)
    sp2: Margaret MASSEY (b. Abt 1859-IRL; m.15 Nov 1882)
    2. Edward CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1859-ENG; d.28 Dec 1882-Lincoln,RI)
    2. Bernard CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1861-ENG; d.26 Nov 1931-Providence,RI)
    sp: Clara COX (b. Abt 1864; m.28 Jun 1891; d.7 Dec 1929-Providence,RI)
        3. Edward F. CUMMINGS (b.28 Sep 1892-Providence,RI)
    2. Mary C. CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1863-ENG)
    2. Lizzie CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1865-ENG)
    2. Annie M. CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1869-ENG)
    2. Michael CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1871-ENG; d.18 Jul 1916-Cranston,RI)

Patrick and Margaret (Nolan) CUMMINGS of Providence RI
Names: Cummings, Ganley, McQueeney, Nolan, Sullivan

1. Patrick CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1835/1840-IRL; d.20 Jan 1903-Providence,RI)
sp: Margaret NOLAN (b. Abt 1825/1833-IRL; d.9 Mar 1898-Providence,RI), daughter of James and Mary Nolan.
It seems that their first three children were born in Ireland, but they were living in Providence when their daughter was born there in 1858. Patrick's occupation is listed as laborer in the records. He was buried at St. Francis Cemetery in Pawtucket RI.
    2. John CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1855-IRL; d.19 May 1924-Providence,RI)
    2. James CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1857-IRL; d.9 Apr 1923-Providence,RI)
    sp: Eliza SULLIVAN (b. Abt 1862-Providence,RI; m.19 Jun 1907; d.9 May 1915-Providence,RI)
    2. Margaret CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1858; d.4 Jun 1858-Providence,RI)
    2. Catharine "Katie" CUMMINGS (b.27 Nov 1858-Providence,RI)
    2. Elizabeth CUMMINGS (b.27 Nov 1858-Providence,RI)
    2. Bridget Bedelia CUMMINGS (b.27 Oct 1860-Providence,RI)
    sp: James MCQUEENEY (b. Abt 1857-Providence,RI; m.25 Apr 1883)
    2. Matthew Joseph CUMMINGS (b.14 Oct 1862-Providence,RI; d.23 Sep 1929-Providence,RI)
    sp: Bridget GANLEY (b. Abt 1872; m.18 Feb 1897; d.14 Oct 1902-Providence,RI)
        3. Johanna A. CUMMINGS (b.1898; d.28 Dec 1901-Providence,RI)
        3. John F. CUMMINGS (b.10 Apr 1899-RI)
        3. stillborn son CUMMINGS (b.28 Jan 1901-Providence,RI; d.28 Jan 1901-Providence,RI)
        3. Mary L. CUMMINGS (b.15 Jul 1902-Providence,RI; d.10 Mar 1903-Providence,RI)

Thomas and Ellen (Flynn) CUMMINGS of Providence RI
Names: Cummings, Burke, Flynn, Garrity, Lannon, McKenna, McManus, Reilly, Sullivan, Thornton

