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"Saving Graves is dedicated to providing leadership, education and advocacy in preserving and restoring endangered and forgotten cemeteries worldwide"

Native American Federal Cemetery Law

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National Archeological Database - NAGPRA

American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation  

Native American Reburial Restoration Committee

Native American Sacred Sites

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Native American State Cemetery      Preservation Law

Native American Indian Cemetery Removal & Reburial-TN

State laws regarding Indian Burial Sites


Government Links

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior

National Endowment for the Arts - NAGPRA Contents

National Park Service - NAGPRA Guide


Endangered Native American Cemeteries

Hall of Shame - Outrages and Injustices


Native American Cemetery Index  

North America Archaeology

Madison-Moniac Cemetery-Monroe Co., AL

Morris Cemetery-Adair Co., OK

Whooper Cemetery-Adair Co., OK

A. N. Pegues 1879-1959 Tombstone Photograph

Member of the Last Creek Council, buried in Thomas Smith Cemetery, Wagoner Co., OK-courtesy of Tabitha Mallow coordinator for Oklahoma Saving Graves-Tulsa Co.

Shivwits Cemetery-Washington Co., UT

The Political Graveyard/American Indian-Native American


Native American Cemetery Preservation Groups

Repatriation Office, Peabody Museum
A brief description of the office and its staff. The Peabody Museum has collections from almost every recognized tribe.

Repatriation Office, Smithsonian Institution
The new web site includes a range of information regarding policies and documentation. There are also several images of repatriations.

Oklahoma Cemetery Preservation Society

Other Native American Preservation Groups

Native American Consultation Database
Established for identifying contacts for consultation. Submit a query to find tribal contacts.

Inter-Tribal Sacred Land Trust, Inc.
1055 Hillcrest Road
Hixson, Tennessee 37343
Contact: Corky Allen, President

Native Web


Native American Cemetery / Burial Service

The Indian Burial Assistance Project
The mission of the Indian Burial Assis
tance Project is to work with Native American families so that they might secure dignified, affordable, and culturally appropriate burial items and services. Native people have, all too often, been financially unable to have dignified caskets; necessitating the use of a "county" casket which is cheaply made and affords no sense of dignity for either the deceased or the family members

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