Southern New England


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Hydraulion Hose Co. No. 1 about 1875 - The fire station behind was on Hope Street at the northwest corner of Franklin Street. It was later moved and converted to a private residence.

The Hydraulion Company fire station on Franklin and High Street used from about 1898

National India Rubber Company - This factory occupied about 18 acres on the east side of Wood Street. It manufactured a great variety of rubber articles. A great many of the Irish who lived in Bristol worked here. Its President and Treasurer was Col. Samuel P. Colt.

State Street looking west toward Thames Street c. 1895

West side of Hope Street south of Bradford Street c. 1903

Wardwell Lumber Company yard on Thames Street, foot of Bradford Street c. 1903 

Samuel McCaw's Market c. 1925 - High and Constitution Street

St. Mary's Church