Madison-Moniac Cemetery
Madison-Moniac Cemetery

 South Monroe County, AL

Creek Indian Cemetery


John Franklin Boone 1854 - 1901
Levitia Moniac Boone 1856 - 1891

Other graves are marked with wood; however, there is a stone erected with the following info that apparently is a list of those buried there:

Susan Marlow Moniac  1814 - 1894
Elisa Moniac Madison  1846 - 1909
Samuel Madison  1883 - 1906
John David Madison  1840 - 1898
Ethel Madison  1881 - 1896
Emily Madison Holder  1875 - 1895


The Madison-Moniac Cemetery is located in south Monroe County, AL on Manack
Bridge Road on private property.  ( "Manack" is spelled incorrectly)

William "Red Eagle" Weatherford's sister Elizabeth married Sam Moniac, a Creek Chief, their son, Sam Moniac, Jr. married Susan Marlow who is buried in this cemetery. Levitia Moniac Boone is the daughter of Sam Moniac, Jr.

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