1. Thomas CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1829-IRL; d.26 Feb 1903-Providence,RI), son of Patrick and Mary Cummings
sp: Ellen FLYNN (b. Abt 1827/1837-IRL; d.22 Dec 1893-Providence,RI), daughter of Michael and Ann Flynn
It appears from the records that their oldest child was born in Ireland, and they immigrated to the US before their son was born in Blackstone MA about 1851. Thomas was a stonemason. He was aged 75 at the time of his death and was buried in St. Francis Cemetery, Pawtucket RI.
    2. Thomas CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1845-IRL; d.22 May 1911-Woonsocket,RI)
    sp1: Bridget THORNTON (b. Abt 1846-IRL; m.24 Jun 1866; d.16 Feb 1881-Providence,RI)
        3. Mary E. CUMMINGS (b.21 May 1867-N. Providence, RI)
        3. Ann Eliza CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1869-RI)
        sp: Patrick Joseph LANNON (b. Abt 1864-IRL; m.23 Aug 1888)
        3. Sarah F. CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1871-RI)
        3. Thomas H. CUMMINGS (b.11 Apr 1873-N. Providence, RI; d.24 Mar 1884-Providence,RI)
        3. Margaret "Maggie" CUMMINGS (b.16 Nov 1875-Warwick,RI)
        3. Jane Agnes "Jennie" CUMMINGS (b.19 Oct 1879-Providence,RI; d.23 Jan 1904-Providence,RI)
    sp2: Mary MCMANUS (b. Abt 1850/1853-IRL; m.1 Jun 1882; d.30 Apr 1900-Providence,RI)
    2. Hugh CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1851-Blackstone,MA; d.27 Apr 1924-Providence,RI)
    sp: Catherine Mary SULLIVAN (b. Abt 1853-IRL; m.12 Dec 1876)
        3. Charles Matthew CUMMINGS (b.4 Apr 1877-Providence,RI)
        3. Ellen Ann CUMMINGS (b.3 Apr 1879-Providence,RI)
        3. William Henry CUMMINGS (b.23 Nov 1881-Providence,RI)
        3. Joseph CUMMINGS (b.11 Feb 1884-E. Providence, RI)
    2. Patrick Francis CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1855-RI; d.30 Oct 1916-Providence,RI)
    sp: Sarah L. MCKENNA (b. Abt 1856-RI; m.17 Feb 1874; d.15 Apr 1893-Providence,RI)
        3. Thomas CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1875-RI; d.28 Sep 1908-Providence,RI)
        3. John CUMMINGS (b.2 Mar 1877-Providence,RI)
        3. Charles CUMMINGS (b. Abt Feb 1879-RI)
        3. Edward CUMMINGS (b.15 Apr 1881-Providence,RI; d.13 Jan 1900-Providence,RI)
        3. James CUMMINGS (b.14 Mar 1883-Providence,RI)
        3. Margaret CUMMINGS (b.1 Feb 1885-Providence,RI)
        3. Joseph Vincent CUMMINGS (b.8 Feb 1887-Providence,RI)
        3. Sarah Elizabeth CUMMINGS (b.9 Apr 1889-Providence,RI)
        3. Patrick L. CUMMINGS (b.9 Jun 1891)
        sp: Bridie E. GARRITY (m.21 Apr 1919)
            4. Leo F. CUMMINGS (b.2 Feb 1920-Providence,RI)
            sp: Mary A. BURKE (b. Abt 1865-ENG; m.2 Oct 1894)
        3. Elizabeth E. CUMMINGS (b.10 Jan 1899)
        3. Frederick CUMMINGS (b.5 Jun 1900; d.3 Sep 1900)
        3. Lawrence A. CUMMINGS (b.20 Jun 1901)
        3. Agnes CUMMINGS (b.31 May 1903; d.18 Jul 1903)
        3. Raymond F. CUMMINGS (b.31 Oct 1905)
    2. John CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1857-Warwick,RI; d.12 Mar 1908-Providence,RI)
    sp: Mary A. REILLY (b. Abt 1860-Uxbridge,MA; m.24 Apr 1882; d.11 Nov 1898-Providence,RI)
    2. Annie CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1865-Providence,RI)

Thomas and Mary (McGrady) CUMMINGS of Fall River MA
Names: Cummings, Fay, Flynn, McGrady

1. Thomas CUMMINGS (b. Abt Jun 1839-co Roscommon, IRL; d.10 May 1883-Fall River, MA), son of John and Mary Cummings
sp: Mary MCGRADY (b.4 Nov 1847-IRL; d.20 Dec 1926-Fall River, MA), daughter of John McGrady.
Thomas was in Fall River by 1870 when his son was born there. From 1876 to 1882 he owned and operated a saloon at 207 Bedford St. He also worked as an operative in a mill. He was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Fall River, and his gravestone states he was from co. Roscommon, Ireland. Mary married again after Thomas' death to John Riley, before 1890. Mary is buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery in Fall River with her son Thomas and his family.
    2. Thomas CUMMINGS (b.25 May 1870-Fall River, MA; d.16 Jul 1931-Fall River, MA)
    sp: Agnes A. FAY (b.14 Feb 1875-ENG; m.24 Aug 1896; d.6 Sep 1929-Fall River, MA)
        3. Mabel J. CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1903-Fall River, MA; d.25 Oct 1987-Fall River, MA)
        sp: John F. FLYNN (b. Abt 1904-Fall River, MA; d.19 Feb 1979-Fall River, MA)
        3. Thomas F. CUMMINGS (b. Abt 1913-Fall River, MA; d.18 Jul 1979-Fall River, MA)